Prophecy: The Coming Madness and Chaos in America Is For Our Good

I had a dream a last week. I dreamt I was a little girl in pig tails and I was standing in front of Father God’s throne. He was massive and was sitting on his massive throne. He picked me up and put me beside Him on His throne so I could see. We looked out over the whole United States. He said to me, “I need for you to remember that everything that’s about to happen is for your good.”

I then saw a great dark fog come over the whole nation. I knew it was violence and chaos. I had a “knowing” that He had held back the violence for a time because He was lining everything up so He could turn the chaos for the good of His kingdom. End of Dream

Upon waking I heard the US Olympic Anthem written by Katy Perry called “Rise” in my spirit. I knew the song was prophetic and the words were meant for the United States of America

Here are some of the lyrics:

♫ I won't just survive

Oh, you will see me thrive

Can't write my story

I'm beyond the archetype

I won't just conform

No matter how you shake my core

'Cause my roots they run deep, oh

Oh, ye of so little faith

Don't doubt it, don't doubt it

Victory is in my veins

I know it, I know it

And I will not negotiate

I'll fight it, I'll fight it

I will transform

When, when the fire's at my feet again

And the vultures all start circling

They're whispering, "You're out of time”

But still I rise

Just when the enemies of the US would say “You’re out of time.”

The Lord says…

“NO! Victory is in the veins of America. The United States shall transform and she will rise!”

The Lord was speaking to me recently about Babylon and how He is about to use all of the madness and the chaos to burn the spirit of Babylon out of this nation. Everything that is not from Him is about to be shaken. Everything that is built on the foundation of the world’s systems is about to clash with the foundation of God’s throne which is built on righteousness and justice! In the midst of the chaos people will die. Madness will ensue. But if our faith is in the Lord we have nothing to fear… not even death.

The Lord loves this nation. We are the only nation that has ever been founded because people desired to worship Him freely. The root of the United States is planted in the freedom of worship because a people loved the Lord so much they risked everything to find a land in which they would be FREE to serve Him.

We are on the precipice of losing America to the Babylonian system. But God has heard the cries of His people. He has heard our cry for freedom from the corruption of Washington DC, the corruption in Hollywood. He has heard our cry for the unborn and He has heard our cry for justice and truth concerning inequality among race and gender.

He has heard out cries and God is about to hit the RESET button in America!

I have heard prophecies about both judgment coming to America and the glory coming to America. This is something that we have difficulty dividing correctly – God intends to bring both! God loves the United States, there are those who are innocent and have not shared in the sins of Babylon. There are people who do not partake of pride, idolatry, cruelty, and greed that live in this nation.

God is going to judge the Babylonian System inside of the United States and it will set us free. He is going to set us free from the Pharaohs who think they own this nation.  Every single Pharaoh from the top to the bottom will be unseated. From the White House to the Church, every single person who dwells in pride will be humbled.

We each need to ask God to judge our hearts – We need Him to judge us for any pride, idolatry, cruelty or greed! We must bow low because the sword of the Lord is coming and if you are standing up in rebellion in any way – the sword the Lord is going to take you down.

Humility in Christ is the only thing that will help us to survive the coming chaos. Complete dependence on the Lord is the opposite of Babylon. If we are standing on the Rock of Jesus when these storms hit – everything will be ALL right!

Haggai 2:6-9 is about to come true in the United States and we will once again become His!

“This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the LORD Almighty. ‘The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the LORD Almighty. 9 ‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the LORD Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the LORD Almighty.”

Steps to Wholeness:

Lord I humble myself before You. I pray that You would judge me if I have any pride, idolatry, cruelty or greed in my heart. Reveal it to me so that I might repent. Please help me to remember that the days of chaos that are coming are for my good. Thank You for turning our nation back to You! In Jesus Name, AMEN

Overt vs. Covert Christianity

o·vert  -  adjective
1.    done or shown openly; plainly or readily apparent, not secret or hidden.

Most of us are Overt Christians.  We are out loud and proud of Christ. We are plain about our faith and don’t care who knows.  We are called to be bright lights in our sphere of influence.

Paul was an Overt Christian.  He spread the gospel of Jesus Christ every day of his life as a missionary.  The 12 Apostles were Overt Christians.  They were so loud that most of them were martyred for their faith.

Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Billy Graham, the Duck Dynasty Clan, etc.  are all examples of modern day Overt Christians.

co·vert  -  adjective
1.    not openly acknowledged or displayed.

A Covert Christian is one who is an undercover Christian.  There is a reason that he or she does not display their Christianity.  These Believers can get more done by keeping their faith private than they can by shouting their faith from the rooftops.  They are the ones who are called by God to be covert for the Kingdom of God.

In the word of God Esther was a Covert Christian.  Joseph of Arimathea was a Covert Christian. 

There are many who “Think” they are called to be Covert Christians but what they really are is fearful of losing their standing in the eyes of the world.

Pay attention here – if you ARE called by God to be a Covert Christian there will ALWAYS be a point at which you have to play your card and come out of the closet.

Esther had to play her card and come out of the closet as far as her heritage was concerned.  God hid her away in order to save the Jewish people from what He knew was coming.  He WANTED her to hide her heritage so that at just the right time she could play her card and say – this is who I am and this is who I represent.  She ended up reluctantly playing her card after Mordecai gave her a wake-up call. 

In essence, her Uncle Mordecai said, “This is your moment.  It’s time to play your card.  You don’t have to play it – but if you do not play your card someone else will rise up and do God’s bidding.”

God DID want her to keep her faith quiet for a time.  But there comes a point at which the bushel must come off of the light for everyone to see in order for God’s purposes to be fulfilled.

Joseph of Arimathea was a rich man who was waiting for the Kingdom of God to be revealed.  He was a Covert Christian who played his card at just the right time.  Joseph took Jesus’ dead body after they removed it from the cross and laid Jesus in his personal tomb.  Joseph was a fulfillment of prophecy.

He was assigned a grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death, though he had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth.  Isaiah 53:9

Jesus died next to the wicked but was laid in the tomb of the rich.  This is the part that Joseph of Arimathea a Covert Christian played.

But Joseph DID have to play a card and come out of the closet to fulfill this prophecy.

I bring up the difference between Overt and Covert Christians to make a few points:

1.  Stop judging others about their loud or quiet approach to their faith. They may be called by the Lord to be Covert. It comes down to their relationship with God.

2. If you believe that you are to be Covert –you must KNOW that you KNOW God has called you to be quiet for a time about your faith. If you are hiding in the closet because of fear – you will have to answer for it on judgment day. If you are hiding your faith because you fear men and ultimately are ashamed of His name. He will be ashamed of you on Judgment Day. (Luke 9:26) Covert Christianity is only for those who have been directly commanded to by the Lord to hide their faith for a time.

3. If you are called by God to be Covert – there will be a time that you will be called to play your card. You will at that time need to play it – no matter what you lose by coming out of the closet. This is how you carry your cross.

4. Those who are called to be Overt Christians (which is most of us) – shout it out loud no matter what you lose! Be a daily martyr for the Lord by lifting up the name of Christ in public. Don’t let anyone push you back and tell you that you must keep your faith quiet outside the threshold of your home and church. You take up the same mantra as the Apostles did: “We must obey God and not men!”

Are Believers Using Social Media Wrong?

There seems to be a wide array of opinion among Believers when it comes to Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  Some love it. Some hate it.  Some are in between.

Early on in my Facebook experience, I was suffering from the “Fear of Rejection.”  So I rarely posted anything.  I just watched what other people were posting.  I’d visit once a day. 

Then I finally learned to use the newsfeed more efficiently by clicking the little “world” icon at the top of the page.  This made my FB experience so much more welcoming, because I didn’t have to scroll through pages and pages to sift through everything.  (I loved that Ah-Ha moment!)

I also read a blogpost that had some wisdom in it about this time, it surmised
that we should use Social media to make the world a better place. 

·         Don’t let social media be all about you.
·         Inform someone with insight.
·         Let others know that a sale is on.
·         Help someone have a better day.
·         Support causes that mean something.

With that encouragement I tiptoed a little more onto Facebook.  I used it to make someone’s day better.  I posted funny things my kids said to make people laugh.  I posted a new revelation from the Holy Spirit.  I did my best to tell others no matter what they were going through don’t quit!

I am much more comfortable with Facebook now and I really love Pinterest.  I have crossed the boundaries into twitter and Instagram.  At first I did so with a roll of the eyes because some of it seemed ridiculous… but I am really starting to understand the social media waters.

I have even developed a determination to explore the outer regions of social media.  Now that I have ventured out on the water I have come to the conclusion that a lot of Believers are using social media wrong!!

Social media is not about us.  It’s not really about what you had for dinner.  It’s not about the latest medal your kid got.  It’s not about lashing out at family for the world to see.  It’s not about subtly standing up for yourself with a well-timed, clever meme. 

It’s also not about having relationships with people online.  Social media relationships are superficial and have no depth.  They are based on carefully planned, snapshot moments of the poster’s life. We all put our best foot forward on Facebook --- it is simply not real or honest.

I want to help you shift your focus about Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.  If you have been trying to make social media about relationships you are probably frustrated and irritated by much of it.  Or if you have made it about being a “watcher” of other people’s posts – you are missing a HUGE opportunity.

There are 1.44 BILLION monthly Facebook users in the world.  Within a 25 mile radius of my little town in Indiana there are 150,000 Facebook users.

This past May one of my team members had a dream in which God instructed us to be more aggressive with our Facebook posts when advertising for this year's Henry County Faith Fest.
The number of people who saw our posts last year during the 5 week leading up to Faith Fest was 7259 views.  The number of views this year because we were more aggressive was 30,759!  We shined the light of Jesus to almost four times as many people because we used Facebook with a focused purpose.

As Believers, social media should be about the good news of Jesus Christ!  We should use Facebook and Twitter as a microphone for the Lord.  When one of my friend’s teenage sons began to understand Facebook several years ago, he made a statement that I consider prophetic... 

“The Great Commission will be realized using social media!”

Instead of getting sucked into the vortex of Facebook we need to be using the vortex to our advantage.  We should be using social media to spread the light in this dark world.  Not everything we post has to have the word Jesus on it.  But using EVERY post to bring hope, truth and good news to others is a wise and effective Kingdom strategy.

Door to door evangelism is no longer working but being “friends” with your neighbor on Facebook might just open the door to a deeper conversation because you are “LIVING OUT LOUD!

Ask the Lord for what message needs to be shared, pray over it, then shine your light.

Don’t use social media to GET, use it to GIVE.

Is the Church Really Ready to End Abortion?

The year I was born abortion became legal.  Roe v Wade and I are the same age.  I have often thought about the people in my generation who never took their first breath.  I grieve the millions of babies in the past 42 years that have paid the price for our country’s commitment its own comfort. 

As difficult as it is to admit - the foremost reason to abort a child in utero is for our comfort.  In a 2005 study released by the Guttmacher Institute, 73% of women who had an abortion cited one of the reasons for their choice was because they could not ‘afford a baby now’.  In all honesty, isn’t that like using abortion as a birth control method?

In that same study only 1.5% of women had an abortion because of rape or incest. 

From 1973 to 1985 -- 30% of all pregnancies ended in abortion.  Seventeen and a half million babies, nearly one in three of my generational brothers and sisters, have
had their lives snuffed out before they were fully formed.

I think about all of the aborted children who had a destiny in the past forty years: painters, poets, politicians, pastors, inventors, businessmen/women.  These generational lines have been extinguished and my generation is now lacking their input.  I can feel that there is something missing.  It’s like there are puzzle pieces missing in our story. 

The stories of Generation X, Y and Z are each stories with holes in them.  The enemy used abortion to create those holes.

There are pockets of Christianity that have admirably warred against of abortion since it was instituted.  However, most of the Church has primarily fought abortion by financially giving to Pro-Life organizations. We have made some inroads with this method, but since the lid has been blown off of Planned Parenthood we must do more and NOW!

Giving financially to support Pro-Life causes is great and admirable.  But let me ask all of us a hard question…

Are we really ready to see the end of abortion?  Because if we are – we will also need to give up our comfort.

We can see the evil structure of abortion begin to crumble.  When it does there are going to be a lot of unplanned babies to care for.  Are we ready to be the answer for these babies? 

Are we willing to be more than pro-birth?  Are we willing to give LIFE to these babies? 

The answer to ending abortion lies with the Church.  We MUST die to our flesh and pick up our cross and follow Jesus in a bigger way than we ever have.

We will need to pick up our crosses and get our foster parent licenses.  There will be many unwanted children waiting to be adopted.  Are you willing to raise one more child in order to give that child LIFE?   

If a young mother would like to keep her baby but is afraid because she doesn’t have a support system, are you willing to carry your cross by being that support system and mentor her to bring LIFE to that baby?

I ask again, is the Church really ready for abortion to end? 

We have been praying for years to stop abortion.  In fact, we are so close to doing it! 
Prepare yourselves friends. Ask God what you can do for the next generation.  I beg you to close the holes in the story of future generations! 

Jesus said to his disciples, "If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.” Matthew 16:24.

Let us become more than simply Pro-Birth – let us truly become Pro-Life!

It's Not Enough to Demand Liberty...We Must Practice It.

Memorial Day is a special tradition in this community.  It is a time-honored custom to remember those who have fought for freedom at home and abroad since the Revolutionary War.

“Give me liberty, or give me death!”  This quote spoken by Patrick Henry is one we learn as school children.  It helps us to identify with the struggle of the birthing of our nation.  It is hard to truly understand that an entire generation literally committed treason in order to bring a free nation into its own sovereignty.  So many brave men and women gave their lives in
order to give us the luxury of freedoms we now have.

Patrick Henry is the namesake of Henry County.   Some historians call him the spark of the Revolutionary War.  His impassioned speeches about breaking from the monarchy of Great Britain emboldened people to oppose the tyranny of the King.

“If we wish to be free - if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending - we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of Hosts is all that is left us!”  (March 23, 1775, Second Virginia Convention.)

How grateful we are that this generation was willing to ‘give up their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor’ (Declaration of Independence) in order to give us a sovereign and free nation.  Just think, if they had not succeeded in the revolutionary war, they would have been hanged as traitors and history be telling a much different story. 

There is another part of Patrick Henry’s 1775 speech that intrigues me.  “We shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us.”

Indeed God does preside over the destinies of nations.  The fact that He has presided over America is evidenced in our continual struggle for freedom.  Our calling to make men free is still in our country’s DNA. We may not have done it perfectly. We have made some missteps along the way. But our demand for liberty is alive and well.

It’s not enough, however, to demand liberty.  The only way to truly preserve liberty is to practice it. 

We will begin to lose liberties when we no longer use them.  If we allow ourselves to be silenced and do not have the courage to speak against tyranny - we will lose our freedom of speech.  If we squander our right to bear arms and forget the struggle of our forefathers – we will lose the right to gun ownership.  If we do not stand up for the right of the media to address both sides of the story – we will end up with a state-run press.  If we forbid people that we do not agree with to assemble for their cause – the right to assembly will be a counterfeit because only the state will decide who can assemble.

And if we do not continue to use our freedom of religion in the public square – we will lose it.  It is becoming taboo to practice our faith in public.  There is a lie being purported that we can have the Freedom of Religion in our churches but not beyond the threshold of that building.  This is most certainly not what the Founding Fathers meant.  In fact, they used their faith publicly throughout the birthing process of the nation.  They put their foundation firmly on God in the Declaration of Independence and declared that He was the very source of all rights.

This Memorial Day weekend, Henry County FaithFest will honor the men and women who gave up their lives so that we could enjoy this freedom.  We will publicly practice our right to free speech, assembly and faith at the festival happening in the heart of Henry County… downtown New Castle.  We intend to have a great time lifting up the name of Jesus throughout Memorial Day weekend in the very center of our community.

Sunday evening will include a Concert at the Courthouse and a word from Mayor Greg York beginning at 6:30pm.  Monday will include free kids games and family activities after the parade and a cupcake eating fundraiser at 1:30pm or Henry County Young Life sponsored by The Sweet Life cakes by kim.

By using our freedoms we will not lose them!  Jesus loves Henry County.  He wants to see it transformed. May our efforts at FaithFest honor those who gave their lives for our freedom as well as the God who presides over the destiny of our nation.

Orwellian Speak and the Supreme Court

April 4, 2014 - The Courier Times Letter to the Editor - by Tom and Tisha Sledd

This is our editorial response to an Op-Ed by the Courier Editor Bob Hansen from an article dated March 29th regarding Hobby Lobby's suit at the Supreme Court to have the right to refuse to supply certain birth control because it conflicts with their faith.  Mr. Hansen argues that the Bill of Rights does not apply to businesses.


Dear Editor,  We find offensive your recent opinion article in the Courier dated March 29, 2014.  As Christians and business owners, albeit a very small one, we DO have rights to not support something that we don't believe in.  We ARE our business.  We put our money, our time, our creativity and who we are into our business.  Our business is a reflection of our faith and our family, because the two are not mutually exclusive.

Our small little BBQ and Chocolate business may seem to you like it only “exists to make money” but that is not true.  It is our dream and our talents rolled into our business.  We along with our boys are trying to create something that is
a blessing to those in this town.  And you better believe that we expect that our right to free speech and freedom of religion is rolled up into our American Dream.

We can put our faith on our packaging by including scripture.  We can criticize the government if we like by hanging signs up.  We can have a gun to protect the money that we bring in.  We can support with our money the lawmakers whom we think will allow us to continue pursuing the American Dream. We can choose to serve our God while also adhering to the guidelines laid out for us in the religious text of our faith.

Practicing these rights is exactly what will keep us from aNineteen Eighty-Four Orwellian Big Brother. If we do not practice them, we will end up losing them. Hobby Lobby is being reasonable about what they offer to their employees.  Is 16 forms of birth control not enough?  They are only asking for two to be excluded that they consider a violation of their faith.  It seems to us Mr. Hansen that your facts are turned around and that your arguments are the ones that are forcing Big Brother on America. “Businesses are not individuals” sounds an awful lot like Newspeak which is reinforcing the dominance of the State.  In the most simplistic of ways your argument sounds like this:  “If money is involved then you shall obey the State.”

We applaud Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood, both family businesses, for exercising their right to not support murder!  By your ridiculous standards, once we pursue the American Dream we check our rights at the door.  That is simply not true Mr. Hansen.  We are exactly the people that the Bill of Rights was designed to protect.  We are America.