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Breaking Generational Sins (CLICK HERE)

When we worship idols such as 'lust', 'hatred', 'witchcraft', 'fear', etc. that sin is passed down to the third and fourth generation.  If it is not broken by applying the forgiveness of the cross to the sin -  the cycle repeats.

It is very easy to recognize sins that are generational because the previous and/or subsequent generations struggle with the same strongholds:  worry, lust, fear, etc.  This prayer takes you through the steps needed to break off the cycle.


Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties (CLICK HERE)

Breaking ungodly soul ties with people we had toxic relationships with can be an effective healing tool.  From parents to siblings to ex-spouses and unkind acquaintances.  When we cut off the ungodly agreement in relationships we sever their right to influence us.


Uprooting Lies - Mind Renewal (CLICK HERE)

Lies are planted as seeds in our mind.  Sometimes they grow into full size trees.  Uprooting lies is focused on the root of the tree instead of the branches.  It is common to use this prayer on a daily basis!


Deprogramming from Idols/Strongholds/Demons (CLICK HERE)

Renouncing Idols, Strongholds, and Demons is important.  This is a prayer to untangle ourselves and renew our minds from the sinfulness of bowing to evil.


Sealing Up after Warfare (CLICK HERE)

Every time we do Spiritual Warfare at Tisha Sledd Ministries we seal it up by praying this prayer.
We have found it to be invaluable in keeping us safe from the backlash that comes from messing with the devil and his kingdom.


Breaking the Curse of Freemasons - Masons/Shriners (CLICK HERE)

There are significant ramifications when anyone makes a covenant with the Freemason organization. Behind the veil of their "good works" is an organization that is not rooted in Jesus Christ and ultimately makes vows to demonic idols.  When anyone in your family line has belonged to the Freemasons, there is a bloodline iniquity that must be remitted to the Lord.  When you renounce the vows taken through the different levels of the Freemasons - you will see that there are some deeply disturbing vows one is required to take to belong to this organization.

Divorce Decrees for Baal - Queen of Heaven - Leviathan - Lucifer (CLICK HERE)

There are three main idols and one fallen angel that are important to purposely divorce ourselves from.  Baal is the god of rebellion.  Queen of heaven is the god of sexuality and manipulation.  Leviathan is the god of pride and twisting the truth.  All three of these work together and must be divorced together.  The fallen angel Lucifer must also be loosed from one's bloodline and given a certificate of divorce.  Being specific about cutting soul ties with these spiritual beings brings greater relief and peace to the pray-er. 

(You MAY pray these prayers for others according to 1 John 5:16 and John 20:23)