I know this is going to sound foreign to some of you, but hear me out, because God wants to set some of you free!

Some of us have made friends with the spirit of torment, and it’s TIME TO BREAK UP!

As I have coached and counseled people to emotional freedom, I have found we often believe several lies causing us to make the spirit of torment our friend.  I know that sounds crazy, but it is the SAME THING as self-pity.  There is something about feeling sorry for ourselves we wrongly believe gives us power.  When the door in our life is open to the spirit of torment, we can learn to use that spirit in manipulative ways to bring us something we want.

The lies that open the door to a spirit of torment can come when we are children; we learn if we are in torment we get special treatment.  We learn if we are hurting, people pay special attention to us.  Sometimes it’s the only kind of love children can get, the spawn of negative reinforcement.  Children learn to make their torment known because it’s the only time they feel comforted and special.

As children, we can learn that being tormented gives us power. This spills over into adulthood.

We sometimes welcome torment as a way of pampering ourselves.  We think I had a bad night of torment, so I’ll comfort myself with chocolate, or by checking out for a few hours on Netflix, or by posting something on Facebook to seek attention.  I’ll go on a little shopping spree because I’ve been so tormented lately.

  So we tolerate torment because it gives us the power to pamper ourselves, and to gain some attention.

THIS. IS. A. LIE!  God loves to pamper His children.  He doesn’t need an excuse to pamper us.  Neither do we need an excuse to pamper ourselves.  It’s OK to have chocolate, Netflix, and shopping without it being a “reward” for your suffering.  But, it’s not okay to use “your suffering” as an excuse to gain attention. 

At times we can think that torment makes us holy.  We wrongly believe we’re so tormented because God has a “special plan” for us.  An example would be:  “God” wakes me up in the middle of the night and gives me prayer assignments.  In all actuality, God does not “torment” special people.  The Bible says “…[God] grants sleep to those he loves.” Psalm 127:2.  A spirit of torment may wake you up in the night, and GOD may take the opportunity to give you something to pray about.  But, if you aren’t getting the sleep you need, and it is regularly causing you a lack of healthy sleep – then IT IS a spirit of torment.

I remember one time a pastor telling me he was constantly being awakened by God in the middle of the night, and God would speak to him.  Sometimes he was so wide awake that he would go for walks in the middle of the night.  

He felt God had chosen him to download many things in the night, and he felt special.  But, he was suffering for it in the daytime. 

He was constantly tired and grumpy.  He was running on fumes, but he believed it was God, so he asked his family to pay the price that he just wasn’t going to be 100%.  I was able to share with this pastor this didn’t feel like God.  God wants to grant sleep to those he loves, and He is not a hard taskmaster.  I thought the enemy might be tormenting him.  He believed me, and we broke off that spirit.  Then, the pastor’s life returned to normal.

Torment doesn’t make you holy or special. Torment is just torment – it’s an evil spirit. If you are a son or daughter of God, you have authority over it.  A Father who loves His children doesn’t WANT to see His children in torment.  He can pamper us, and comfort us, and let us feel loved without using a spirit of torment.  God DOES NOT want His children to be tormented!

If this resonates with you, if you have used a spirit of torment as a way of receiving love or comfort, if you have thought a spirit of torment made you holier – it is time to BREAK UP with this spirit!

Always remember, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” – 2 Timothy 1:7.  The spirit of torment is not these things!


1. Break off Generational Torment using this prayer:

2. Untangle yourself from this torment using this prayer:

3. Then seal it up:

Why Won't These Demons Obey?

Luke 10: 18-19 “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. See, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you."

If Jesus gave us authority over ALL of the power of the enemy and NOTHING is supposed to harm us... why is it STILL happening?

Why won't these demons obey us?

Well... largely because Satan is a legalist. He will use every single loophole he can find in order to keep you sick, depressed, deceived, and broke. This is one of the main reasons the Body of Christ hasn’t reached maturity yet.  Because we think God’s grace overrides Satan’s legalism.

But it doesn’t.

Not when it comes to sin. We cannot drive out what we are guilty of.  If we are guilty of the sin of manipulation, we cannot drive out Jezebel. If we do not specifically ask forgiveness for the sin of manipulation--- then the enemy will use it to refuse to obey our commands.

A friend of mine kept having trouble in her home, with different fears and anxiety attacks coming over her children. She tried and tried to get those demons to stop. And she cried out to God for help.  He revealed to her in a dream that she was guilty of the sin of Pharmakeia. (Pharmakeia is the strongman over the manipulation of medicine. We are guilty of it when we try to come up with our own treatment for sickness instead of seeking God’s kingdom first. This would include blindly taking prescriptions from the doctor without seeking for God’s wisdom first. And certainly Pharmakeia has to do with all forms of taking illegal drugs in order to manipulate our minds and bodies into a false high.)

It occurred to her that her house had been a former drug house and she had prayed that every sin on the property would be forgiven.

But she didn’t have understanding about two things:

1.  Satan is a legalist and she had to specifically address Pharmakeia.

2.  She was guilty of Pharmakeia and the devil was not required to obey her commands.

But God, who is the Way-Maker, showed her the answer to her cry.  She repented for Pharmakeia, broke the generational sin, and then was able to address that specific spirit.

I feel that this is something that the Body of Christ MUST come to understand:

We must repent with specifics.

And we must war with specifics. 

Shotguns do not work very well in Spiritual Warfare.  We can't just aim and hope we hit our target. Snipers are much more effective. Specific targeted prayer is what God needs from us.

We close loopholes by letting the Holy Spirit lead us to take out every speck and log in our own eye before drawing our sword against the enemy’s kingdom.

It is when we can see clearly that we have authority over the devil and his demons. I want to encourage everyone reading this to spend a prayer session being SPECIFIC in repentance.  Ask God to forgive you for the pencil you took in 5th grade. Be that specific!

Let me help you get started. Here is a list of things you can repent from.

I would ask you to listen closely to the Holy Spirit as well and use the Breaking Generational Sin Prayer (Click here)  on anything He directs you to.  Be sure to  seal it up by using this prayer after you spend time asking forgiveness for specifics!

Abandoning God’s will

Anger (towards God and others)

Neglecting people and God

Not believing God’s word

Performing for the approval of men


Buying the lie of shame

Being a victim


Emotional or Co-Dependency



Deceiving anyone

Letting depression win

Using escapism

Letting a spirit of failure bring paralyzation

Financially poor stewardship

Letting grief swallow our lives

Handing our identity over to men

Mocking others/gossip/slander

Lack of Faith/Fear

Lack of Motivation/Sloth


Religious Bondage

Violence and hatred


Sexual sin/Perversion

Idolatry of created things

Allow the Holy Spirit to bring up other specific sins…

This Is How You Become MORE Than a Conqueror - It's all about the PLUNDER!

We can use the battles of the Old Testament as a template for how to wage spiritual warfare. We no longer battle against flesh and blood - we do not battle "people" like the Kings in the Old Testament - but we DO battle the same powers and principalities that their enemies represented. 

We no longer fight with swords and spears. We fight on our knees using the word of God (our sword), His name (our authority), and His blood (our power/strength).

The more we learn about spiritual warfare, the easier it becomes. Personally, I used to constantly battle a demon of depression. But I can now easily knock that spirit to the ground by using my weapons of warfare. The "feeling" of depression flees quickly from me once I respond to its attack by telling it to go, or quoting scripture, or by singing a worship song.

Once I came to truly understand and believe that I had authority over it - it didn't try as often to overwhelm me and take me out.

But though I understood my authority in Spiritual Warfare - there was one thing I was still not understanding...It's one thing that I think a lot of people overlook.

Once you have victory in Spiritual Warfare - YOU NEED TO ASK FOR THE PLUNDER.

This is how we are MORE than a conqueror!!

For a long time, I was just a conqueror --- until I understood that I also needed to ask for the plunder. It wasn't until I asked for the plunder that I was fully implementing all of my authority.

Now - when I finish fighting something in the spirit realm and I know it’s finished.

I picture myself before the Supreme Judge and I ask Him for the spiritual plunder from the fight. He usually asks me to make a list of plunder that I want from the defeated spirit.

So I ask for things that were stolen by the spirit to be returned plus 7 times what was stolen. I let the Spirit lead me and I write it in my journal.

Sometimes I ask for lost finances or for favor to be given.  If I’m praying for a nation – I will ask for the generations to reap the blessings that have been held up.  

When I ask…I ask BIG! It’s kind of like the King who struck the arrows on the ground. (2 Kings 13)  How much do I want to win? I strike the ground a lot when asking for plunder.

God says that we do not have because we do not ask --- so I ask BIG!

When David plundered the Amalekites in 1 Samuel 30, he took back the things that originally belonged to him but he also took all of the enemy’s livestock and goods as well.

Then he shared it with those who were faithful to him.

If we use the Old Testament as our blueprint for fighting powers and principalities, the Kings always brought the plunder back to their Kingdom. They used their plunder to build their kingdoms BUT more so, they used it to build God's temple.

So in keeping with this blueprint, when we ask for the plunder after defeating our foe in the spiritual realm, we need to keep in mind the people of God and ask for plunder to meet their needs. After that be sure to ask for personal plunder as well.

Become MORE than a conqueror by becoming a plunderer!

You do not have, because you do not ask. James 4:2



I was doing some research the other day on the separating of the Spirit and the Soul when I ran across this quote.

It was so powerful that I had to write it down.

The devil's great purpose, and for which he fights, is to keep the world in ignorance of himself, his ways, and his colleagues, and the Church is taking sides with him when siding with ignorance about him.  - Jessie Penn-Lewis

God, Himself, wrote something similar in Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge…

How many battles have we lost because we don’t have the knowledge to fight the devil and his colleagues? The answer is FAR TOO MANY!

Let us make an effort to know how to fight in Spiritual Warfare. Let's NOT remain ignorant of the devil and his ways that we might not take his side anymore!

Here are a few pieces of wisdom when fighting the good fight.

1. Everything that the devil has complicated and magnified has a very simple answer. Whatever giant you are fighting - there is a simple stone that can take it down. The giant is usually undone by forgiveness, renouncing lies, or closing doors to sin and then STANDING! Ask God to show you behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz show.  What is powering the giant?  Then proceed accordingly.

2. The forgiveness of your sins and the sins of others has much more power than you can imagine.  Evil is fueled by sin.  Jesus gave you the power to remit (forgive) sins. (John 20:23) When you see that sin is the problem in any given warfare - simply go to God and ask forgiveness on behalf of that person. (No. you cannot repent FOR them but you can ask God to take a layer of heavy sin off of them so that it might be easier for them to turn to God) This is certainly true of generational sins.

3. The devil is attempting to pollute both time and space. The enemy can curse the land you live on. He can also curse a certain time of day - or a certain season of the year. Don't forget to address both Time and Space when you fight him.

4. Resting can be warfare. When we take a day and rest - we are essentially saying that we trust God enough to protect and provide for us. This infuriates the devil! :)

5. Remember that even the toughest giants are not hard for the Lord. He is the Way-Maker. Ask for the blueprint to conquer the giant. Be persistent and be patient - don't get offended. When you ask - the blueprint is on it's way. Sometimes the enemy just fights like hell to keep it from you. (Ask Daniel!)  Keep growing in your wisdom and understanding of the devil! We must increase our knowledge in order to defeat him! God open our eyes to the ways of our enemy.  We ask for knowledge that we might not be destroyed!

Unleashing the Army of God Against the Spirit of Hate

Hate is defined as "an intense or passionate dislike for someone or something."

1 John 3:15   Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

Murder is the fruition of hate. Therefore, hate cannot heal anything... it can only cause death.


If we have an intense or passionate dislike for someone - we are guilty of hating that person. As Believers, we need to repent.

It is when we stop being personally guilty of hate that we can rise up with our spiritual swords against the spiritual forces of wickedness that are seeking to divide and devour our nation!

The spirit of hate is an evil spirit that is being released over this nation. This supernatural spirit influences people to passionately dislike other people. It's purpose is to cause division in our families, churches, and nations.

"Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Eph 6:1

As Believers, we are not powerless. We have authority against the spiritual forces of hate. But we relinquish our authority if we ourselves are guilty of "an intense or passionate dislike for someone or something."


When we have repented of our own hatred, we can then use the authority that Jesus gave us to "overcome ALL of the power of the enemy." (Luke 10:19)

We must first of all put on a spirit of love. The person that you intensely dislike... is loved by your Heavenly Father. Therefore we must also love them.

If you are sure that there is no hate in your heart, then let us take the Sword of the Spirit and command the spirit of hate over our nation to be silenced in Jesus name.

STAND on the Rock of Jesus Christ and let's take this spirit DOWN!!!


Father forgive our nation for cooperating with the Spirit of Hate. We are sorry for the division that has been released across this nation. We use the swords you have given us and decree that this spiritual wickedness of hate would be cut off and that the rain of love and unity would be released across this nation. We plead the blood of Jesus over our nation and claim it for Him as His inheritance. Open blind eyes. Unstop deaf ears. Silence the voices that spread hate. Exalt the voices that lead us to love one another. We use the authority that the cross of Jesus bought for us

God hear the prayer of your people! Let The love that is FULL of grace and truth win in our nation! 

Let YOUR love win!  In the Name that is above ALL names! AMEN

#GraceAndTruth  #TheresAnArmyRisingUp


Why Renouncing These Five Things Will Give You More Peace

Most of us could use more peace in our lives, right?

There is a practical prayer we use in our ministry that I wanted to share with you. When we have people pray it their peace increases, and they are able to come to a higher place of trusting God.

It’s the renunciation of the five “I wills.”

Have you ever read these in the Word of God?  They are the five “I wills” that Lucifer proclaimed when he was trying to rob God of His seat in heaven.

They are found in Isaiah 14:13-14  You said in your heart, “ I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”

Satan’s pride had reached a height at which he thought that he knew better than his Creator. He thought he could do a better job of running heaven. He looked at his own beauty and thought he had become God. Then he said in his heart these five “I wills.”

When Adam and Eve took Lucifer’s fruit, they joined with him in agreement with these five “I wills.” Eve wanted to know as much as God did.  She wanted to be like God and Lucifer convinced her that all she had to do was eat the forbidden fruit and she too could have as much knowledge as God did.  She then drew her husband into the deception as well.

In taking the fruit, they sided with God’s enemy and joined themselves to the same “I wills.” Whenever we question our “position” God has given us, and we decide that God isn’t generous enough and we want MORE than our allotted place in life, we are guilty of the same sin as Lucifer who said, “ I will ascend to the heavens.” He wasn’t happy with the beauty and the position and the leadership of worship that his Maker had given him – in his heart he still wanted more.

Whenever we have distrusted God and thought it was a better idea for us to sit on the throne of our lives rather than letting God sit on our throne, we are guilty of the same sin as Lucifer who said, “I will raise my throne above the stars of God.” He wanted control.

Whenever we have questioned God’s ways and assumed that we could do a better job writing His story, we are guilty of the same thing that Lucifer said, “ I will sit enthroned on the mountain assembly.”

Essentially, I will tell a better story to the people, and they will love me for it. He wanted to be idolized by the people. Whenever we have wished for fame or to be lifted up in front of people we are guilty of the same thing that Lucifer said, “ I will ascend above the tops of the clouds.” He wanted to be seen above God. He wanted to be exalted in front of all creation.

Whenever we have decided that we know best and do not think we need to seek the Lord’s will first, we are guilty of the same thing Lucifer said, “ I will make myself like the Most High.” He wanted to be the ruler of the world.

In all honesty, I think it is safe to say that we are guilty of at least one of these “I wills” and if you’re like me, you have been guilty of all five at some point in your life.  It is a very simple prayer of repentance and renunciation that will set us free from thinking that we know better than God…

We merely need to humble our selves and renounce all five “I wills.”

(Don’t hesitate to repeat the prayer whenever pride rears its head and you begin to think you are better than God.)


Prayer to renounce the five “I wills.”

God forgive me for not humbling myself before You and thinking that I am better than you in any way. I know that You are a better story writer.  I know that You have given me an awesome inheritance with Christ and I don’t need more. I know that I do not need fame to have significance, I only need Your approval. I know that You see all things and I can trust You to be a good ruler over the whole earth.

1. I renounce that I will ascend to the heavens.

2. I renounce that I will raise my throne above the stars of God.

3. I renounce that I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly.

4. I renounce that I will ascend above the tops of the clouds.

5. I renounce that I will make myself like the Most High.

Forgive me for sitting myself on Your throne, I invite you to sit there now and surrender my life into Your hands!

In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!


A Look at Pornography from the Spiritual Warfare Side

I want to give you a peek into what happens in the spiritual realm when men AND women get addicted to pornography.

It is by opening the eyes of our hearts that we can use our spiritual senses to assess the demonic warfare and use the correct spiritual weapon to battle the enemy of our souls.

Even if you don’t personally struggle with pornography, this in-depth look at how the enemy “hooks” people will give you understanding… and probably a little compassion for their struggle.

I will also give you some spiritual warfare tools to get free yourself – or to help set others free.

The clearest way to show you the scheme of the enemy is to look at what happened to Solomon.

Solomon lost his entire kingdom because he was addicted to sex.

Lukewarm Solomon

When I was teaching my boys about the Kings of Israel, I taught them that Saul had no heart for God. David had a whole heart for God...and Solomon had half a heart for God. All three of these men were flawed.  The difference between them was their fruit when they were confronted with sin.

Saul didn’t care. He had a cold heart.

David was crushed.  He had a hot heart.

And Solomon wanted to have it both ways. He had a lukewarm heart. Solomon wanted God but he also wanted his wives.

These foreign women enticed him and he began to worship other gods…

“King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women besides Pharaoh’s daughter—Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians and Hittites. 2 They were from nations about which the Lord had told the Israelites, “You must not intermarry with them, because they will surely turn your hearts after their gods.” Nevertheless, Solomon held fast to them in love. 3 He had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray. 4 As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God, as the heart of David his father had been. 5 He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians…”  I Kings 11:1-5a

Look at the first god(dess) that Solomon worships… her name is Ashtoreth.  She is the goddess of sexuality and fertility.  She is actually worshipped through sex acts.  She has other names as well – Queen of Heaven, Jezebel, Asherah, Isis – the enemy has many names but it is the same spirit.  Solomon worshiped an idol of sex and lust.  This turned his heart away from God.  It says that Solomon held fast to them in love.  This is because the devil knew exactly how to draw him away.

It is not a coincidence that the first idol the Bible mentions Solomon worshiping is Ashtoreth.  Because when we worship idols, we join ourselves to them.

Idols, Demons, and Sin Energy

All idols are actually demons.  Paul says in 1 Corinthians 10:20 “…the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons.”

It’s like we take an electrical cord from our minds and our souls and plug directly into the evil spirit.  Then there is an exchange of sin energy.  We get “energy” from worshiping the idol. (Solomon got an emotional high from worshiping the goddess of sex.)

And we give “energy” to the spiritual demon by submitting to it through worship. Whatever we worship has power over us.  What Solomon did when he worshipped the goddess of sex was to hand over a piece of his mind and his soul and he was grafted into Ashteroth.

Even though he knew he should repent and heard the call of Father God to come back… he literally could not do it. He had a covenant with it and was now married to Ashteroth. Now that Solomon was intertwined with a demon, there was no way that demon was going to let go. And in all honesty, Solomon obviously liked how he felt when he worshiped that demon.

If you love pornography more than you love God, the same thing that happened to Solomon will happen to you.

If you are half-hearted about walking away from your demon worship, you can never be fully delivered. Also – if you want to be set free for selfish reasons it probably won’t stick.

If you want to get rid of pornography because of what other people might think of you or if you want to get rid of it because you might lose your job or your family then the deliverance won’t stick.

However… for men and women who DO love God more than their pornography there is good news.

If you are willing to give up the agreement you have made with pornography and sex, and if you are willing to run after the heart of God no matter the cost – the blood of Jesus has made a way for your deliverance.

Weapons of our Warfare

The key to getting free and staying free is untangling yourself from this demon by using the spiritual weapons that tear down strongholds. You cannot get free from a demon by “trying hard enough.”

Getting free means that you cut off the STRONG-hold that the demon has over you by using spiritual weapons.

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 2 Corinthians 10:4

We must use our powers of binding and loosing. When getting from pornography and sex addiction there are two different tools we must use.

First, we must issue a certificate of divorce from the covenant with the demons. There are a trio of three demonic powers that “travel” together.

This trio is Baal (who is the god of rebellion), The Queen of Heaven [another name for Ashtoreth] (the goddess of sex and manipulation), and Leviathan (the god of pride and truth twisting).

If you have made a covenant with one of these – you’ve made a covenant with all three. Therefore, we must pray for a certificate of divorce from all three at the same time. This is a form of “loosing” them from your spirit, soul, and body.

The second weapon we must use is against Lucifer himself. He is the one who offered the forbidden fruit and by taking the forbidden fruit you also have made a covenant with him. So a second “untangling” or “loosing” is necessary.

You can find both of those prayers below.

I can tell you that I know of men who have wholeheartedly returned to the Lord after suffering the damage of pornography in their souls who have been completely freed after praying these untangling prayers.

They can still hear the invitation of the spirit to join her… but they can easily bat down the invitation with their armor. Before they prayed the prayer of untangling, nothing was strong enough to resist her except for extreme isolation filled with harsh rules and regulations. But God’s true freedom should not feel like bondage.

Freedom is free. True freedom can walk past temptation without a second look.

I pray for each of you who are struggling with pornography and addiction. I decree and declare over every one of you that if you truly want Jesus over pornography – it can be yours today! Satan – let them go in Jesus name!


Come before the Lord knowing you are His son or daughter and that the devil has already been defeated by the blood of Jesus.  Binding and loosing the devil is your RIGHT! Pray this prayer with faith!

Untangling/Loosing Baal-Queen of Heaven-Leviathan Prayer

1. Lord I ask for forgiveness for myself and person in my generational line for cooperating with Baal, Queen of Heaven, Leviathan and the spirit of seduction.  

2. Lord I ask for a divorce from them.

3. I reject them from the throne of my life along with her promises and lies.

4. I take back everything they have stolen from me.

5. I wash them in the blood of Jesus and place the blood of Jesus between me and Baal, Queen of Heaven, and Leviathan and every future generation.

6. I decree an everlasting restraining order against Baal, Queen of Heaven, and Leviathan in Jesus Name.

7. I pray that You would remove all faulty wiring from my mind and replace it with the wiring of holiness according to the Kingdom of Heaven.

8. I speak to my spirit, soul, and body and decree that you are released from any effects of the Baal, Queen of Heaven, and Leviathan and I receive the blessing of a wholeness over my spirit, soul, and body.

9. Father I give you my shame and I ask You to restore our relationship.

Untangling/Loosing Lucifer

1. I ask forgiveness for receiving the forbidden fruit from Lucifer.

2. I sever soul ties and influence from Lucifer.

3. I reject every gift offered from him.

4. I take back everything he swindled from me.

5. I wash them in the blood of Jesus and place the blood of Jesus between me and Lucifer and every future generation.

6. I declare he is no longer allowed to follow me.

7. I ask You to remove all faulty wiring from my mind and replace it with the wiring of holiness according to the Kingdom of Heaven.

8. I speak to my body and say, you are released from any effects of Lucifer and I receive the blessing of wholeness over my body, mind and spirit.

Remember, this prayer is not a magic pill.  The person needing deliverance must continually take steps toward the Lord.  This prayer is meant to be a powerful aid in the process of deliverance.  Don't stop pursuing the Lord!


Be sure to Seal UP any warfare... in saying this sealing up prayer - you protect yourself from backlash.  When we uproot demons - we need to replace what was uprooted with God's Kingdom!  Use wisdom in warfare!  Protect yourself...

Sealing Up Prayer

1. We thank You with all of our hearts Lord! We establish everything we just prayed through the blood of Jesus Christ we seal it up like a Ziploc bag. Nothing can be taken from what we just did. Lord send your angels to protect the land we just took from the enemy.

2. We pray that all demonic debris would be swept up to the feet of Jesus Christ.

3. We pray that life would inhabit every place that was just uprooted.

4. We come against demonic rulers, authorities, powers and evil spirits along with their works, fruits, roots, tentacles and links.

5. We pray for hedge of protection by the blood of Jesus around every person. We pray a hedge around our minds, homes, families , finances, possessions, health, jobs and ministries.

6. We release legions warring angels to go out against the backlash and the Queen of Heaven, Baal, Lucifer, and Leviathan.

7. We pray for a spirit of judgment and fire to come against the devourer, the destroyer, famine and spoilers in Jesus name!

8. We declare that we are hidden in you and that our exploits will not be recorded in hell.

9. We pray for the plunder from our efforts and We pray for the healing to begin. We bind to ourselves prosperity and increase in every way over our lives.


(c) 2018 Tisha Sledd

Hollywood’s Dark Night of the Soul

Hollywood has been on my heart for years.  Somehow there is a part of my soul that identifies with the industry.

I love good storytelling.

I love honest stories, funny stories, poignant stories, and convicting stories.  I love television and movies.  I love the actors who bring these stories to life.  From Debbie Reynolds and Bing Crosby to Sandra Bullock and Chris Pratt,  these people feel a part of my life – because they have made the stories of Hollywood come alive.

The power that resides on the mountain of Hollywood is unmatched.

The power that these storytellers have can turn a nation.  When Shirley Temple was on the big screen, it helped to heal our nation from World War 2.

Movies like Star Wars and Star Trek expanded our thinking about the future and in some ways gave us a vision to accomplish. We are literally seeing the Star Trek tricorder becoming a reality in the mobile phones we currently use.

Jim Caviezel and Mel Gibson caused us to leave the theater in somber silence as they told the story of the brutal death of Jesus.

Yet other stories have caused us to take a downward moral turn.  Sex, lawlessness, and violence have clouded our minds with “the dark side.”  But this truth remains – Hollywood can turn a nation.  They can turn it to the light – or the dark.

The power of telling stories to move people in their thinking is a God idea.  Jesus did it all the time through the parables He told.  Jesus created little stories throughout His ministry in order to move the people toward His Kingdom.

While we, as Believers in Jesus, have a legal right to “own” the Storytelling Mountain – we have yet to truly inhabit it.

In fact, we are so offended by Hollywood, and it’s filth, we have abandoned the Storytelling Mountain altogether.

Who owns the Storytelling Mountain?

People like Harvey Weinstein.

The man who was just revealed to have demanded that women sleep with him in order to have a job in Hollywood.  The man who used his position on the mountain to rape and pillage others, thinking he would never get caught.  Meryl Streep publicly called him god not so long ago.

Indeed he was a god.  A small one.  But an idol nonetheless.

All of Hollywood scrambled to distance themselves from Mr. Weinstein.  Women came forward to tell their stories of his lewd and inappropriate actions.  Hollywood turned against Mr. Weinstein so fast that he was even expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture.  His wife has left him, and he was ousted from his own company.

Our Storytelling God caused the clock to strike midnight and justice was served.  Within two weeks, this false idol lost everything he had.  He fell from the top of the mountain all the way to the bottom.

This is the perfect example of gaining the whole world, yet losing your soul.  Outside of God’s mercy, we reap what we sow.  God’s sole desire is to save Harvey Weinstein’s soul.

God desires to save Hollywood’s soul as well.

The Storyteller Mountain is turning our nation (and the world) in the direction of darkness instead of light.  Hollywood was bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus.  It’s been promised to us – but the reaction of Body of Christ to Hollywood has been like the ten spies who came back from scouting the promised land and said, “The giants are too big!”

Well, my friends, the giants are not too big.  One of them just fell, by the hand of the True God.

This is a sign that we must stop standing on this side of the Jordan River, we must begin to pursue the land that has been promised to us by Jesus.

We must realize the power that we have because of His blood and begin to fight in the spirit to see ALL of the giants fall.  We must intercede that Hollywood turns to the Divine Storyteller.  We need to take this stronghold!  Jesus needs it for the final outpouring.

Jesus needs for us to take the Storytelling Mountain for His Kingdom!

The fall of Harvey Weinstein should fill us with faith that God is with us, and it is time to use our spiritual swords to attack.

Not only do we need to pray for the evil giants to come down.  We need to pray that people on this mountain will turn to the Lord and that righteousness will supplant the darkness.

I decree and declare that Hollywood MUST become Holy!

As we cooperate with the plans and purposes of God, we will see Hollywood go through a Dark Night of the Soul.  But this is for God’s glory.  The cleansing of Hollywood is exactly what our nation needs. 

Hollywood needs to fear God!

Psalm 64

7 But God will shoot them with his arrows;

    they will suddenly be struck down.

8 He will turn their own tongues against them

    and bring them to ruin;

    all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.

9 All people will fear;

    they will proclaim the works of God

    and ponder what he has done.

10 The righteous will rejoice in the Lord

    and take refuge in him;

    all the upright in heart will glory in him!

Let us join the Lord in His word through our intercession.

Father God, we pray for the evil giants in Hollywood to come down.  We pray for those who have set themselves up as gods on this mountain, that they would either repent or be removed.

We pray for actors, producers, directors, writers, designers, set crews, and so on.  We pray for the living God to reveal Himself to them.  We pray for righteousness to invade Hollywood.

We pray for God’s people who are already climbing the Storytelling Mountain – grant them wisdom and favor.  Grant them acceleration and all the capital they need to establish this Mountain for the glory of the Kingdom.

We decree and declare that the earth belongs to Jesus and we claim Hollywood for the Lord that His story might be told to the whole world!

In His Name, AMEN

Please consider adding five people from Hollywood to your prayer list.  Pray for writers, set designers, and crew people as well.  This stronghold MUST be overtaken for the sake of the Kingdom.

The Urgency for Believers to be Equipped with the Powers of the Age to Come

As a watchman intercessor in this nation, I can see something that is about to break forth that the Body of Christ is not ready for.

The battle of the ages, between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness is about to be sprung upon us in a deeper way than we have ever experienced.  And hear me when I say…  THE CHURCH IS NOT READY!

The battle that is about to be released is a spiritual battle for the ages.  It is the one before the return of the Lord.  The Final Battle.

The devil knows his time is short and he is pulling out all of the stops in order to see God’s people broken, devoured, and full of fear.  There is an evil that is being released that most of the Body of Christ has no understanding about how to fight.

Spirits of insanity, false signs and wonders, demonic manifestations, persecution, torment unto death, and anti-Christs that are VERY good counterfeits are awaiting their evil master’s signal to “go.”  When that happens, many good Bible Believing Christians are going to be carried away as prisoners of war.  If the Body of Christ does not soon become equipped with the powers of the age to come – they will be overcome by the darkness and taken out of commission for the Final Battle.

(I do not mean they will lose their salvation.  I mean they will lose their ability to fight in the spiritual war that rages, because they will be overcome with fear or with deception.)

It’s not too late to learn about the “Powers of the Age to Come.”

Have you ever heard a sermon preached about that?  The phrase is coined by the writer of Hebrews in Chapter 6 verse 5.  He speaks of Believers tasting the POWERS OF THE AGE TO COME.

It seems that in the 21st century very few of us have experienced these powers and yet, we see them sprinkled throughout the Word of God.

Paul defines them a little further in 2 Corinthians 10:4 The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.

The powers of the age to come make no sense to this world – they are spiritual weapons.  Let’s look at a few.

The enemy’s armies were routed by the worship of God’s people. (2 Chronicles 20)

Water and food can be ‘healed.’ (Ex. 15 and 2 Kings 4)

Moses parted the waters.  (Ex. 14)

Body’s healed.   (Acts 3)

Stephen saw heaven opened as he was being stoned.  (Acts 7)

Phillip was transported from one place to another.  (Acts 8)

Peter’s shadow fell on someone and they were healed.  (Acts 5)

The people were led by visions and dreams.  (Acts 10)

They cast out demons. (Matt. 8)

The dead were raised.  (Luke 9, Mark 5)

All of these things kind of blow my mind… Because I have only seen a few of these “powers” happen with my own eyes.

We don’t know how to access most of these.  Not many of us have the faith for these things.  And yet – they are the very things we are going to need in this Final Battle.

Recently, I had a vision that I was a prisoner (along with many others) held captive in a cell in the wall of a Roman Colosseum. We each had windows to see into the arena. The lions would be released against our brother and sister Christians and they would be mauled to death.

I felt powerless. I asked the Lord to renew my mind that I was powerless against this and I renounced the lie that I couldn’t do anything about it. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “You think you are powerless because you think you have to fight this with your intelligence – but this is a spiritual war and the weapons you hold are not carnal – they are spiritual. You have a sword that could end this.”

The vision immediately flipped to me standing before the lion. I took my sword and aimed for its throat and I said, “You will not kill my brothers and sisters anymore!” My sword cut deep enough that it severed the throat of the lion and it bled out on the ground. Then I began handing out swords to my fellow Believers and they began to use them on the lions and pretty soon we were victorious! 


It was a spiritual war we were fighting. I had assumed it wasn’t.

I feel a bit helpless watching Christian bakers and florists who stick by their religious convictions and football coaches who pray get picked off by evil lions and mauled to death. I feel helpless with all of the yelling going on about racism and division and hate. But I think the mistake we’ve been making is assuming that we have to fight the war with the right words and worldly intelligence.

We don’t.

We must stop arguing with the weapon called “intelligence” and begin warring with the authority of the Lord and cut off the spiritual lions who are devouring the truth of God’s Kingdom!

This is how we use the powers of the age to come. (Hebrews 6) We use our God-given authority, bought for us on the cross, to come against powers and principalities that are attempting to devour our nation and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us all use our swords together and cut off this attempt by the enemy to take out our nation.

By faith, raise your sword and repeat after me, “By the blood of Jesus, I cut off the head of the lion who is attempting to divide our nation. I cut off the head of the lion who is devouring my fellow Believers. You WILL be silenced, in the name that is above all names – JESUS!”

This is how we begin to use the Powers of the Age to Come!

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.  See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you.  Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.”   Is 60:1-3

Overcoming the Spirit of Abandonment

 I know it sounds crazy that I believed this lie for so long…but it felt soberingly real.

Growing up, I always felt like God would abandon me at any moment. I lived in constant fear that He would simply walk away and leave me.

It was a lie the enemy planted in my soul at the age of eight. I was suddenly abandoned by my earthly father. So that transference implied that my Heavenly Father would be exactly the same.

For me, the feeling of powerlessness caused me to be very works based in my relationship with Father God. I felt like if I was “good enough” He wouldn’t leave me.

That, of course, didn’t work. I was never “good enough.” Whenever I wasn’t excellent at something like getting B’s on my report card instead of A’s – I feared God would abandon me. It took me forever to let go of shame when I sinned. I felt like I was responsible for keeping God close to me.

The problem was, I had wholeheartedly swallowed the lie that my Heavenly Father was like my earthly father. And even though the Word of God said, I will never leave you nor forsake you – that truth could not penetrate my heart and take me to freedom.

It’s the truth that sets us free. But my little eight-year-old heart rejected the truth that God never abandons us -- because of my experience with my earthly father. The lie had a STRONG – HOLD on me. It became a STRONGHOLD that the enemy used against my soul. He played havoc with my emotions again and again because I believed this lie. I see it like this. He would whisper in my ear the lie that Father God was going to abandon me and it would spin me around on a sit and spin.

When we untangle ourselves from a STRONGHOLD – we are using the authority that Jesus gave us to get off the sit and spin. When we are able to exert our power because of the blood of Jesus, we take away the foothold of the devil to whisper lies into our souls.

If you suffer from the fear that God will abandon you – all you have to do is erase the lie by using these tools below…

Break Ungodly Soul Ties with anyone who conditioned you with a spirit of abandonment.

(I had to do this with my earthly father.)

1.            Lord I forgive _______________ for their sin against me. I ask you to forgive me for my sin against them. 

2.            I sever ungodly influence from them.

3.            I sever ungodly soul ties from them.

4.            I give back to__________________ the things that belong to them.

5.            I take back the things that belong to me.

6.            I wash them in the blood of Jesus.

7.            Remove all faulty thinking from my mind.

8.            Transform me by renewing my mind according to the Kingdom of Heaven.

9.            I ask You, God, to set ________________ free from all of their wrong thinking.

10.          Give them back their soul.

11.          I ask You, God, give me back my soul.

Break a Generational Sin of abandonment.

Breaking off generational sin is important to untangle any sin from previous generations that still has a right to influence a generational line.

1. Repent

“God I ask your forgiveness for myself and my parents and every past generation concerning the sin of __________ .

2. Rebuke

I apply the blood of Jesus and I break this sin off of my generational lines both maternal and paternal all the way back down to Adam.

3. Replace

I replace this sin with LIFE and a generational blessing of ____________ (opposite of curse) In Jesus Name!

4. Release Blessings

I pray for the release of revelation and generational blessing that has been held up because of these sins.  May they be released into my life and every future generation.  I pray for more intimacy with you and for the grace to become like Christ.

Command the spirit of abandonment to leave you and go to the feet of Jesus Christ.

You have just done Spiritual Warfare so be sure to pray the sealing up prayer! 

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The Difference Between Prayer and Intercession and Spiritual Warfare

There is a need in the Body of Christ to understand the difference between


and Intercession and Spiritual Warfare.  They are not all the same.  But each one is necessary.  It will be helpful as the Lord brings unity to His people that we each understand the different giftings and how each one of us fit into His Army.  Every person in His Church is called to pray - but not every person will be called to intercession or to spiritual warfare.

Prayer is a conscious, personal communication with the God of the universe.  It is the place where you approach your heavenly Father, where you share your heart with Him and He shares His heart with you.  Supplication, requests, repentance and prayers for family and friends fall under the heading of prayer. The Lord’s Prayer is a good example.  Most of the Psalms are prayers to God.  Prayer is to our lives what fuel is to an engine.  We will not go very far in life without a healthy prayer life.

Intercession is a step up from prayer. 

Intercession is praying God’s heart into a specific situation or standing in the gap of behalf of a person or region who is in need of mercy and grace.  Intercession begins by finding out what God’s opinion is on each matter and praying that His truth and will would be done.  It’s pleading with God on behalf of a person or circumstance.  Elisha praying a boy back to life in 1 Kings 17 is an example of intercession.  This is not spiritual warfare but a pleading with God to do something on earth for another person or situation.  Jesus intercedes for his disciples in John 17.  He also intercedes for those who crucified him on the cross.  He also intercedes for Peter that his faith would not fail him after his betrayal.

Spiritual Warfare is the using of God’s authority to uproot demonic strongholds and the planting of God’s Kingdom.  This kind of prayer happens in the unseen world where demons dwell.  The Bible calls it the second heaven. An example of spiritual warfare is when Jesus resisted the devil’s temptations in the desert, or when He told the evil spirits where to go. 

Spiritual Warfare is using the name and authority of Christ to limit evil spirits and their power. 

All levels of Pray-ers are needed.  We cannot do without one of the levels of prayer.  There is not a hierarchy of importance.  But there is a spiritual authority needed in order to be an intercessor or a warrior.  People without authority or assignment from God should never do spiritual warfare.  Great harm can come to people who step out of God’s covering and attack a demonic stronghold.  To remain safe, we need to wait for God’s timing and His orders.

A Case Study in the Levels of Prayer

Examining our Prayers during 9/11

Many people prayed during the attack/tragedy of September 11th when the twin towers fell.  There was supplication and prayer requests made for firefighters and rescue workers.  Pray-ers asked for strength to be given to those on the ground for comfort to be given to those who had lost loved ones.  Pray-ers asked God for help.  They asked God to give unity and wisdom to leadership.  They asked for safety for those helping in the midst of the tragedy.  These are all necessary.  And they fall into the category of PRAYER.

Some people offered intercession. 

The people who offered intercession were asking God to have mercy on us.  They knelt in their hearts before the mercy seat asking the Lord to have mercy on souls who were dying, and to have mercy on our nation.  They asked God to forgive any sins that might have led to this attack.  They stood in the gap for those who could not do it for themselves.  I suspect that many people came to the Lord because of the intercessors who cried out for mercy on their behalf.  Some intercessors had visions of specific people to pray for and God gave them His words to pray in that situation. 

Intercession was a necessary ingredient to fulfill God’s purposes.

Still others battled the demonic forces that had been released against our nation in Spiritual Warfare.  Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden released spirits of terrorism, murder, hatred and confusion upon our nation on 9/11.  As the warriors battled in the heavenlies, they prayed that those spirits would be bound up and loosed away from us.  These warriors had discernment to know what kind of spirits were being released and knew how to use their authority to keep the demons at bay.  They also used spiritual warfare over our leaders in order to keep their minds free from confusion and fear.  These kind of prayers were also necessary during this tragedy.

Practical Application

  1. What kind of Pray-er were you on 9/11?

Did you pray for the comfort of the people and the first responders on the ground?

Did you intercede for people who were dying and stand in the gap on behalf of those who needed God’s mercy?

Did you war in the heavenlies over demonic strongholds that were attacking our nation?

2. Have you grown in your prayer life since 9/11?

3. What is the desire that God has put into your heart about learning to pray? 

4. What is the thing that you spend the most time praying about?  

I ask the Lord to take each of us higher to learn how to pray effectively.  May the Lord equip His people to march together as ONE!  May each person reading this be stirred up to understand what God has commissioned them to do and may they ACT on His calling!

Body of Christ – You Are Winning! Don't Stop Now! ADVANCE!

The Body of Christ has come together and we are marching against evil in our nation.  Our prayers have exposed manipulation, lies, and corruption that has permeated our government and the media.

We have set aside distractions, denominational differences, and our own pride to come together under the Lord's headship to see the Spirit of Jezebel defeated in our nation.

The spirit of Jehu has risen up.  The Eunuchs that have been controlled and manipulated by the spirit of Jezebel are tired of being used and they are throwing her down. (2 Kings 9)

The Church has been silenced by the Spirit of Jezebel in our nation.  We have lost our voice and have hidden in our caves afraid of this spirit.  (1 Kings 18)

This is no time to let down.  We must continue to pray that this spirit (not a person) will be trampled until there is nothing left but her hands and head.  (2 Kings 9:35)

Not one person can wholly take credit for what has happened here - it has taken all of us.  It has taken all of the giftings and every level of warfare to bring her down.  From the privates to the generals.  We've begun to understand what the end-time army and the end-time builders will look like.

The Kingdom of God is being revealed.  It will soon be time to transition into a new season of victory.  The Body of Christ has been used to losing battles but now we are going to have to learn to start winning!

No one should touch His glory.  No human should take credit.  But we can honor one another for the part that we have played in the victory.

Continue the intercessory advance against the witchcraft and manipulation spirit until it is trampled completely underfoot. 

Everything will be revealed.  Only let us not stop pressing in until the Spirit tells us we are finished.

The Old Timers used to call this “Praying Through.”

We listen to the Spirit. Not to our flesh. Not to poll numbers. Not to media.  We pray until we hear our Commander say, “It’s finished!”



Father God we will no longer tolerate Jezebel.  Forgive us for letting it go on for so long. No matter what it costs us we will no longer stand for manipulation and corruption in Your church, in our communities, and in this nation.  We cry out for justice against every wicked deed done in darkness. Begin with Your church.  Cleanse us from those who claim that Your church belongs to them. Cleanse our government and media from a spirit of corruption and manipulation.  We pray for the eunuchs to step forward and expose the corruption.  We ask You to help us to pray through... until our assignment is completely finished!

In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN

Practical Steps for Spiritual Warfare Beginners

Practical Steps for Spiritual Warfare Beginners

Sometimes we make spiritual warfare too hard.  For beginners who feel the call to fight the unseen demonic realm, it may be difficult to know where to start.  I would like to teach you an easy and effective tool about how to use prayer walks and prayer stakes in spiritual warfare.

Spiritual warfare is the acknowledgment that we live in one world but in two realms.  We live our earthly lives in the natural realm but we also live in a spiritual realm.  The power of God and of Satan are at war with each other.  Jesus gave us the authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness. (Matthew 10:1)

There are impure spirits around our homes and our communities.  They are occupying our land until we drive them out.  One way to drive out these spirits is to use prayer walking and prayer stakes.

Building Our Faith

All spiritual warfare begins with faith.  We must believe that He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.  If you struggle with fear because of the unknown when it comes to spiritual warfare, the first thing you should do is build yourself up in faith.

But you, beloved, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God as you await the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Jude 1:20-21

Build up your faith by praying in the Holy Spirit.  Believe God’s word that the power in you is greater than the power of the evil one.  Put on the armor of God by praying that each piece is put in place on your spiritual body.  Believe that God has given you the authority to drive out demons.

What Is a Prayer Walk?

A prayer walk is when you walk and pray over an area and claim it for the Lord.  You can pray scriptures over an area.  You can pray in tongues over an area.  You can decree and declare and command the impure spirits to leave an area by the blood of Jesus and in the name of Jesus.  Commanding them to go to the feet of Jesus and never come back.

In this way you sweep clean an area by ridding it of impure spirits.  It is important that you invoke the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus when doing this.

What Are Prayer Stakes?

Prayer stakes (pictured above) are a prophetic sign that we are claiming an area for the Kingdom of God.   It is a prophetic act of writing a prayer or a scripture on a stake and then pounding into the ground indicating that this land belongs to the Lord.

When using prayer stakes we are proclaiming that the blood of Christ is going into the ground to heal it, cleanse it, as we claim it for Jesus.

You can use cut wood pieces and write scriptures on them. (We normally use precut wooden shims because they are easy to drive into the ground.)  You can also take an ink pen that can be hollowed out, a prayer put inside of the pen and then the cap put on the end.  It can then be driven into the ground.

We usually anoint them with oil and pray over them before we go out to drive them into the ground.

The Assignment of the Lord

Let the Holy Spirit assign you an area to cleanse.

The most obvious assignments are our homes and the neighborhood in which we live.   After that, the Lord may give us other objectives like the place that we work or our children’s school.  Possibly He could ask us to prayer walk/drive different parts of the city.

My husband and I prayer walked our entire property and stopped at each corner to prophesy over it.  We put a prayer stake in the ground and commanded that all impure spirits must leave our property.

I had prayer partners that went with me around the edge of our county and we put a prayer stake along the roadside of each and every opening into the county.  We claimed the verses Isaiah 60, 61 and 62 and wrote them on each stake.  We anointed the stakes and then prayed over them.  It took us three days to drive around the edge of our county and claim it for the Lord.

Words of Caution

It is a given that you should prayer walk your own property.  You can assume that God intends for you to prayer walk your home, your apartment and any land that you own.  In this way, you make the area that you live in safe from demonic attack.

Beyond that, however, never prayer walk or use prayer stakes in presumption.  That is – never presume God wants you to claim an area for Him unless you KNOW that you have His direction.  We do not have authority over property that someone else owns.  We must have permission from the owner to have authority in any given area. 

Remember that as tax payers, we do have authority over everything we pay taxes on.  We have authority over the roads, so driving a prayer stick in the easement is allowed.  We have authority over the courthouses and schools, however, it would be wise to be inconspicuous about driving a prayer stake in the ground of public buildings.

We asked our county sheriff if we could drive a prayer stake in the grounds of the county jail and he agreed for us to do it.

After prayer walking or using prayer stakes it is always advisable to seal up your prayers and command all demons who might have been loosened from their stronghold to go to the feet of Jesus Christ.

We are powerful because of the blood of Jesus.  We have authority over the earth because of the price that Christ paid.  Let us be wise and use this authority to drive impure spirits out of our sphere of influence!

A Dream About Why Marriages are Struggling and How We Can Fight

God gave me a dream several months ago about the Church of Satan and that it’s power was growing

(Read about this dream HERE)

In it, I saw a cookbook of spells.  The witches would pray these spells over people in order to curse them.  One of the recipe cards had a spell that would curse people to be outside of God’s timing and placement so that God’s promises would not come to pass.

A few weeks ago, I had another dream and this one was about curses that were over marriages in America.  In the dream, I saw a book “The Curse over Marriages in America” by Billye Brim. (She is a Christian minister who is a prayer warrior.)  I knew in my spirit that the curses were coming from the witches in the Church of Satan.  I knew they were casting spells over the marriages of God’s people.

Billye Brim has never written a book like this but God highlighted her name to me because she heavily impacted me when learning how to use the blood of Jesus in spiritual warfare.  The only book I own of hers is called

“The Blood and the Glory.”

God desires for us to understand our authority by using the blood of Jesus. I wrote previously about how to plead the blood HERE.

 We OVERCOME by the word of their testimony and the blood of the lamb. (Rev 12:11)

I believe the reason that God pointed out Billye Brim in my dream was a clue that the weapon we need to overcome these curses against our marriages is the blood of Jesus.

We need to be pleading the blood of Jesus over our marriages, over our homes, over our families, and over our minds.  Satan is doing all that he can to break up the family unit.  He puts veils over our minds – we want to give up and call it quits.  We begin to look at our marriage in selfish ways.  We allow the lies of the enemy to penetrate our minds and believe that there is just no saving our marriage.  We believe the lie that the grass has to be greener on the other side.  These are all lies intended to get us to quit and break up our marriages.

Listen, I have several friends whose marriages are under attack and I know firsthand how hard it is to come out from the FEELING that everything is hopeless.  That’s exactly what the enemy wants you to believe – that your marriage is hopeless.  But my friends it’s simply not true.  There is hope.  Jesus is bigger than you are letting him be.  He is your hope.  He is the Savior.  He is the One through whom all things are held together, even your marriage.

If you are struggling in your marriage right now, I want you to know that the lies that are coming against your mind are coming from an evil place.  It isn’t truly your heart.  It’s the power of suggestion that the enemy is shooting arrow after arrow in your mind. 

People full of darkness are literally praying that your marriage will fall apart.

We must fight!  When these doubts and offenses come… plead the blood of Jesus over your mind and your marriage.

Speak the word of God against the lies – no matter how much you feel like you want to quit.  Say it outloud:  Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. Mark 10:9

Ask God to cover you with the blood of Jesus.  Resist what the devil is doing in your life!

There is hope.  It’s in Jesus and the power of His blood.

Let me pray for you…

God I come to you asking You to cut off these curses that have been sent against marriages.  I pray that You would forgive those who have prayed curses and that You would bring salvation to each and every person who is using witchcraft against marriages. 

I plead the blood of Jesus over marriages in America.  I plead the blood of Jesus over every marriage of the people reading this right now.  I pray that You would grant hope to these marriages.  I pray that You would encourage them that You are bigger than any mountain they are climbing right now.  I pray that You would give them clear thoughts and let the helmet of salvation protect their minds from the arrows of the evil one. 

I pray that Your mercies would be new every morning.  I pray that they would SET THEIR MINDS on You.  That they would have victory because they put their trust in You.  Thank You for the blood of Jesus in which we have the victory.  Thank You for giving Your people wisdom and understanding about how to fight against the onslaught.  I thank You Lord for completely reconciled and healthy marriage relationships!

We praise You for You are a good Father.  We praise You for the victory.  We praise You for caring so deeply for us.  Help us to overcome all of the power of the enemy, In the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN

Spiritual Warfare: Learning to Plead the Blood

One of the most powerful verses in the entire Bible is this one:

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.  Revelation 12:11

I would like to expound on how we overcome Satan by the blood of the Lamb.  It is an archetype of what happened during Passover at the time of Moses.  The angel of death was “passing over” Egypt as a judgment from the Lord.  The Israelites were instructed to paint their door posts with the blood of a lamb.  Every household that was covered by the blood was “passed over” and the first born was not killed.

When Jesus came to earth and died on the cross, He was the final sacrifice for sins.  John the Baptist announced of Him: “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29)

It is in this manner that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb.   The final Lamb, Jesus.

The sacrifice on the cross paid for the sins of the whole world, from the beginning of time to the end.  Jesus’ perfect blood was spilled on our behalf.  Not only does it have the power to forgive sins – it has the power to protect us as well.

When we use the phrase “pleading the blood,”  it does not mean we are “desperate.”  It is more like “coming under the blood.”  When we say Lord I “plead the blood over my children.”  We are essentially asking that the doorposts of their lives be covered with the blood of the Lamb.

When I first learned to pray around the outside of my home, I wasn’t quite sure how to do it.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me as I was praying over my front room window, “Use the blood!”  As I prayed I laid my hand on the window and prayed, “Lord I plead the blood of Jesus over this window/door/property in Jesus name.”

The blood of Jesus provides protection and deliverance from Satan.  It is a witness to the enemy that he is defeated.

When you pray over your home, your family members, your job or anything else a powerful addition to your prayers would be to plead the blood over them.

Sample Prayer:

God, I thank You for the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  I ask You to be with my family today.  I plead the blood of Jesus over each of my family members. I pray for a pocket of protection over them.  I also plead the blood over my mind, home, family, finances, health, and job!  I give you glory and thank you for the power of the blood of Jesus.  In His name I pray, AMEN!

A Word from the Lord for Those Discouraged About the Election

I know that we are in a tumultuous election season.  I know that many would like for it to be over with already.  But if we are not careful we will miss our opportunity rejoice in the trial that produces perseverance and maturity.  

We must take the next several weeks and use it to our advantage.  We must NOT put our head in the sand and hope for an end to the bickering.  We must not take the bait and get offended and angry at the quarreling, backbiting, and viciousness that is so prevalent this election season. 

If we get offended the enemy neutralizes us.  Offense leads to a desire to retaliate or a desire to quit.  But if we will keep our heads in the middle of the madness and chaos, we can actually steer the storm for the good of the Kingdom of God.

The Lord dropped this word in my Spirit for the Body of Christ:

My People - You are more powerful than this!  You have authority that you are not using!  Don't submit to discouragement -- Praise Me! 

The enemy hates it when you sing praises and worship Me because it ties his hands and hinders his plan. Stop letting the tiny demon of discouragement win.  If you know that I Am the I Am this election would not worry you in the least.

Whenever you see something or hear something that discourages you  - simply praise Me.  Sing a song.  Dance a dance.  Shout a declaration of My goodness and BELIEVE Me when I say that I AM the King of kings.

Stop letting discouragement win!  I AM Your hope.  Put your armor back on and we'll dance right through this storm!

You are more powerful than discouragement!!!  I AM the I AM!

He has given us a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.  (Isaiah 61)

Why Believers Must Stop Ignoring Satan!

"The loveliest trick of the Devil is to persuade you that he does not exist!" 

- Charles Baudelaire, (19th century French poet)

I remember the first time I experienced an extended time of spiritual warfare.  I was in my 20s, and I had no idea what was happening to me.  All I knew was that I was tired, and I was depressed.  I wanted to quit and be done with everything.  Up to that time, I had not considered where my torment was actually coming from.

I had a very wise friend counsel me in a way that opened my eyes to what was really going on.  She said, “Tisha the devil hates you!”

I was actually shocked by her words.  I knew the devil was around and doing his thing – but why would he hate little ol’ me?

Before my friend said this, I had not considered that everything I was feeling came from spiritual warfare.  The tiredness, the depression, and the desire to quit were actually all oppression by the enemy.  Literally – demons were sitting on top of my head oppressing me!

Why had I been so asleep to the wiles of the devil?  Why had I not considered that I was under spiritual attack?

Honestly – it was because someone had taught me that if I ignored the devil, he would leave me alone.  But that is not what the Word of God says.  It says that I should RESIST him and he would flee from me. (James 4:7)  Resisting means we must FIGHT back.

I feel that many in the Body of Christ are in the same place I was 20 years ago.  They are ignoring Satan instead of resisting him. 

Bodyof Christ, Satan is gaining on you because you are ignoring him!

Do you know about the Baphomet structure set up in Detroit?  Do you know that they held a Satanic ritual here? (click here)

Did you know that Satan Clubs are being held in elementary schools? (click here)

Did you know there is a huge altar to Baal that was just erected in New York City? (click here)

The Satanic church and their powers are growing, mainly because the Body of Christ is in fear of Satan.

We must turn around, face the devil and learn to fight him.  We have authority over him and all of his schemes.  Jesus gave us this power in Luke 10:19

--- I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

Why don’t we believe this verse?  Why do we continue to be so afraid?

Has Hollywood scared us into a closet?  Do some of the horror films make you afraid?  Are you too sensitive to understand that we are in a daily war against demons?  Please ask yourself this question:  Am I ignoring Satan?

We must open our eyes to the fact that Jesus taught us to fight Satan in the Word of God.  He did it every single day!

God is looking for a company of fearless men and women who are willing to fight against Satan and his schemes.

We must put our spiritual armor on daily.  We must learn to fight with a sword of the spirit.  We must understand how he works, especially as the day grows closer for the Lord’s second coming.  The devil is real and he knows his time is short. (Revelation 12:12)

Jesus faced the actual devil and gave us an understanding about how to defeat him.  He showed us how to cast out demons.  He then gave us the authority to do the same.

DEMONS MUST SUBMIT TO US as we use the name of Jesus.  There are tools that we are not using against the enemy, and we are cowering in fear.  That fear is causing us to pretend that he doesn’t exist.

The devil is gaining on us.  The Body of Christ needs to start facing this fact and learn to fight with our spiritual weapons of warfare. 

We must become whole in our hearts and our minds.  We must repair any chinks in our spiritual armor.  We must close every foothold that the enemy has inside of us.

I understand that some of us are already awake.  But still others are asleep – this is my message to those of you who are attempting to protect yourself by ignoring the devil…  please hear me!

1. Satan exists.

2. He hates you and is working on a daily basis against you and your family.

3. Satan is not omnipresent, but he does have a demonic army of fallen angels.

4. Satan has boundaries that he cannot cross and rules he must submit to because of the Cross.

5. Satan is defeated

6. Believers have authority over him.

As the Body of Christ we must stop fearing Satan and learn to fight against him.

The devil is not scary…he’s defeated!


Equipping Yourself for Warfare

Here are some tools to equip yourself for spiritual warfare.

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