The Battle for Peace


Tisha Sledd


Increase your emotional peace by learning to examine what is sitting on the throne of your life. My book "The Battle for Peace" will open your eyes to how the enemy steals our peace through his schemes. I include practical advice for getting free from idolatry and bondage. Take steps to regain your peace today!



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Maturing in christ:  Keys to overcome


by Tisha Sledd

Are you tired of being stuck in a cycle? Are you ready to climb the mountain of maturity in the Kingdom of God? Tisha Sledd provides some specific steps you can take to remove certain strongholds the enemy uses that keep you in the cycle of immaturity. Learn important steps about overcoming fear, bitterness, religious spirits, powerlessness, pride and more. These biblically based keys will help to repair your heart emotionally.



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Christian Dream app

A dream interpretation app for your iphone or android.

Look up the specific details of your dreams to interpret them more accurately.  Numbers, colors, animals, and so much more, over 1000 different symbols to unlock what God is saying through your dreams.

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