The Only Way Forward In America Is Through Forgiveness

When we forgive others, God forgives us.

Though I did not personally commit these sins – I can ask for forgiveness for my forefathers to the people groups who they did hurt. In return, I can promise you that if you will forgive our sins against you – God will also forgive your sins and He will heal our land!

To the American Indian – I ask forgiveness on behalf of my fathers who slaughtered your people because of their blindness and their wicked greed. I pray that God will bring supernatural justice and bless your people with extraordinary favor and life. I honor you as the first nation of this land. Will you receive the blessing that comes from forgiving your (former) enemies?

To the African American – I ask your forgiveness on behalf of my fathers who enslaved you, beat you, and murdered you. I ask you to remember my fathers who gave their lives on the battlefield in the civil war to set you free. I ask you to forgive us for still not having a fair justice system or education system for your tribe. I cry out to God that He would raise up a deliverer to finish the job of MLKJr. I see you. I have not closed my eyes to the work that still needs to be done until we are equals! Will you receive the blessing that comes from forgiving your (former) enemies?

To the other nations who have been oppressed in America – the Irish, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Jews, Hispanics, and more – you helped to build our nation, and we rejected you and devalued your contributions. I am so sorry that my fathers did not see you as equal. I want you to know that you are equal in every way, we have the same Creator. I honor each of your heritages for laying the foundation in the United States of America. I ask for God to restore any inheritance both natural and spiritual that was stolen from you by my fathers. May His hand of mercy bring you justice. Will you receive the blessing that comes from forgiving your (former) enemies?

To the women who helped to build a nation but never received credit, to the women who remain under the glass ceiling… I am sorry that my fathers saw you as second-class citizens. They were wrong to not give you representation from the start. They were wrong to see you as property. They were wrong to put a lid on your rights. I know there are still strides to make until we see equality in every area – but I cry out for you to receive accelerated justice from God! I cry out for equality for God’s daughters! Will you receive the blessing that comes from forgiving your enemies?

To the righteous men who are innocent and yet have been blamed for our society’s problems – I am deeply sorry. It was not your fault. We know that it is the enemy of this nation – the devil who is dividing us and tempting us to accuse each other falsely. If you are angry at being falsely accused of being a racist, a bigot, a misogynist, and so on – I want you to know that it is the Father who sees your heart and knows your motives. Please don’t let the devil harden your heart. I ask God to defend the righteous men in our nation. We want to be unified with you – don’t pull away. Will you receive the blessing that comes from forgiving your accusers?

To the Baby Boomers, I’m sorry we have devalued your opinion and not listened to your wisdom. Please forgive us?

To Generation X, I’m sorry that abortion took 31% of your generation, and then we abandoned the rest of you. Please forgive us?

To the Millennials, I’m sorry we have stereotyped you and made fun of you. Please forgive us?

To Generation Z, I’m incredibly sorry for the example we are being to you right now. Please forgive us?

I know that our nation cannot be fixed with a social media post – but it CAN be fixed with forgiveness. Will you consider doing your part to ask forgiveness from others and offer forgiveness to those who have hurt you?

God is a God of justice. But He gives us justice according to His kingdom, not ours.

Remember how much He has forgiven your debts – then please hear my request to forgive the debts of my forefathers.

There is hope. American can be saved. Let the dead be raised through forgiveness.

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Matt 6:14

A Sure Method for Drawing Closer to the Lord

We all have different stories about how we entered into the Kingdom of God.  We all have taken different paths on our journey toward Him.

Some of us have been a fervent follower and tried to sprint toward Him with unquenched zeal.  All He had to do was say “come, ” and we raced for Him.

Others of us didn’t really come after the Lord until we were forced to fall on our knees when something terrible happened in our lives.  Our desperate need of the Lord caused us to seek Him in profound ways.

Maybe something miraculous happened in our life and caused us to draw near to Him out of wonder and awe.  When something supernatural happens it awakens something in us, and we are compelled to figure it out.

God knows each of our hearts intimately and He knows how to create circumstances in our lives that will cause us to seek Him.

But no matter what our circumstances have been, and no matter what our journey in the Kingdom looks like at this point, there is one thing that is a sure way to grow closer to the Lord.

The surest way to draw closer to the Lord is to get further away from your “self.”

Walking away from your own fleshly desires is the same as walking toward the Lord.  When we say no to our flesh, we are saying no to our own ways.  We are saying no to our own ideas and opinions.  We are saying no to our desire for drama or jealousy.  We are saying no to lust and strife and manipulation.  When we walk away from these things, we actually walk toward the Spirit.  When we set our face to walk toward the Lord, we set our mind on what He desires instead of what we desire.

Romans 8

5For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. 6 For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace, 7 because the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God; for it does not subject itself to the law of God, for it is not even able to do so, 8 and those who are in the flesh cannot please God.

We cannot please God if we are letting our “self”ishness win in our lives.

The choice is either “self” or God.

We actually get closer to the Lord in layers.  It’s like moving debris out of the way to get closer to His throne.  Every time you die to self, you remove wreckage that is standing between you and the Lord.  The debris is removed a little at a time.  Each piece of debris represents a piece of fleshliness.  It represents sin that is standing in the way between you and God.

The closer we get to God – the further away from “self” we get.

No matter how close we are right now to the Lord, there is still more.  We never actually arrive while on this earth.

Even Paul at the end of his life, after years of running toward Christ stated that he had not yet obtained the closeness he desired…

Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:12-13

Lay down your “self” and its desires – run toward the Lord and the prize of being close to Him.  This is the surest way to be as close to Him as possible.  Layer by layer, remove the debris as it presents itself. 

Die to self – Choose Christ!

Steps to Wholeness:

God I need for you to light a flame in my heart to want to be near You.  I need for You to increase my desire for You while helping me to walk away from my “self.”  Let there be a single focus in my life,  the goal of being close to You!

Show me the next layer of debris that stands between You and me.  I want it to be removed and pursue You with all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength!

In Jesus name, AMEN

The Dangerous Sin of Presumption

As I unpack this teaching about the sin of presumption, it is my hope that it will help the Body of Christ to take a step toward the Lord in intimacy.  Repenting from presumption will position us in a place of humility that will crush the pride that is hidden in our hearts.

I’ve done it.  You’ve done it.  We have ALL committed the sin of presumption.

We have presumed to know the mind of God, but we were wrong.  We have presumed to understand His ways, but we haven’t.  We have presumed that we are in right standing with God when we are not.

The sin of presumption is presuming to know God – when we don’t really know Him and His ways.

presumption - when you believe that something is true without having any proof (Cambridge Dictionaries Online)

presumptuous - A person who is presumptuous shows little respect for others by doing things they have no right to do (Cambridge Dictionaries Online)

presumption - 1. the act of presuming; specif., a. an overstepping of proper bounds; forwardness; effrontery b. the taking of something for granted (Webster's New World College Dictionary)

The best example of presumption in the Word of God is the story of Saul of Tarsus.  Saul was a Pharisee of Pharisees.  He was superb at keeping the rules of the law and thought he was doing God a favor by putting Christians in prison.  He watched Stephen be stoned to death and approved. (Acts 22:20)

Saul presumed to be in right standing with God because of his “works.”  Saul thought he knew God inside and out…. but he didn’t.  He didn’t know the thoughts and ways of God… but he didn’t.  Saul knew the words of God and the laws of God, but he did not know the heart or the character of God.  He was blind to the fact that Jesus WAS the Son of God. (Acts 9)

Saul of Tarsus had rejected the Messiah and didn’t even know it.  He presumed to be right with God – but yet had rejected the very thing that would have made him right with God. Saul had blinders on.

We do this all the time.  We think we are right with God, but we don’t know that we don’t know.  The pride of presumption has overtaken us.  We are not seeing ourselves the way God sees us.  We are not seeing the world the way God sees the world.

God was kind to Saul of Tarsus and knocked him off of his horse, shined a light in his face, embarrassed him in front of his friends, blinded him for three days and introduced himself as Jesus, the one he’d been persecuting.

Saul was blind for three days.  God sent Ananias to give Saul back his sight.  When Ananias prayed for him, scales fell from Saul’s eyes.  Presumption fell from Saul’s eyes.  It was kind of the Lord to bring Saul to repentance because he saw Saul’s heart.  Saul was walking in pride – but his heart really did want to please the Lord.

I remember the Lord knocking me off of my horse in my late 20s.  I thought I was in right standing with the Lord – but God showed me (while reading a powerful book) that I did not have His mind concerning many things in His kingdom.  I was judging according to my own opinion and not according to His truth.  He made sure I understood that He did not care one bit about my opinion. 

God is only concerned with His plan and His Kingdom.  

I was shocked that I had been wearing blinders.

I was in presumption that my thoughts lined up with His.  I wrongly assumed that I was OK with Him.  It hurt a lot to be humbled.  It hurt a lot to realize that I was so far away from Him.  I was embarrassed, and I was cut to the heart that I had been so prideful.  

I am really grateful that the Lord chose to knock me off of my horse.  I took my pride to the Lord and repented for it.  The Lord removed the scales from my eyes and showed me that I had been trusting in my own confidence.

He said, “Tisha, it is presumptuous for you to have confidence in your own opinions.  My truth and My ways are the only things that should give you confidence.  Stand in the confidence that My ways are higher and better than yours.”

Ask the Lord to show you if you are wearing any blinders?   Are you walking in presumption? Do you have any scales over your eyes?  Only the Lord knows.  Ask Him to knock you off of your horse if you need to.  While there might be pain for a moment, in the long run, it will be the best prayer you’ve ever prayed!

Isaiah 55:6-9

Seek the Lord while he may be found;

    call on him while he is near.

 Let the wicked forsake their ways

    and the unrighteous their thoughts.

Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them,

    and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

    neither are your ways my ways,”

declares the Lord.

 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,

    so are my ways higher than your ways

    and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Doing This One Thing Daily Will Keep You Safely on the Path of Life

It is important on our path to maturity in Christ that we do not fall into one side of the ditch or the other.  The enemy wants to keep us from reaching our destination.  He wants to sideline us from our true calling.  If the devil can neutralize us from traveling on the path of life – then he wins.

The Lord was impressing on me the need to daily be grateful for the cross and that our sins were washed by the blood of the Lamb.  He was speaking to my heart that if we will simply let our gratefulness for the cross be the foundation of every single day that we will never fall into a ditch!  The enemy cannot win if we believe firmly in the grace and truth of the cross of Jesus Christ!

 22 Yet now he has reconciled you to himself through the death of Christ in his physical body. As a result, he has brought you into his own presence, and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault. 23 But you must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in it. – Colossians 1:22-23

The cross humbles those who are in pride

- because we cannot do it ourselves.  We have a need for someone else to come and save us from our sins.

The cross lifts up those who are in shame

- because the price has been paid.  He took our shame on the cross and we can hand it to Him and find peace because it’s been taken care of.

The cross takes away our excuse for self pity

- because how can we feel sorry for ourselves when we were bought for such a high price.  No one can feel sorry for themselves if they truly appreciate the lengths that Christ went to in order to purchase us.

The cross conquers the fear of the future

- because death no longer has the upper hand.  We will spend eternity in heaven – Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us.

The cross frees us from seeking the approval of men

– because the true Savior is God and not men.  We do not need approval from mere human beings – our worth does not come from their opinions of us… our approval comes from the One who purchased our pardon.

The cross keeps grace and truth in balance.


- we are sinful and in need of a Savior.


- we are so valuable to the Lord that sacrificed His one and only Son in order to pay for that sin.

If we are to remain on the path of life, and not fall into pride, or self-pity or shame -- our daily practice should be to be grateful and rejoice in the cross of Jesus Christ!

Will you join me in this prayer?

Father God we praise you for the cross!  We thank You for sending Your one and only Son to purchase our sins.  Thank You for the blood of Jesus that washes us clean and makes us new.  Thank You that one day we will be in heaven because of the price He paid for us.  We ask for forgiveness for our sins. We humble ourselves before the throne of God and let the redemption of Christ wash over our hearts, minds, souls and lives.  Thank You Lord for considering us so valuable that You paid such a high price to be with us.  May we remain grateful EVERY SINGLE day for the grace and truth of the cross of Jesus!  In His name, AMEN!

The Hardest and Most Rewarding Prayer You Will Ever Pray

“If My people, who are called by My name will humble themselves…”  2 Chronicles 7:14

Lord break me.

Break me of my pride.  Break me of my sin. 

I no longer want “My Way.”  I want yours.

Your ways are higher than mine.  My ways lead to death.

Show me myself through Your eyes.  Show me the places in my heart that do not line up with yours.

Because I am made of flesh and bone, but You are the King of the Universe.

You are the foundation of all things… I am but dust.

Lord break me.

God smash every idol that sits on a throne in my heart. 

And then smash the throne that it sits on.

Until I only want You.  Until I only want Your ways.

Create in me a clean heart O God. 

Flood my soul with Your river and wash away anything that does not belong to you.

I invite you to ruin anything in my life that has not been built by Your hands.

I am sorry Lord for the years I have wasted building my kingdom on sand. 

I know the storms are coming. 

I know that I must bow low.

I know I must fall upon the Rock – or it will soon fall upon me.

I am not better than my brothers and sisters. 

I was created by the same hand.

I am not their master… that title goes only to You.

I approach Your throne of grace with boldness and cry out for Your merciful hand… to cleanse away everything that’s hindering me from the fullness of relationship with You.

Lord break me…

           …until I am yours. Completely. Fully.  

           …until I am ONE with You.

The Dethroning of the Pharaohs in America

I had a dream several months ago about 8 men and women who were lying in a twin bed.  They were bickering and fighting because they could not control the election.  They were all used to having a say in who would be the President of the United States.  I only knew two of the men; George Soros and Roger Ailes.  There were four other men and two women who were in the very small bed.  Interpretation:  They were in bed together – so they were in alliance with each other.)

One of them called for a henchman and told him to go and blackmail a candidate so they could get control of it again.  I took a green three ring binder and began to hit the henchman over the head and I yelled, “We want free and fair elections!”  End of the dream.

So this is how I have been praying over the elections. 

God I ask You for FREE and FAIR elections.

The men and women in the twin bed in my dream had elevated themselves as the “King makers.”  They had decided that they were the ones in charge of the election and that the people could not obviously think for themselves.  They wanted a President who was a puppet they could control.  It probably all comes down to money and power.  And they are willing to make US citizens slaves to their regime.

That is what a Pharaoh is -  a ruler who uses people as slaves to build his own kingdom.

We have a lot of self-proclaimed Pharaohs in the US.  They rule over different areas in our nation.  Everything from the political establishments to the local city councils.  These kings use people as slaves to build their own kingdoms.  They have decided that they are the owners of an area of society and they use propaganda and manipulate until people follow after them blindly.

There are Pharaohs of the economy, Pharaohs of the pharmaceutical industry.  There are Pharaohs of the farming industry, Pharaohs of professional sports. There are self-proclaimed Pharaohs of nations, states and cities. 

Most disturbingly there are men and women who have set themselves up as Pharaohs of God’s Church.  These men and women dare to act like they are the ones who need to be obeyed.  They dare to believe they own God’s Church.

These Pharaohs in America are about to come down.

The Lord is about to Pass-Over America….

Those who have the Lamb’s blood on their doorposts will be saved.  Those who do not will be destroyed.  Those who serve the Lord with all of their hearts and are building His Kingdom will be protected.  But those who are building a kingdom for themselves are about to be dethroned. Whatever the Lord has built will stand and whatever has been built for another’s kingdom will be destroyed.  God will not give His glory to another!

The I AM is about to dethrone the Pharaohs and set His people free!

They have been given time to repent.  But the time has come – the threshold has been passed.  God will not be mocked.  He is about to show these Pharaohs who really holds the world in His hands!

Look at what God said to Pharaoh through the prophet Ezekiel:

"I am against you, Pharaoh king of Egypt,

you great monster lying among your streams.

You say, "The Nile is mine;

I made it for myself."

But I will put hooks in your jaws

and make the fish of your streams stick to your scales.

I will pull you out from among your streams,

with all the fish sticking to your scales.

I will leave you in the desert,

you and all the fish of your streams.

You will fall on the open field

and not be gathered or picked up.

I will give you as food

to the beasts of the earth and the birds of the air.

Then all who live in Egypt will know that I am the LORD.

Ezekiel 29:3-6

Everything that is about to happen in America is to set people free from those who have set themselves up as Pharaohs.  The “plagues” that are about to come up on us are meant to bring judgment on the people who have elevated themselves to the status of god.

George Soros will soon understand that he does not “own the Nile” and will not be allowed to take down entire nations through economic manipulation. The Hollywood elite will soon understand that they do not own the “airwaves” in America.  Even the little churches of 50 and 100 who are ruled by Pharaohs will understand that God WILL have His church.  One way or another.

It is time to be brave.

It is time to be bold.

America is about to go through a

“Valley of Death” (click here)

but it is meant to be a valley of severe mercy!

There has never been a more important time to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God! 

Idolatry of the Pastor - When Loyalty Is Taken to the Extreme

I am so guilty of doing this!

I am guilty of putting my pastor on a pedestal and worshiping him instead of Christ.  I have at times given my free will over to my pastors and allowed them to take the place of the Holy Spirit in my life.  But the truth is…

A pastor does not belong on a pedestal… ever. 

We cannot be more mesmerized with a person than we are with Christ.

When we begin to raise authorities in the church to a level above the people in the church, we have broken the commandment that we should have no other gods before Him.

I can specifically think of twice that the Lord convicted me that I had elevated a person to a pedestal and listened to their counsel instead of God’s.

Both times I had elevated pastors to a pedestal in my life it was because they taught me a revelation that was life changing.  Both of these pastors were incredibly gifted.  They had just the right message at just the right time in my life.  I was in awe of them.

The problem was… I was actually in awe of their gifting.

I allowed their gifting to impress me so much that I was willing to put them on a throne in my heart and consider them more important than God.  I forgot that the revelation and gifting that they blessed me with had an origin with my own Heavenly Father.

The lie I believed was since they had revelation that I did not yet have that were somehow more important in the Kingdom.  This is a crazy lie because every person has a slice of God that no one else has.  Even my children have a revelation about God that I need to learn from.  Even the newest Christian has a revelation about God that each person can learn from.

Knowledge about God's kingdom does not make a person or a pastor more important.

Man is flawed.  I am flawed.  Our giftings are given to us by God through His amazing grace.  When our giftings work in the Body of Christ for the glory of God… there is really no way that we can take any credit for getting something right.  The gift came from God.  It worked because of Him, not because we were selected to be superior to anyone else.

(Click here to read about "The Importance of Not Trusting a Person's Gifting)

When I put these pastors on the throne, I would look to their counsel first.  Instead of seeking God first, I would assume since they had such wonderful revelation that they walked closer to God than me and they would have the more accurate answer.  I felt that because God used them to bring such important revelation to me that I owed them my loyalty.  But my definition of loyalty ended up becoming extreme and I soon worshiped them.

I began being very biased for them.  Even when they would stumble, I made up excuses for their flaws in my heart.  I defended them to the extreme because they had set me free with their wonderful revelation.   I was no longer fair in my analysis of their ministry.  I set them up in my heart as idols.

I really grieved the Lord when I did this.

In time, just as all idols bring disappointment and heartache, these pastors I had elevated in my heart brought me great disappointment. One disappointed me through a huge character failure and another through personal misunderstanding.

I remember God using an older man in the church to bring me a simple rebuke but an important one.  When describing what happened with one of the pastors and explaining how I was so hurt, he simply said, “Tisha, he’s only a man.”

I know that may seem simple to you, but at the time – it was profound that God could use just a few words to show me that I had given my pastor more loyalty than I had given to Him.

My heart was broken.  I was so sorry that I had been seeking the favor of this man more than I was seeking the face of God.

Loyalty to church leadership does not mean we put them on a pedestal.  Loyalty to church leadership doesn’t mean we dismiss their flaws.  Loyalty to pastors must never supersede our loyalty to God.

We DO need to honor our pastors - BUT we need to put God FIRST! 

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all of these things will be added unto you.  (Matt. 6:33)

We need to seek God for ourselves, pastors should not be our conduit to Him.  They are not the CEO of the church.  The Church is not a business.

The structure of God’s kingdom is not a hierarchy – it’s a body.  It’s a team.  Jesus is the coach. The pastors are the assistant coaches.  In fact, just as in a football team you might have MANY assistant coaches. A mentor is an assistant coach.  Maybe an author you like to read is an assistant coach. Possibly God will use your spouse to be His assistant coach.  But none of these are meant to be the head coach.  Only Jesus is given that title. 

Our loyalty needs to be aimed at the Kingdom of God, not the organization of the church.

Remember that your pastor is not your rescuer – Jesus is.

Your pastor didn’t die for your sins – Jesus did.

Your pastor is not the author and finisher of your faith – Jesus is.

Examine where your loyalty lies.  “Seek First the Kingdom” is the answer to the idolatry of the pastor.

Steps to Wholeness:

If you are convicted about lifting up a man or a woman in your life up on a pedestal follow these steps to repent from your idolatry.


Ask God for forgiveness for putting a person on a pedestal.


Declare that this person shall come down off of the throne of your heart in Jesus name.


Ask the Lord to sit on the throne instead.


Break any ungodly soul ties by praying this prayer – (Pastors – you can also break soul ties with your congregation.  Sometimes the sheep have expected way too much of you.  Let God set you free by praying this prayer and substituting “pastors” with the word “congregation.”)

1.   I sever


influence and


soul ties from my pastors.

2.   I give back to them the things that belong to them.

3.   I take back the things that belong to me.

4.   I wash them in the blood of Jesus.

5.   I pray that You would remove all faulty wiring from my mind.

6.   I ask You to replace it with the wiring of the Holy Spirit according to the Kingdom of Heaven.

7.   I ask You God to set my pastors free from all of their wrong programming.

8.   Give them back their soul.

9.   I ask You God to give me back my soul.


Praythe sealing up prayer (found by clicking here).

How Renewing Your Mind Works

The ultimate goal of a Believer is to become like Christ.  God “predestined us to be conformed to the image of His son.” (Romans 8:29)  The renewing of our mind is foundational in our transformation into the image of Christ.

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God--this is your true and proper worship.  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:1-2

But how does the “renewal” of our mind really work?  Why is it necessary for us to become like Christ?

We are immersed in the world from the day we are born.  We experience positive and negative emotions every day of our lives.  We can have negative experiences as children if we come from a broken home.  We can have positive experiences such as birthdays or fulfilled childhood dreams. 

We are actually programmed from the womb to process our thoughts through our positive or negative experiences.

Since we live in a fallen and imperfect world.  We are constantly bombarded with the lies of the enemy to our minds convincing us to process our experiences through the lens of darkness.  But God needs for us to process our experiences through His lens of Truth.  We need to be able to line up our thinking with heaven… not hell.

It is then that we will be able to test and approve what God’s will is.  It is THEN that we will live victoriously.  Anything that we process through a wrong filter keeps us bound to the lies of the enemy.  When we process everything – whether positive or negative through God’s filter – He gives us His truth about the actual experience and we are set free from the chains of the lie

In essence, renewing of our minds is taking all negative and positive experiences and processing those experiences through the mind of Christ.

I’ll give you a personal example.

When my birth father, without any warning, took my brother and me to live with my aunt and uncle in a different state, I was devastated.  This experience at age 8 caused me to feel abandoned.  I felt devalued.  I didn’t feel protected anymore.  I felt like my father dropped me into a brand new story and then drove away with the story God meant for me to have.  My world shattered and I built really thick walls to protect my heart.

From this point forward I believed five lies about God because I processed who my Heavenly Father was through the lens of my earthly father.  This one negative experience caused me to be crippled in my thinking.

1) My Heavenly Father couldn’t be trusted. 

2) I believed that God would abandon me at any moment. 

3) I believed I had to work to make myself valuable to God.  

4) I didn’t REALLY trust Him to defend me.

5) I believed that I no longer had a story of my own.

In my 20s as I drew closer to the Lord I felt His pull to become like Him.

The first prayer I prayed that was a “mind renewing” prayer was a very simple – LORD, CHANGE ME!

As I matured, the Lord very gently brought each of these lies to the surface of my heart over a period of a few years. He showed me that He was nothing like my earthly father.  He showed me that I could trust Him.  I learned to believe God’s Word over my experiences.  I learned to trust Him when He said, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you!”

He eventually renewed my mind about the other lies I believed as well.  I was a cherished daughter no matter how I performed.  And He is my strong defender.

He used a vision to help me overcome one particular negative emotion from this experience.  I had a hard time coming to the understanding that my story did not drive away the day my dad drove away.  He drove back to my extended family and my home state.  I felt like he went back where the story of my life was taking place without me.  I felt like I began living the story of my aunt and uncle who adopted me instead.

I took this particular negative experience to the Lord in prayer.  I visualized myself in the memory with all of the negative emotion attached to it.  I saw it differently this time though – because I asked the question… “Jesus, where were you the day my dad left?”

I saw Jesus standing right next to me as my dad drove off.  And I heard Him say something that was quite profound to my little 8 year old wounded heart…. Jesus said, “And now the story goes with you.”

This may not make sense to you but this was an intense truth to me and it renewed my mind and restored my heart.  My negative experience was processed through the lens of Christ as I realized that my story was still being written.  It never left me.  My destiny was not stolen from me!

This negative experience may seem insignificant to some – but it was a HUGE negative experience in my heart and it caused me process my thoughts through these negative emotions.  I needed the Truth to set me free.  When Jesus DID give me His truth, He renewed my mind and now my thoughts are processed though His Truth instead of Satan’s lies.

This is exactly what renewing our minds is about.

Here is a picture of how we process our thoughts.  Some thoughts come from God, some of them come from the devil and others come from our own minds.  It is when we process all of these thoughts through the lens of God’s Truth that we become free.  After we have God’s Truth and renew our minds to line up with His - it is then that we come to the place of becoming like Christ.

Ask God to begin to heal your negative experiences.  Ask Him to begin to renew your mind.  I promise you it will be the best journey you’ve ever been on!

How the Sin of Mastery Affects Us All

Cain thought he was better than Abel.

Cain thought his very purpose on earth was to rescue his family so they could return to the Garden of Eden.  He was raised to believe that he was the one who would crush the head of the serpent because he was their first seed.  Cain was their ticket to a better life. He saw his little brother as a smaller person than he was.  Cain believed he had more importance than his brother Abel did. 

It angered him that God rejected his offering.  Suddenly there was an outward judgment that Cain was not better than Abel. 

The Lord was trying to get Cain to step down from his throne.  He was attempting to help Cain understand that he was not superior to his brother.

Genesis 3:6-7

Then the LORD said to Cain, "Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it."

God was saying this:  Son you have no reason to be angry.  You have no reason to be depressed. If you do what is right – if you step down from your throne of superiority – all will be made right.  This pressure you feel will subside.  But now that I’ve revealed to you that you are believing a lie, sin is ready to seize you.  Now that you know the truth – you have a choice.  Be the master over sin but not the master over your brother.

Cain chose rebellion.  He chose to put his beliefs over Gods.  Instead of mastering his sin, he chose to make himself the master over his brother and killed him.  In Cain’s anger and depression, he refused God’s invitation to step off of the throne -- and Cain became a bully.

Cain didn’t want the identity that God was giving him.  He didn’t want his true birthright of the firstborn of creation.  He wanted to be the savior of creation, like he was led to believe.  In Cain’s mind, he didn’t have value unless he was on the throne and superior to his brother.  He wanted to be exalted.  If no one else would worship him as the savior, he would take matters into his own hands and manipulate the situation.  Instead of humbling himself, he mastered over his brother and murdered him.

Cain takes the exact opposite stance that Christ did.  When the world would not accept Christ as the Savior, Christ gave himself up and took on the nature of a servant.

Philippians 3:3-8

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death-- even death on a cross!

In humility, the King of Kings became our servant.  Jesus did not try to be equal to God the way Cain did.  He made himself nothing, and even allowed others to murder him.

Cain refused to consider others better than himself.  He rebelled against the birthright that God had given him.  He wanted to be served, instead of serving others.  He wanted to be the Master.

This revelation, though it seems simplistic, is the root of so many issues in today’s society.  It is the sin of Mastery. 

The sin of Mastery is the way of Cain.  Considering yourself better than others is the same as considering yourself the Master of another.  Wanting to be considered the savior and be seated on a throne, is the sin of Mastery.

No human that God has created is better than another.  No human being is the Master of another.

We are not better if we are rich.  We are not better if we are poor.  We are not better because we live in a specific country.  We are not better if we wear certain clothes.  We are not better if we have more knowledge about the Kingdom of God.

One gender is not above the other.  One race is not above another.  One brother is not above another.

The sin of Mastery is the root of all wars.  Mastery is the root of racism, slavery, misogyny, hatred, murder, rape, classism, nationalism and religion-ism.

Not accepting one’s birthright identity is the beginning of the sin of Mastery.

Acts 17: 26

From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.

When we do not accept this verse as truth, we are rebelling against God.  When we do not receive the identity that God gives us, we are telling Him that His plans are not good enough.

Even people born within the most terrible conditions have been determined by God.  Every single person has the power to pursue freedom.  I have known and mentored people from extraordinarily grim pasts.  Many of these people question God about why He placed them in such a dark family.  The answer I have seen the Spirit of God give to them is that He placed them to be missionaries for Christ inside a generational line that needed His salvation.

Ishmael was someone who was not happy with his birthright.  He did not want to accept the fact that he was born according to the flesh.  If Ishmael and his mother had accepted his birthright, they would have never been cast away from Abraham’s community.  When Isaac, the son of the promise was weaned and celebrated, Hagar began to mock him. (Gen. 21:8-9)  To allow this mocking to continue would have affected the birthright of Isaac.

So God had to deliver Ishmael away from Abraham and Isaac.  Ishmael was led to believe for a period of time that he was the promised child.  When it was revealed that Ishmael was given a wrong identity, Hagar began to mock the plan of God. 

The lie Hagar believed was that having her son as the “savior” gave her value.  The truth is that she had value in the eyes of God because she was His creation.  Being content with the identity that God gives you is the first step toward peace with God. It is the command that God gave to Cain - “do what is right.” (Genesis 3:6)  Be who I created you to be. 

Cain could have led humanity into a glorious future.  If he would have stepped down off the throne and chosen humility and accepted his birthright he would have been exalted in the eyes of humanity as the First Born.  Instead wanted to become equal with God by determining his own identity. 

Isaiah 29:16 (NIV)

You turn things upside down, as if the potter were thought to be like the clay! Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, "You did not make me"? Can the pot say to the potter, "You know nothing"?

Isaiah 45:9 (MSG)

But doom to you who fight your Maker - you're a pot at odds with the potter! Does clay talk back to the potter: 'What are you doing? What clumsy fingers!'

Ishmael and Hagar could have had a fortunate life if they had submitted to the birthright Ishmael was given.  He could have been brothers with Isaac and two nations could have been friends instead of enemies.  The sons of Ishmael are still at war with the sons of Isaac because the Ishmaelites will STILL not accept their birthright.

Isaac was not “better” than Ishmael.  Ishmael was not a “lesser” human being to his Creator.  He simply was not the one through whom the covenant would come.  God actually had to preserve a generational line to bring Christ the Messiah through.  Isaac had his purpose in the fabric of history.  The Lord also had a purpose for Ishmael, he became the father of a great nation.

Isaac’s purpose would eventually lead to Ishmael’s salvation.  When Christ came he broke down the dividing wall between Jew and Gentile creating one new man. (Eph. 2)

Part of Isaac’s purpose was to protect the generational line that would lead to the fulfillment of the very first prophecy ever given.  Jesus, the seed of woman, came to crush the head of the serpent once and for all.  Not just for the Jews but for all of humanity.

Ishmael, like Cain, could not see how his part in the fabric of history would play out. Instead of making the decision to be content with who God created them to be – they rebelled against their God-given identity.

Romans 9:21-22

Shall what is formed say to him who formed it, “Why did you make me like this?” Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for noble purposes and some for common use?

Noble and common uses do not play into our identity.  A king and a washerwoman have the same value to God.  They each simply need to play out their God-given purpose on earth.  The reward in heaven will not be more for the king than it will be for the washerwoman.  We will be rewarded according to how much we loved.  A washerwoman’s eternal reward could surpass that of a king if she was more faithful with the talent she was given.

A lawyer and a janitor have the same value to God.  A general and a private are both necessary to form an army.  A shepherd is nothing without sheep.  A king is nothing without a kingdom of people.  If our purpose is one of nobility, we will be measured by our love.  If our purpose is one of common use, we will be measured by our love. We must become content with our birthright.

Rebelling and considering ourselves the master of others will only bring pain and suffering both here on earth and when we stand before the Lord on Judgment Day.

Steps to Wholeness:

If you recognize that you are not at peace with the birthright that God has given you, ask the Lord for His mercy and grace to begin to lay down the rebellion you are experiencing.

Pray this prayer:  God I want the fullness of the birthright you have given me.  I ask forgiveness for rebelling against who you created me to be.  Forgive me for the sin of mastery.  You are my Master and I submit to your choices for my life.  I ask for help to overcome the generational sins in my blood line.  Help me to deprogram from the lies I have bought from the enemy.

You are the potter.  I am the clay.  Mold me and fashion me as You see fit.

In Jesus Name, AMEN

How Christians Frequently Curse One Another

“Tisha will you pray for me?  I feel like people are praying against me.”

It was a request from a church leader I served with.  I knew what he was saying was true.  I knew there was a small group of people who really disliked the leader.  They thought they were better than this man and they thought of this leader as “evil.”

This man, of course, was not evil.  Some of the Pharisees in the church didn’t like that he wouldn’t conform to their preconceived ideas.  He also wasn’t perfect – but he did not deserve for people for people to actually pray against him.

Praying for this leader during this time was a real eye-opener to me about how Christians can pray wrong prayers for each other.  It caused a fear of the Lord to rise up in me as I prayed for others.  We must REALLY be careful about how we pray for others… especially the people we do not like.

Matthew 5:

43 “

You have heard that it was said

, ‘You shall love your neighbor, and 

hate your enemy

.’ 44 

But I tell you, love your enemies, 

bless those who curse you

, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who mistreat you and persecute you

, 45 

that you may be children of your Father

 who is in heaven. For he makes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust. 46 For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Don’t even the tax collectors do the same? 47 If you only greet your friends, what more do you do than others? Don’t even the tax collectors do the same? 48 

Therefore you shall 

be perfect

, just as your Father in heaven is perfect


Romans 12:


Bless those who persecute you; 

bless, and don’t curse

. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice. Weep with those who weep. 16 Be of the same mind one toward another. Don’t set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble. 

Don’t be wise in your own conceits

. 17 

Repay no one evil for evil

. Respect what is honorable in the sight of all men. 18 If it is possible, as much as it is up to you, be at peace with all men. 19 

Don’t seek revenge yourselves

, beloved, but give place to God’s wrath

. For it is written, “Vengeance belongs to me; I will repay, says the Lord.” 20 Therefore “If your enemy is hungry, feed him. If he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in doing so, you will heap coals of fire on his head.” 21 

Don’t be overcome by evil

, but overcome evil with good


I have personally felt the effects of people praying against me.  They don’t realize how praying outside of God’s will actually gives the devil a foothold to attack you.  Praying against someone is hatred.  Hate-filled words release spiritual death.

Here is what would happen to me – I would feel a heaviness and a depression that would come over me. I would sometimes be filled with doubt and be discouraged about my walk with Christ.  I would pray and ask the Lord, “Have I sinned to cause this darkness to envelop me?”  He would then show me that someone was praying against me.

To get free, I would forgive, command their words to be dead. Then ask God to bless them.  Within about 15 minutes my spiritual atmosphere would clear up and the sun was shining again on my heart.

Our words are powerful.  We CAN curse others or Jesus would not have told us not to. 

The tongue has the power of life and death

, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

 Proverbs 18:21          

On several occasions the Lord has directed me to pray for President Obama by removing the word curses that God’s own people have spoken over him.  What God’s people don’t understand is that they are the tool of the enemy by cursing our President.  If they truly understood God’s kingdom they would not be offended by President Obama and they would ask God to set him free from all of his wrong thinking.  Instead God’s people have hated our President, and released hate filled word curses over him.

We would be better off if people would bless President Obama and deal with the spiritual manipulation he is under.  We would be better off to pray a blessing over the President and his family.

1 Timothy 2:

1 I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4

who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

Even Jesus asked the Father to forgive the people who nailed him to a cross.  Can we not forgive our President for his grievous acts against us? 

I’vewritten about the “loophole” in the Bible in 1 John 5:16. (click here)

  We CAN ask God to forgive the sins of others. 

Be careful how you pray against people, especially people you do not agree with.  I suggest that after praying for your enemies adding this phrase - "yet not my will but Yours be done" - to the end of your prayers can be wise!

Our prayers for others should ALWAYS be redemptive.  Focus on praying against the evil that is affecting people – not against people themselves. 

Bless and do not curse.

Steps to Wholeness:

If you are guilty of praying word curses against someone – repent and break them off.

“Lord forgive me for every word I have spoken against someone else.  I pray that my word curses would be dead and not live past this moment, in Jesus name!”

If you feel the effects of others praying against you or cursing you with their words – forgive them and break off their words.

I pray this prayer frequently – about every other day over myself.

“God I forgive every person who has spoken a word against me and I pray their words would be dead and not live past this moment, in Jesus name!”

Iron Sharpens Iron: How to Receive Rebuke and Correction - Part 1

It can be difficult to receive a rebuke or an admonishment from a brother or sister in Christ.  But sometimes our siblings in Christ can see something hindering us that we cannot see.

We need to be able to bring right-hearted rebuke and admonishment to the Body of Christ in order to mature us.  It is because God loves us that He rebukes and corrects us.  Sometimes He does it through our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

The Body needs to learn how to receive correction and rebuke.  In this article I will cover two aspects of receiving correction: 
1. Humbling yourself to receive the word.
2. How to discern if the rebuke is really from the Lord.

Humbling Yourself to Receive the Word
Ephesians 4:25,  Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbor, for we are all members of one body.  

It is helpful to have a relationship that is built on truth and not “white lies.”  We as the Body are quite guilty of this falsehood of telling each other white lies in order not to hurt one another.

When I personally receive a word of correction or rebuke from someone I first of all put on the armor of God.  I pray that God would put on my helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, shoes of peace, that I would grasp my shield of faith and sword of the spirit.

The revelation of putting on the armor first before receiving a correction has been an extremely wise step in the process.  With ones armor on – if it is intact – we can receive a word without getting our feelings hurt, without feeling attacked, without allowing Satan to cause confusion in the process.

If the correction is a true word from God then the armor actually allows for it to be received in a healthy way.  Then the word can be processed and managed in maturity and not offense.
I usually receive most words of rebuke into the first step of processing.  It is here that we must discern what God is really saying.  I will tell the person thank you for the word and I will take it to the Lord for further understanding.

Our hearts should always be to fully receive the mind of Christ in a matter.  When people bring words of correction and rebuke they sometimes do it out of selfishness and control.  Yet other times people really do have a difficult word from the Lord for us to receive.  We must know how to discern the true words of the Lord.

How to Discern if the Rebuke is Really from the Lord
Once a person has given a word there are usually three categories in which they can be filed. 

1.  Sometimes if it is a true word from the Lord, there can be an immediate “witness” of the Lord as the word is being given.  We can feel the presence of the Lord or the conviction of the Lord on the word of correction.  This is especially easy to do when the person giving you the word is a friend who wants nothing but God’s will for our lives.  A lot of times the rebuke is something the Lord is already dealing in our hearts with.  The rebuke is simply a confirmation that we need to repent and change direction about something in our hearts.

2. It is not a true word from the Lord.  Sometimes we already have the Lord’s mind on a particular issue.  A person who may or may not have right intentions has brought you a word that does not line up with scripture – nor what the Lord has already shown you. 

For instance,  I know that I have been called to preach and teach the word of God.  I will from time to time have people who rebuke me for being a woman and having a teaching ministry.  

I stand on the scripture that Jesus told Mary Magdalene to give His disciples the new revelation that he was risen from the dead.  He told Mary Magdalene to go TEACH his disciples – therefore He can tell me to do the same.  I already immediately know that this rebuke is not from the Lord.  So I discern that this is not a true word from the Lord but a word from the religious mindset of the rebuker.

There are other times when putting on an event that the Lord has given me a “Well done.”  I will have people who come to criticize me for this part or that part in the event.  They will tell me that the word is from the Lord.  But I have already received the mind of the Lord and therefore do not have to have the approval of man.  There may be technical issues with an event that need correction – but if my heart has already been judged by God, when a critical spirit comes in the form of a correction, I must dismiss it as not a true word from the Lord.


3. Then there is the word that you are not sure if it is from the Lord or not.  This is the word that we make room for a time of processing.  Receive the word that you are unsure of.  Put it on a shelf and begin to pray about the word.  If your desire is to simply hear the heart of the Lord – he will make clear to you what is from Him and what is not.  Many times there will be a second witness on the word.  For instance, you might hear a sermon on the exact same issue.  You might have a dream to confirm the word.  Or as time goes on a peace might come over you that the word is true.

Do not force yourself to receive a word.  Allow the Lord to make the truth real to you – or to release you from a false word.  Ask the Lord for a Red Pill about the issue (click here for more about the Red Pill).  He only wants to give us Truth to set us free!

The only goal is to become like Him. 

Next time we will discuss how to handle corrective words that are true and corrective words that are not true.

Love Rejoices in the Truth: Ask for a RED PILL!

Jesus used parables to convey Kingdom concepts.  The Holy Spirit STILL uses parables today through movies and books.  The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings and The Matrix are all books/films in which we can see parables that help us understand spiritual warfare.

We often use the parable of the red and blue pill from the feature film The Matrix at Tisha Sledd Ministries.  It is part of our purpose to call the men and women of God to take the Red Pill concerning the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the film, the hero of the movie, Neo, can tell that something is not right in his day to day life.  He lives a very dull, unfulfilling life that is an emotional greyscale dream with no hope and no vision for change.

His interest is peaked when he is convinced that is an underground technological civilization exists apart from his dismal day in and day out melancholy misery.  Neo’s burning question is “What is The Matrix?”  He is invited to meet a leader and prophetic figure of the underground civilization who invites him to choose the red pill or the blue pill.  The red pill will give him the truth and the blue pill will basically put him back to sleep.  But Neo is warned that the truth is more difficult than he may realize.  He takes the difficult path an chooses to swallow the red pill.

When Neo awakes – he realizes that nothing is what he thought it was.  His entire world was built on lies and perversion.  His world is turned upside down as he realizes that the dull, grey life he was living wasn’t the truth at all… he had been living in the Matrix.

The Matrix was an attempt by the enemy of his soul to keep him blind to the truth that he was actually a drone just spinning his wheels and making no difference in the world at all.  After he takes the red pill, Neo begins to fulfill his purpose and ends up giving his life for many.

This is EXACTLY what the enemy of our soul is attempting to do to us.  We are being duped by the things of this world.  We are caught up in good things that may very well not be God things.  The enemy would be very satisfied to keep us in a blue pill world and in his matrix of lies.  How terrible it would be to stand before the Lord and hear Him say – “I do not know you.”

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’  Matthew 7:21-23

The Apostle Paul was headed in this direction.  The devil’s Matrix of religion had Paul so tied up and twisted that he probably would have heard from the Lord “I never knew you.”  He thought he was doing right by killing Christians and hunting them down.  He thought He was pleasing God by wiping out the heretical sect of CHRIST-ianity.  Then one day God gave him a RED PILL of truth on the road to Damascus. (Acts 9)  Paul completely had his world turned upside down by an unexpected red pill.

Everything he thought was true – was not.

Friends – here is something that I really want you to ponder deeply.  We ALL need to take a red pill of truth!

AND - We need to take a red pill of truth often.  The truth sets us free.  We all have a little more blue pill in us than we realize. Just like the truth set Paul free from his Matrix – the truth will set us free from the trap of the devil.

I constantly ask for the red pill from the Lord.  Sometimes the truth hurts REALLY badly!  But truth will always lead us to the Lord.  It has come in so helpful for me to ask for a red pill about a situation that I am confused over. 

When I am having doctrinal issues with a specific ministry, for example, I don’t agree with an end times perspective that so and so is preaching, I ask for a red pill and pray for the truth so I am not held captive in the false Matrix of the enemy.  There are times that the Lord shows me my error and times He shows me the error of the ministry.

My husband and I were trying to figure out why we kept going around and around a particular mountain that we wanted to get past.  We asked the Lord for a red pill and God showed us how we were thinking wrong about an issue and needed to repent and renew our minds about it.

Other times I have tried to make relationships work that simply won’t work and I cannot figure out why it won’t work.  I will ask for the red pill of truth from the Lord so He can reveal to me how I am not lining up with His truth.

There are times that the Lord has given me a red pill about things I would rather not have a red pill about.  For example, one of the bigger red pills of my life was that I was in a ditch of self-pity. 

(You can read about that HERE.)

Other times God gives me a red pill about a friend, a community leader or sometimes a specific church.  When He reveals the truth about something like this – it is so that I will be aware that there are evil motives in the relationship and I need to be aware.  Or sometimes he gives me the red pill so that I can pray more effectively.  It is LOVE to know the truth.  Love rejoices in the truth!

My first instinct is to stick my head in the sand.  But that is the very definition of the blue pill.  The blue pill is deception.  If we choose to stick our heads in the sand concerning the issues God is trying to bring us the truth about then we have chosen the blue pill and we are deceiving ourselves.  We are not walking in love.

I encourage you to begin to ask for the red pill of truth about EVERYTHING in your life.  It is 

LOVE to rejoice in the truth.  You must first be willing to receive it.

Damascus Road experiences are hard but they are completely worth it!

Are You an Apathetic Bride?

Believers, there’s a wedding coming. Are YOU getting ready? I had a really vivid dream this past month and I want to share it with you.

I was a bride getting ready on her wedding day. I wasn't very excited about getting married and wasn't even sure I wanted to wash my hair. I could see that my hair wasn’t fresh and was almost greasy. I asked a friend if she thought I should wash it. She said, I think you really should.

Someone came and got me from my dressing room to do pre-wedding pictures. And NO ONE was ready to do pictures. I was really irritated!


As a friend and I prayed about an interpretation later, she had some great wisdom. She said, "Your dream is about the Church and how apathetic they are being about getting ready for the Bridegroom."

Ouch!! There is a sting to that interpretation. After all that Jesus has done for us, after all that He has warned us would happen at the end of days, we are still not truly getting ready.

Who would even think to not wash their hair on their wedding day? Honestly in the dream it was because I was being lazy and didn’t want to go to the extra effort. Washing my hair in the dream was a parallel to washing our minds and renewing them in holiness. This is exactly what we are doing. We are being lazy about renewing our minds. We are conforming to the pattern of this world.

It really broke my heart to think that this is how Christ’s Bride is behaving. He gave His life for us. He suffered cruelly, was abandoned by everyone, allowed Himself to be mocked and spit on. They nailed Him to a tree that He created and plunged a sword into His side to make sure He was dead. He did this to redeem us out of the clutches of death so that we could one day be with Him. And this is how we repay Him? By halfheartedly preparing to be His Bride?

We desperately need to pray to be delivered from our apathy and our lack of enthusiasm! He is worthy of so much more than we are giving Him. Are we going to begin to set aside our earthly lives and prepare our hearts for the wedding?

We need to renew our minds!!

Romans 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your mind...

Are you willing to turn the TV off for an hour in the evening in order to pray and study more? Are you willing to prepare your children by having them play one less sport so you can spend more time with them, training them in the things of the Lord? Are you willing to wake up earlier, stay up later, give up your lunch time in order to spend more time with God?

Are you willing to humble yourself and spend time allowing the Holy Spirit to bring conviction of things that need to change in your heart and mind? We must know the truth about where we stand if we are going to give the Lord the Bride He deserves.

It is unfortunate that many believers who are called to be the Bride will simply not do the work required to get ready. If believers refuse to get ready they will still live for eternity in heaven, but instead of being the Bride they will end up being guests at the wedding.

Rev 19:7-9

Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear." Then the angel said to me, "Write: 'Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!' " And he added, "These are the true words of God."

Are you going to be the part of the Church that is the Bride of Christ? Or are you going to be a guest at the wedding?

If your desire is to be the Bride – then I submit these words to you as a word of prophecy from the Lord…

     "Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you." Be very careful, then, how you live--not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:14-16

If anything in this world fascinates you more than God - then you don't have what God wants you to have. - Smith Wigglesworth

Leah Was Unloved: Finding Peace in God Not Man

We read about Jacob and his two wives Leah and Rachel in Genesis 29 and 30.  Leah desperately wanted her husband Jacob to love her.  But Jacob loved her sister Rachel. 

Leah was unloved.

After Leah’s father tricked Jacob into marrying her, she found herself caught up in a circle of deceit, jealousy, victimhood and strife.  Leah had to compete for her husband’s affections.  Her younger sister was more beautiful and she captivated Jacob.  Leah always had to live in the shadow of her younger sister.

Being unloved is probably the most difficult situation to find yourself in.  Being loved gives a person value and identity.   Leah’s identity was the “the ugly sister.”  She was valued so little by her father that he had to use trickery to marry her off.

Leah was probably quite willing to go along with her father’s plan of trickery.  She probably thought she could make Jacob love her eventually.  But on day one of their marriage, it was clear that she still had no value as Jacob made a deal to secure her sister Rachel for marriage the following week.

How devastating for Leah to think she finally had what she wanted in Jacob, only to be scorned the next day by not being good enough.

Leah became the victim – even though she agreed with the plan, Leah was now in desperate need of a savior.

The Lord had compassion on Leah and began to bless her with children.  But you can see where Leah’s focus was as she named each of her children out of her desire to be loved by Jacob.

Genesis 29:31-34

When the LORD saw that Leah was not loved, he opened her womb, but Rachel was barren. Leah became pregnant and gave birth to a son. She named him Reuben, for she said, "It is because the LORD has seen my misery. Surely my husband will love me now." She conceived again, and when she gave birth to a son she said, "Because the LORD heard that I am not loved, he gave me this one too." So she named him Simeon. Again she conceived, and when she gave birth to a son she said, "Now at last my husband will become attached to me, because I have borne him three sons." So he was named Levi.

You can see that Leah’s desire during the birth of her first three sons were all focused on winning Jacob’s approval and love.  Leah had Jacob on a pedestal and put the desire for his love higher than her desire for God’s love.  She worshiped Jacob because she thought he could save her from being the victim and bring her peace.

When we turn to people or things to give us peace, we will ALWAYS be disappointed.  There is only One Person who has the power to bring us true peace.  The Lord is the only One who can restore value and identity to a person.  Idolatry of a person will only lead to heartache. 

Leah finally stopped trying to get Jacob to love her when she had her fourth son.

Genesis 29:35 She conceived again, and when she gave birth to a son she said, "This time I will praise the LORD." So she named him Judah. Then she stopped having children.

When she gave birth to the fourth one she named him Judah.  She turned her eyes to the Lord and instead of trying to gain Jacob’s approval she praised the Lord.  This is the point at which Leah got out of the ditch of being a victim.  She stepped down onto the Path of Life and said,

God’s love is enough for me so I will praise Him.

Leah was looking to Jacob to be her rescuer.  She was crying out to Jacob with each child she bore – “Please love me! Please rescue me!  Give me identity.  Give me value.”  Leah finally learned after four sons that all earthly RESCUERS will disappoint us.

There is only One person who can truly rescue us, that is the Lord.  He is the only one who can bring us true peace.  Our value and identity can only come from Him – otherwise we are bowing down to idols.

Jacob was an idol to Leah. She believed the lie that if only Jacob would love her, she would have peace because she would belong somewhere.  The truth is that she DID belong somewhere.  She belonged to God.  She was deeply loved and deeply valued simply because of who her Creator was.  God doesn’t make “ugly sisters.”  If Leah would have had her identity rooted in God before Jacob came to town, she probably would have stood up to her father when he hatched the plan to trick Jacob into marrying her.

A woman who has her identity and value in the Lord has no need to “catch” a husband to rescue her. 

True peace comes from having relationships in the right priority.  If we are in a codependent relationship we are allowing someone other than God to be on the throne.  Putting God first in everything in our lives will bring us peace with God.  It will also create a foundation of peace in your heart that when the circumstances around us are in chaos, we will have the peace that surpasses understanding.

If you are a man or a woman who is looking to another person for their value, I invite you to rearrange your heart and bring down every idol.  It might seem scary at first but it is completely worth it.  When Jesus is on the throne of your heart you do not need another person’s approval.  And when Jesus is on the throne of your heart another person’s disapproval can never steal your peace again.

Steps to Wholeness:

Father God, please forgive me for having ________________ on the throne of my heart I know that only You can bring me true peace.  I invite you to sit on the throne of my heart and ask You to help me keep the relationships of my life in the right order.  In Jesus Name

If past family members have trouble with the approval/disapproval of man you might need to

breakoff a generational curse (click here).

If you have been programmed to have people on the throne instead of Jesus or if you have substantial soul ties with another person you may need to break ungodly soul ties with them. pray breaking soul ties prayer (click here).

Don’t forget to seal it up!  (sealing up prayer here)

Asking God for Mid-Term Grades

You know that point in high school when mid-term grades came out?  Your heart skips a beat right before you look at them?

In my high school there were four quarters in a year of school.  Mid-Terms were the half way point in a single quarter.  If a D showed up in those mid-term grades – I knew I would have to buckle down and get to work the next 4 ½ weeks in order to get that grade up!

I wasn’t always thrilled to get that sheet of paper – but at least I knew where I stood.  It wasn’t the final grade that would be marked down in my high school record, so the truth of my mid-terms helped me to plan accordingly for my final grade.

This may be quite a new thought to many of you – but there is a FINAL GRADE for how you run the race of this life coming for each of us.

We get “X” amount of time on this earth.  The Scriptures show us that we will each be rewarded according our final grade.

 "Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.”  Rev 22:12

Just as you earn a grade in high school, you earn grades on earth.  The grade that you receive on Judgment Day will translate into your eternal reward.

So let me tell you a little secret!

God is VERY willing to give you your mid-term grades here on earth.  He would LOVE to tell you how you are doing in your life right now and the grades that you are receiving so that you can make any necessary adjustments.  He wants very much to give you a “Well Done!”  when you get to heaven.  So Your loving Heavenly Father would be more than happy to tell you how well you are running your race according to His judgment.

When I began asking for my mid-term grades from the Lord, it was scary at first.  Honestly, there were some grades that I knew that I did NOT want to know about.  But as I have walked this path for several years – I have learned to LOVE it!  Because the truth sets us free!

Knowing the truth about where I stand in this life on earth has actually brought me GREAT freedom.  There are no more questions about being in God’s will or speaking God’s truth.  I simply ask Him for a grade.

I ask Him for a grade about being a wife.  I ask Him for a grade about how I handled specific conflicts.  I ask Him for a grade about how I am doing at obedience.  I ask Him for a grade when I put on events and gatherings.  I ask Him for a grade on just about everything.  When I do He is faithful to answer.

Sometimes I hear a “Well done.”  Sometimes He will bring a specific thing I said to mind and bring conviction.  Sometimes I will come across a Bible Verse that will be the answer to my question for a grade.

Other times I flat out hear a grade in my spirit.  Sometimes it’s an A and other times it’s not.

A few summers ago – I asked Him for a grade about how I was doing as a mother.  I heard B+ in my spirit.  I was able to accept that B+ and say “Lord, I would like to raise that to an A.  What are the things that I need to do to get an A as a mother.”

I quieted myself before the Lord and I saw the number four.  There were four things that I needed to change in order to raise my mid-term grade to an A.

     1)   There was a generational sin that was holding me back. I had to ask the Lord to break it off of               me.

     2) I was believing a lie about my childhood and the loss of my mother at a young age. The Lord               had to show me the truth and set me free from the lie.

     3) I was not pouring vision into my children like I should have been doing -- that needed to    

     4) I was letting my children get away with a few things that were not pleasing to the Lord.

Even though it was a bit scary it was COMPLETELY worth asking for a mid-term grade.  I have made all of these corrections and I hear a “well done” in my spirit from time to time.  On top of that – my kids have a better mother.  I have been set free from a generational sin and a childhood lie that allows my “love tank” to be at full capacity.  I have been pouring vision into their lives which helps them to be on track and on time in their calling.  AND I have been more precise in their discipline which helps them to be more righteous in His sight.

If I hadn’t have asked for a mid-term grade, I probably would have entered heaven with a B+ in “motherhood.”  But now I am running the race to win the prize!  I desire to win!  I desire to hear “Well done!” 

Some people aren’t ready for grades.  Specifically if you are a perfectionist – grades might be a hard concept for you.  But I have a friend who God gives the primary grades of E (Excellent) S+ (Above Satisfactory) S (Satisfactory) and N (Needs Improvement).

Whatever your method, ask God for the truth about where you stand with Him.  It will have eternal consequences.

Surely you desire truth in the inner parts; you teach me wisdom in the inmost place. Psalm 51:6

Prayer:  Lord show me the truth about myself.  Give me my mid-term grades so that I can fulfill my calling in this earthly life and at the end of it hear “Well done, good and faithful servant!  Come and share your master’s happiness.”

"It's not the lost who will decide the future of America, it's the saved!"

I heard a preacher say recently, “It is not the lost who will decide the future of America, it is the saved.”  That really resonated with my spirit.  Somehow, the Body of Christ in America has resigned itself to the fact that we can’t change the unrighteous course that our nation is on.  We are hurtling at light speed toward our own destruction because
of the sinfulness our culture has immersed itself in, and we feel helpless at the oncoming catastrophe. 

But friends, we are not helpless.  In fact, the Body of Christ, has the power to apply the brakes.  Why is it that we have not yet done so?  Are we so deceived that we have forgotten that we can speak to the mountain?  Has the fear of being called “politically incorrect” so paralyzed us that we can no longer speak the truth of God in public?  Have we become so impotent that all it takes for us to back down is the thought of being called a ‘fool’ in public?  Do we fear the rejection of man that much?

You know, Noah was quite a fool.  For a hundred years while he was building an ark, he was the town ‘joke’.  And yet, in the end, those who laughed and slandered Noah perished.  Noah feared God more than he feared people.  God told him there was a coming catastrophe so he “did everything just as God commanded.” (Gen 6:22) 

Friends, there is a storm coming.  In the same way that the flood was meant to cleanse the earth, God is about to send a ‘shaking’ to cleanse our nation.  Everything that is built on sand will be destroyed.  But everything that is built on the Rock will stand.  God has given us the tools to build an ark in Henry County.  We can apply the brakes to the coming catastrophe by following Noah’s example and do everything just as God commands.  We can build a stronghold right here in our county through which God can be a lighthouse to the rest of our nation.  But this requires that we become ‘fools’ for Him. 

We must lovingly be salt and light without fearing rejection.  We must speak the truth in our churches, in our homes, in the public square and we must vote at the polls with God’s truth.  The future of our country is in our hands. 

Will we do everything God has commanded?  Will you stand and contend for the next generation?  Many children today face a severe lack of absolutes.  Broken homes, absent parents, sexual confusion and ‘do what feels right’ culture surround today’s youth.  There is only one answer for this generation and it requires work on our part.  The Church MUST pray!  This is part of building an ark.  We must pray for our young people to come to salvation and for a revival of truth in our schools. 

The Church MUST also add actions to their prayer.  We must stand for the truth.  We must represent Christ who is full of Grace AND Truth.  We must grow deeper, be strategic, speak with wisdom and tact.  We must become an Army with One General.  We must become fearless to obey God.

What is your part?  How are you building an ark?  First for your family, then for your community. Everyone has a part in the Army.  We are a Kingdom Army like the one during Nehemiah's time, an army who builds and fights. 

I pray today that God will reveal to you how to do your part.  Let us pray AND act!  

The LORD thunders at the head of his army; his forces are beyond number, and mighty is the army that obeys his command.  Joel 2:11

How to Stay on the Path of Life (and out of the ditches!)

A life-changing book for me was a book named The Final Quest by Rick Joyner.  It came at just the right time in my walk with God.  It broke my heart into a million pieces – and it was completely worth it!

One of the themes that God planted in my heart from that book was “Staying on the path of life.”
There are ditches on either side of the path of life.

You can find a description of those ditches in Ecclesiastes 7:16-18
Do not be overrighteous, neither be overwise-- why destroy yourself ?  Do not be overwicked, and do not be a fool-- why die before your time? It is good to grasp the one and not let go of the other. The man who fears God will avoid all [extremes].

Here Solomon says one ditch is being overrighteous/overwise.  The other ditch is being overwicked/foolish.  That it is important to grasp one and not let go of another – thereby being balanced and avoiding extremes.

I call this the truth ditch.  It is in a nutshell – legalism.  It is where we get our identity from rules and regulations, which make us feel like we have importance because we are in control.  If we follow "the rules" our world is OK.  But it is a heavy yoke to have to follow incredibly strict rules in order to have value in our identity.  It is a puffed up way to live life.  In this way we become overrighteous and overwise.  If we are in this ditch we believe that we are right and everyone else is wrong because they are not following “the rules.”  The lie of this ditch is: If we are following the rules, everything is in control and we are OK.

I call this the grace ditch.  It is basically lawlessness.  Anything goes.  Whatever makes me feel good is OK.  We get our identity from our feelings and truth doesn’t make us feel good so it is shunned.  This ends up causing us to give wickedness a foothold and eventually we become foolish in our thoughts.  We give ourselves so much grace in this ditch by saying, well Jesus loves me, He’ll forgive me, then we go on and make the same foolish decisions again.  There is no conviction in this ditch because it is our “feelings of peace” not our standing with God that give us our identity.  The lie of this ditch is: If we feel good, we are OK.

Solomon points out that it is not good to be in the ditch of Truth (overrighteous) or the ditch of Grace (overwicked).

When Jesus came to earth, He came full of grace and truth. (John 1:14)  He did not come with 75% grace and 25% truth, nor did He come with 25% grace and 75% truth.  He came FULL of 100% of grace and 100% of truth. 

If we are to stay between the ditches on the path of life, we must embrace the cross of Christ, for it is FULL of grace and truth.  The TRUTH of the cross is that we are sinners and in need of a redeemer.  The GRACE of the cross is that Jesus paid our debt for free.  But neither of these attributes of the cross are complete without the other, both grace and truth are needed to give a complete picture of the Cross.

I have a passion to STAY on the path of life and not find myself living life in one of these ditches.

The way I have found to stay on this path is to embrace the cross.  I cannot continually expect myself to be perfect and never fall short of the glory of God.  I cannot follow the rules closely enough to earn my salvation in the ditch of truth.  I also cannot continually give myself endless grace when I fall.  Sooner or later I must become sanctified and cut off the flesh that so easily entangles me.  To walk through life saying God loves me without loving (therefore obeying) Him back is to live life in a ditch of grace.

This is a drawing that my husband drew.  It is a depiction of the path of life.  Notice the number line below the drawing.  To stay on the path of life, you must stay between a 4 and a 7.  There is a comfortable path – you are not required to walk at a 5.5 all the time. 

Just keep it between the ditches. J

The Culture of Winning in the Kingdom

Does it feel to you like the Church just keeps losing battle after battle?  Do you feel the discouragement to simply give up the fight and hunker down to wait for Christ's return?
It feels like we are always the loser and never the winner... at least that is what the enemy of our souls want us to believe.

A few years ago on our spring break my family drove back to Kansas to visit relatives.  It was a more nostalgic trip home for me than usual. In my melancholy, I asked a friend if I could come and visit the high school we had graduated from.  She was now a teacher at the school and there was an in-service so it was the perfect day to visit.  A lot of great memories surround that building for me. 

I was able to catch up with a few of my old teachers and we talked about ‘the glory days’.  There was a period in the 80s and early 90s when my little high school of 70 students won a state championship nine out of ten years in either football, basketball or state track.  The streak ended after my senior
year and the school has since been consolidated.

Our discussion turned to the new school and how there has been a struggle to find those championship attitudes among the students of the new school.  As we relived our glory years my old coach said something that was profound.  He said, “Championships are more difficult for those who have never experienced the culture of winning.”

Wow.  Suddenly that made a lot of things fall into place for me. 

Because of the winning culture that I grew up in, I expect to win.  I believe that I am a champion. I am an overcomer and I believe that nothing is impossible.  I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.  When I pray, I KNOW God hears me and I know that if I persevere that what I am asking for WILL be done.

In my short 42 years, I have watched the pendulum of our nation swing to an almost completely secular country.  The church has been losing ground for most of my life.  From taking prayer out of schools to Roe v. Wade to the infiltration of Gay Marriage to the government being able to declare Martial Law at-will, the Church has lost its voice and been asleep to the fact that it was losing the war against evil.

The Church MUST wake up and begin to understand the culture of winning.  We are more than conquerors.  If we we are IN CHRIST when we speak to a mountain it MUST move!  We have authority to bind up a spirit or loose a spirit.  We have authority to shut doors to things which MUST not be allowed.  We ARE the champions!  Through Jesus, death has been swallowed up in victory!  Now it is time to run this race like we are going to win the prize!

We can take authority over addictions that are rampant in our community.  We can cast down a spirit of poverty.  We can close the door to corruption.  And we can speak to the mountain called America and command it to move toward Love and Righteousness in Jesus Name! 

Mark 11:23-24 For if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

See, in Christ, we can expect to win. Stir up your faith!  Believe the WHOLE Word of God!  Jesus said that we CAN move a mountain... if we believe and do not doubt.

Meditate on Mark 11 -- these words are for us, His Body!
     …whatever you ask for in prayer, believe…and it will be yours.

Is there doubt in your heart?

Refusing to Bow to the Barbie Dream House

As I have mentored and discipled people to wholeness, I have found a very common thread through roughly 75% of them. 

At one point in their lives they were forced to serve a self-imagined “dream home.”

Sometimes it was their “dream home” other times it was another person’s “dream home.”  But “dream homes” come from our own minds and not the will of God.  The time and energy of our lives ends up focusing on achieving the “dream home” instead of serving God.

It is NEVER a healthy thing to have a self-imagined dream of what you want your house or life to look like physically, spiritually or behaviorally.

Having a “dream home” on a throne instead of Jesus feels like enslavement.  People end up feeling like they must serve the self-imagined dream home… which ultimately is serving an idol instead of the Lord.

It is really a sweet thing to behold when we bring into the light their faulty thinking and they straighten out Who belongs on the throne instead of the “dream home.”  After a little dying to self: everybody gets set free!

People who have the self-imagined dream homes are not the “bad guys” so don’t start pointing fingers just yet.  Many times we are simply taught by parents or previous generations that having the perfect home is what it takes to give you identity.  They were never taught that they have an identity in Jesus, without having to have their house in order physically, spiritually and behaviorally.  To them it FEELS like if the house isn’t in order then they have no value.

Here is where the dying to self comes.  We must take the "dream home" off the throne and ask Jesus to sit there instead.  This is what will put our homes in perfect order, not by checking off a list that allows us to feel good about ourselves. That is circumstantial identity.  If you are a believer your identity comes from the One who created you.  He created you inside your mother’s womb and calls you perfect through the blood of Christ! 

Let me describe the three different types of “dream houses” I have come experienced.

The Physical Barbie Dream House:

This house is the house that has to be perfectly spotless and “in order” at all times.  It could be inside or outside, it could be just one room of the house.  But it MUST be in order because the person putting it on the throne has their identity wrapped up in how the house is physically portrayed.

It can also be the physical trait of having money that is the idol.  If my bank account physically looks good then I have value and I am good.  If people have the dream to have lots of money they can force other people to serve that “dream home” by possibly requiring a spouse to work instead of listening to God for His will and being content.

This is the lie:

  If my house looks good (or if I have money) then other people will see that I am good.

This the truth:

  Whether or not your house looks good or you have money, people will not ultimately be your judge.  God will only judge you by your heart.  How clean or in order your home and bank accounts are plays no bearing on you on judgment day.  Getting your source of value by how your physical home looks will cause you to miss the mark and cause you to serve an idol.  Your only true value comes from God.

The Spiritual Barbie Dream House:

This house is one that has to look to outsiders as though it is spiritually perfect in every way. 

There are usually a lot of rules and legalism associated with this house.  The husband must be able to check off a list to be considered the head.  The wife and children must be able to check off a list to be considered holy.  Children are forced to be VERY good at church no matter how they feel or what is going on inside of them or they get into deep trouble.  

This kind of idol is abusive to the black sheep of the family.  To the one who will not walk in lockstep with whoever has set up the Spiritual Barbie Dream House.  This causes a great deal of resentment to those who were forced to pretend that everything is OK at home, when really it wasn’t.  

Or at least they were not free to express themselves because of the pressure to portray the perfect spiritual home.

I am sorry to tell you that many churches require this as well.  They have set up an expectation about how they want their parishioners to be portrayed.  If the sheep steps out of line there are harsh consequences because the portrayal of the how the church looks is the focus instead of Jesus and His ways.

The Spiritual Barbie Dream House is based on man’s interpretation of religious rules.

This is the lie:

  If my spiritual house is in order – then people will not judge me and I will be able to judge others.

This is the truth:

  Whether or not a spiritual house is in the right order is only judged by the Supreme Judge.  Feeling good about yourself does not come from a checklist of rules.  It comes from being in right relationship with the Lord.  It goes back to the heart.  Is the inside of your heart circumcised?  Simply washing the outside appearance is the sign of legalism not a sign of a true follower of Christ.

The Behavioral Barbie Dream House:

This dream house says that if my kids and spouse are “good.”  Then I have value and peace.  It is similar to the Spiritual Barbie Dream House but more focused on behavior.  The people who are forced to serve this idol are required to lay down their own personalities and submit who they are to the person demanding a specific behavior.

As a mother of boys I see this happen in the schools.  Most boys by nature are wiry and fidgety (there are some exceptions). They are forced to sit at desks and write and color.  Boys are forced to serve the “Barbie Dream House” of the education system that is actually built for the temperament of girls.

Behavior Dream Houses are built because someone believes that their emotional peace is more important that having patience with someone’s behavior.  When we force people behave in a way that brings us peace – we are essentially saying that my feelings and wellbeing are more important than yours.

Love is patient.  Therefore being impatient with someone’s behavior is a lack of love. 

Note that I am not saying that we should overlook bad behavior from children or people that need correction.  There is an appropriate time to bring discipline.  It simply cannot be at the expense of the person’s personality.

The lie is this:

  If everyone would just behave, then our lives will be peaceful and a peaceful life gives me value.

The truth is this:

Your value comes from the one who gave His life for you.  He has unlimited patience and has asked you to follow in His steps.  Making people comply with your requirements in order to be considered “good” is a spirit of control.  It is important have the mind of Christ when it comes to bringing correction to one’s behavior.  He gives us free will and has created us each with our own personality.

These idols MUST come down if we are to become Holy.  God cannot tolerate us serving rules and regulations that are not from Him.  We MUST get our identity and value from God… to get it from how “good” our dream house looks is works based and it is an idol.

Steps to Wholeness:



If you have a “Barbie Dream Home” on the throne.

Simply ask the Lord to forgive you. Picture yourself taking the “dream home” off of the throne and asking Jesus to sit on it.

*Ask the Holy Spirit if there is a lie you are believing. Listen for an answer.

*If there is a lie, renounce that lie then ask the Holy Spirit for the truth. Declare the truth out loud.

It very well could be generational.

Go HERE for the tool to break off the generational sin of idolatry.



If you are the one being forced the serve the “Barbie Dream House”

Forgive the person who is making you bow down in order to get their approval. Ask the Lord’s forgiveness for letting that person control you. Picture taking the “dream home” off the throne and asking Jesus to sit on it.

*Ask the Holy Spirit if there is a lie you are believing. Listen for an answer.

*If there is a lie, renounce the lie then ask the Holy Spirit for the truth. Declare the truth out loud.

*It could be a generational sin.

Go HERE for the tool to break off the generational sin of idolatry.

If you prayed through these prayers – you did some spiritual warfare and it is important to pray the sealing up prayer found HERE!