There is nothing quite as frustrating as being weighed on dishonest scales.

This occurs when someone decides your guilt based on their feelings instead of a set of moral absolutes.

One woman that I mentored left her church because she was greatly wronged by leadership. But everyone judged her as the wrong party instead of hearing her out - they blamed her and weighed her actions on dishonest scales. They did not know the truth of what happened. They made a decision about her actions based on how much they would lose by siding with her. They judged her based on their feelings - not seeking the Lord for His truth.

When Truth is not valued, there is no standard by which to weigh anything. If “truth” is measured according to our own opinions and emotions, there is no baseline in which justice can be administered.

Jesus knew that the woman caught in adultery was being weighed on dishonest scales. The man caught in adultery did not get the same treatment... it was only the woman. It may have even been a setup to catch Jesus - but He balanced the scales for all of them by essentially challenging them to judge their own actions by the same scales. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

There is a lack of honest scales in America. We weigh everything on our own opinions and emotions. It is quite disheartening because this is the very foundation of lawlessness.

If it's the truth that sets us free - then it is lawlessness that puts us in chains.

We must return to equal justice and equal mercy. No matter the race, gender, religion, or political bent the same scales must be used for all.

It begins with us, the Body of Christ. Let us take the plank out of our own eye first. Let us examine our own motives. Let us pray for honest scales and begin to measure situations based on God's truth and not our own opinions.

"The LORD detests dishonest scales, but accurate weights find favor with him." Proverbs 11:1



Falling from Cloud Nine and Waking Up to the Truth

The Lord has been showing me He’s about to pull back a curtain in the US and reveal our true condition. The deeds done in darkness are going to be uncovered, and they will shake us to the very core.

It is going to be so disturbing as a nation that we are going to go through an identity crisis.

God has shown me not only are people I have suspected of wrongdoing going to be uncovered, but there are also people I have held in high esteem are going to come crashing to the ground. People I held up as inspirational and thought they were excellent examples of righteous leadership are going to be uncovered as frauds. I keep hearing the phrase “falling from cloud nine.”

This “unveiling” will be painful. It will include people in every arena of life. People in government, the church, the media, Hollywood, business, and education. The veil is going to come down all at once. And God has told me to brace myself because I do not even understand the depth of witchcraft, counterfeit, and manipulation that has been going on behind the scenes.

What should our reaction be when we find out the Wizard of Oz is just an old man with a booming mic and great special effects? What should be our reaction when someone we admired comes falling from grace? What should our reaction be when someone we loathe comes under judgment?

First, we should each humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God who knows every hidden thing. We each have our own secret sin, and we should be careful to not act like self-righteous Pharisees.

Hebrews 4:13 - Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

Second, no matter what is uncovered, justice must be served. God is no respecter of persons. Justice is part of love. If someone commits a crime, they have to do the time, even if they have been my “hero.” If someone brings harm, God will repay them. God loves justice, because it is part of His character. We must return to the fear of the Lord.

Isaiah 61:8 For I, the LORD, love justice; I hate robbery and wrongdoing.

Third, we should never rejoice when we see an enemy fall. We can rejoice when evil is removed. But we should not gloat when PEOPLE are humbled. We should pray for their salvation and the opening of their eyes to God’s mercy.

Psalm 24:17-18 Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice, or the Lord will see and disapprove and turn his wrath away from them.

Finally, if we find our world is turned upside down by the unveiling of wickedness, if we can’t seem to find our footing when trouble comes…then we are probably guilty of idolatry. We have put people on pedestals and served them as “saviors.” The person behind the curtain with a microphone and fancy special effects is a mere human and just as fallible as anyone else. If our hope has been in a person instead of Jesus, our feet have been planted on the sand.

In the coming days, if we fall from cloud nine because of the dethroning of the Wizards, let us find ourselves landing on the Rock! God is the One doing the uncovering – He’ll be the One to put us back together!

Proverbs 28:14 Blessed is the one who always trembles before God, but whoever hardens their heart falls into trouble.

PROPHETIC WARNING: The Great Uncovering

"...Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God."  John 3:19-21

God loves us.  Therefore, He is going to discipline us.

God gave me this prophetic warning for the Body of Christ on October 11, 2017

For the Lord would say:

"Everything that is being done in the dark will be brought into the light. I Am pulling back the curtain to expose Angels of Light and their followers. There will be a choice for many to make when the curtains are pulled back. They will be given a choice to repent and stand for truth. Or they will choose to remain in darkness and apart from Me.

A big test is coming. 

When I reveal Myself, will My people stand with Me? Or will they stand with My enemy? The hearts of men are about to be revealed. Many will be surprised at how difficult it is to choose Me.

To those who repent and come to Me to be cleansed, I will have mercy on. To those who refuse to give up their false kingdoms, even when they are plainly exposed with My light, I will remove My hand. Plagues shall be released upon them until they either repent or completely fall away.

I am judging Lukewarmness. 

I am using My truth to reveal the hearts of men, especially My Church.

Follow Me or don’t.

There is no more middle ground."

The Only Way Forward In America Is Through Forgiveness

When we forgive others, God forgives us.

Though I did not personally commit these sins – I can ask for forgiveness for my forefathers to the people groups who they did hurt. In return, I can promise you that if you will forgive our sins against you – God will also forgive your sins and He will heal our land!

To the American Indian – I ask forgiveness on behalf of my fathers who slaughtered your people because of their blindness and their wicked greed. I pray that God will bring supernatural justice and bless your people with extraordinary favor and life. I honor you as the first nation of this land. Will you receive the blessing that comes from forgiving your (former) enemies?

To the African American – I ask your forgiveness on behalf of my fathers who enslaved you, beat you, and murdered you. I ask you to remember my fathers who gave their lives on the battlefield in the civil war to set you free. I ask you to forgive us for still not having a fair justice system or education system for your tribe. I cry out to God that He would raise up a deliverer to finish the job of MLKJr. I see you. I have not closed my eyes to the work that still needs to be done until we are equals! Will you receive the blessing that comes from forgiving your (former) enemies?

To the other nations who have been oppressed in America – the Irish, the Japanese, the Chinese, the Jews, Hispanics, and more – you helped to build our nation, and we rejected you and devalued your contributions. I am so sorry that my fathers did not see you as equal. I want you to know that you are equal in every way, we have the same Creator. I honor each of your heritages for laying the foundation in the United States of America. I ask for God to restore any inheritance both natural and spiritual that was stolen from you by my fathers. May His hand of mercy bring you justice. Will you receive the blessing that comes from forgiving your (former) enemies?

To the women who helped to build a nation but never received credit, to the women who remain under the glass ceiling… I am sorry that my fathers saw you as second-class citizens. They were wrong to not give you representation from the start. They were wrong to see you as property. They were wrong to put a lid on your rights. I know there are still strides to make until we see equality in every area – but I cry out for you to receive accelerated justice from God! I cry out for equality for God’s daughters! Will you receive the blessing that comes from forgiving your enemies?

To the righteous men who are innocent and yet have been blamed for our society’s problems – I am deeply sorry. It was not your fault. We know that it is the enemy of this nation – the devil who is dividing us and tempting us to accuse each other falsely. If you are angry at being falsely accused of being a racist, a bigot, a misogynist, and so on – I want you to know that it is the Father who sees your heart and knows your motives. Please don’t let the devil harden your heart. I ask God to defend the righteous men in our nation. We want to be unified with you – don’t pull away. Will you receive the blessing that comes from forgiving your accusers?

To the Baby Boomers, I’m sorry we have devalued your opinion and not listened to your wisdom. Please forgive us?

To Generation X, I’m sorry that abortion took 31% of your generation, and then we abandoned the rest of you. Please forgive us?

To the Millennials, I’m sorry we have stereotyped you and made fun of you. Please forgive us?

To Generation Z, I’m incredibly sorry for the example we are being to you right now. Please forgive us?

I know that our nation cannot be fixed with a social media post – but it CAN be fixed with forgiveness. Will you consider doing your part to ask forgiveness from others and offer forgiveness to those who have hurt you?

God is a God of justice. But He gives us justice according to His kingdom, not ours.

Remember how much He has forgiven your debts – then please hear my request to forgive the debts of my forefathers.

There is hope. American can be saved. Let the dead be raised through forgiveness.

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Matt 6:14

Feminism Off the Rails: Reclaiming the Fight for Equality for Women

I remember in my third grade Sunday School class meeting a new little girl who was a guest.  During the class our Sunday School teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up.  The little girl said, “I want to be the President of the United States.”  My first thought was,

that’s stupid, girls can’t be President.

But as her words haunted me I remember my thought pattern shifting,

why couldn’t a girl be President?

It’s amazing that women in the US have only had the right to vote for 100 years.  As I have researched the waves of feminism that have swept across our country since its inception, I have been inspired by Christian women in our history who have stood up and demanded equality with the opposite gender.

Women have achieved so much in the past 100 years.  We are equal when it comes to the government recognizing our rights.  We are not so equal in other areas as Patriarchy still has its clutches in  some churches and in the hearts and minds of some men in the marketplace.  (I have experienced both of these personally.)   We are still making progress and I expect that by the time the good Lord takes me home that Equality for Women in our nation will be fully realized.

The goal of feminism used to be to strive to be equal to men.  The goal was to have a say in the world we lived in. The goal was never to be the “Masters” of men or to have abortion on demand.  It was to be valued as equal people having equal say and equal pay.

The new Feminists seem to be purporting the idea that they cannot feel truly free unless they are the ones who are ruling over men.  The pendulum swings both ways – both Patriarchy and Feminism are now in a ditch.  And both of these ditches are in error.  Feminism was supposed to be about claiming equality for women… but it has turned into a hate spewing, lawless, prideful, female "b*tch fest."

Listen, it was definitely true that women were held back by the decisions of men who chose to hold the reins in the beginning of this nation.  There are still pockets of men ruling over women in our society.  There are still pockets of men who overly objectify women and think that women are for their sexual pleasure.  Each of these pockets is in need of warriors who will fight the inequality.   

But today’s feminists have gone completely off the rails by not recognizing their own fault in some of the areas that they still lack equality.  You cannot glorify some of the things that Hollywood puts out and then whine because you are being objectified.  If we are truly going to be equal then we are going to have to stop being victims.  We already know of an “equality model” that works.

Martin Luther King Jr. showed us how to fight effectively for change.  First and foremost we must believe that our rights come from God.  And we believe that He wants women to be fully restored to the rights we had in the Garden of Eden.  We are equal to but not “over” a man. 

As we look at MLK’s example, we need to practice civil disobedience when necessary – but we do not use violence.  We let justice do its work.  We point out inconsistencies where women are not being treated fairly, but we do not become offended and lose our cool.  We don’t get off message.  We don’t let someone into power who uses the position for their own gain.  (Unfortunately, after MLK died, people who used their position for dishonest gain railroaded the fight for equality for African Americans.  Now racism is a business and corruption and greed keeps the fires alive.)

Women still have some ground to gain in this fight for equality but the word “feminism” is too tainted for us to use anymore.  We must return to the original intent and fight for Suffrage on all fronts.  We must fight for Suffrage (the right to vote/have power) in the home, in the church, in the government, and in the marketplace.

In an ongoing conversation about our fight we must remember these things if we are going to be successful:

1. The fight for suffrage cannot be a single-minded cult.  Equality includes free speech and free thought.

2. Male strength is not bad.

3. Female strength is not bad.

4. Not all men are guilty.

5. Gender equality must also include equality for men.

Men and women can both be powerful, through mutual submission and a healthy fear of the Lord.  I invite men and women to seek the Lord for their role in seeing the powerfulness of Adam and Eve becoming One Flesh again!  The blood of Jesus paid to reverse the curse all the way back down to the first sin.  Men need women and women need men.

Let us reclaim the fight from the bitter and angry women who have taken it hostage!  Let us fight for Suffrage instead of Feminism.

(Men, we can’t do it without you.)

You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.  (Galatians 3:26-29)

Facing an Uncomfortable Holiday with Family Because of Politics? Here’s Some Help.

Well America, we’re in a tough spot for sure!  Fifty percent of the nation is at odds with the other fifty percent about the direction of the United States.  This means that some of our families are divided as well.  I have some friends who are concerned about the upcoming holidays with family after such a bitter election.

There seems to be three different categories of how the division is playing out…

1.Some families are so sharply divided that they have already splintered over politics and the relationships are broken.

2. Some have figured out how to cope with differing political ideas while maintaining relationships.  They keep politics in a closet and call a truce during family get-togethers.

3. And some are hanging onto to the last thread of relationship wondering if a serious conflict is going to break loose at Thanksgiving or Christmas?

It’s OK to have differing political opinions.  It’s OK to communicate those opinions with passion.  It’s not OK to think that you are better than someone else because of your opinion…(even if you have a word from the Lord about your candidate).

Give to Caesar what is Caesars.  But give to God what is God’s. (Luke 20:25 paraphrase)

If we apply this verse to our current circumstances we need to let politics remain in the world, but as far as it relies on you, keep your family relationships in the hand of God.

I have four suggestions to help families who are politically divided to NOT cut off relationships but to love unconditionally.

Remain Humble

Let us not think we are better than anyone else because of our politics.  Let us remain humble as we attend our family functions this holiday season.  We are not going to convince one person to change their mind about politics by discussing it.

You can be passionate about what you believe – just let it remain outside the family function.  Talk about the things you have in common.  Talk about how the family has grown.  Talk about the World Series.  Enjoy football.  Trade recipes.

Shake Off Offense

It is offense that separates us from each other.  By getting offended at a Facebook post or mad because a family member is part of an opposing political party – we end up isolating ourselves... causing division.  Forgive any offense that you might have allowed during the past election season.  Love keeps no records of wrong.

Don’t Take the Bait

Don't take the bait to enter the conversation. You have nothing to defend. God doesn't need for you to defend your chosen candidate. And you can't argue with closed minds. He is more concerned with you practicing loving your enemies.

Wear Your Spiritual Armor

God will ask some of you to attend a family event that might possibly be a bit hostile.  This is because He is asking you to show unconditional, sacrificial love to your family.

A very helpful tool in the midst of a hostile environment is to wear the armor of God outlined in Ephesians 6:10-17.  When we go into a meeting where we know there are going major differences of opinions, we need to "pray on" our armor.

Go through each piece and deliberately in your spirit put them on.  The helmet of the hope of salvation protects our head from the "thoughts" of rejection and tormenting hurt.  In doing this the enemy's arrows cannot penetrate our mind.

Put on the breastplate of righteousness, so that we are sure to be in right standing with God.  Forgive your persecutors and then ask if we need God's forgiveness for anything – we need to be righteous in God's eyes.

Buckle the belt of truth around our waist.  Ask the Lord if there are any lies you’re believing and then ask Him for the truth to replace the lies.  Stand firm in the truth, but do not argue. 

Pray for "shoes of peace" on our feet.  If we are getting our peace from our circumstances we will not have peace.  Our peace comes from who is our ROCK!  If our feet are in the sand of man's approval then we will not be at peace.  Knowing His unconditional love for us and knowing that we are standing in TRUTH is where our peace lies.

Take up your shield of faith.  When the arrows of accusation come - or arrows of sarcasm or bullying come... simply lift up your shield of faith and knock them down.  There is no reason to answer those arrows unless the Lord really wants you to.

The last piece is the sword of the Spirit.  Take your sword and decree and declare that politics will not tear the family apart.  Tell every demon to leave the whole house.  Ask the Lord to help you to use the sword to speak exactly the right words at the right time.  

"A gentle answer turns away wrath." Prov. 15:1  

"A gentle tongue can break a bone."  Proverbs 25:15  

Remember that God said when you are brought before "authorities" He would give you exactly the right words to say.  "For I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict."  Luke 21:15  

It will help us greatly to think on eternity and not the temporal when it comes to your relationships.  Treat your family as though they are sons and daughters of God, for that is what they are, or what they are going to become!

Body of Christ – You Are Winning! Don't Stop Now! ADVANCE!

The Body of Christ has come together and we are marching against evil in our nation.  Our prayers have exposed manipulation, lies, and corruption that has permeated our government and the media.

We have set aside distractions, denominational differences, and our own pride to come together under the Lord's headship to see the Spirit of Jezebel defeated in our nation.

The spirit of Jehu has risen up.  The Eunuchs that have been controlled and manipulated by the spirit of Jezebel are tired of being used and they are throwing her down. (2 Kings 9)

The Church has been silenced by the Spirit of Jezebel in our nation.  We have lost our voice and have hidden in our caves afraid of this spirit.  (1 Kings 18)

This is no time to let down.  We must continue to pray that this spirit (not a person) will be trampled until there is nothing left but her hands and head.  (2 Kings 9:35)

Not one person can wholly take credit for what has happened here - it has taken all of us.  It has taken all of the giftings and every level of warfare to bring her down.  From the privates to the generals.  We've begun to understand what the end-time army and the end-time builders will look like.

The Kingdom of God is being revealed.  It will soon be time to transition into a new season of victory.  The Body of Christ has been used to losing battles but now we are going to have to learn to start winning!

No one should touch His glory.  No human should take credit.  But we can honor one another for the part that we have played in the victory.

Continue the intercessory advance against the witchcraft and manipulation spirit until it is trampled completely underfoot. 

Everything will be revealed.  Only let us not stop pressing in until the Spirit tells us we are finished.

The Old Timers used to call this “Praying Through.”

We listen to the Spirit. Not to our flesh. Not to poll numbers. Not to media.  We pray until we hear our Commander say, “It’s finished!”



Father God we will no longer tolerate Jezebel.  Forgive us for letting it go on for so long. No matter what it costs us we will no longer stand for manipulation and corruption in Your church, in our communities, and in this nation.  We cry out for justice against every wicked deed done in darkness. Begin with Your church.  Cleanse us from those who claim that Your church belongs to them. Cleanse our government and media from a spirit of corruption and manipulation.  We pray for the eunuchs to step forward and expose the corruption.  We ask You to help us to pray through... until our assignment is completely finished!

In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN

Prophecy: America's Valley of Death

(I published this word earlier in the year - but I felt the unction of the Lord to republish it for such a time as this.)

Prophetically I’ve known it for a couple of years.  America is about to go through a Dark Night of the Soul.  It is that season where continual storms in life cause your true nature to arise.  It’s the point at which all of the dross, the dark things in our hearts, rise up in the midst of the chaos.  

The Dark Night of the Soul (click here) reveals your character

 and invites you to make necessary changes.

Pretty soon, 

America’s Dark Night of the Soul (click here

) is going to reveal where her true peace lies.  Does it rely on government?  Does it rely on money?  Does America’s peace rely on pride or nationalism?  One thing I can tell you for sure is that America’s peace does not rest on the rock of Jesus Christ.  Thus the reason for the coming Valley of Death.

We are no longer living in the “sweet land of liberty.”  We have lost our identity while the enemy has pursued our nation to dehumanize us and twist our thinking away from the reason God created our country in the first place.  We are in need of some severe mercy from the Lord.  The severe storms about to come upon America are meant to point out where our hearts truly lie.

The severity of God’s mercy will be a sweet relief for those who are already have been working to bring heaven to earth.  This Valley of Death will be a help to those who are wanting to see Jesus be the foundation of our nation again.  But the severity of God’s mercy will feel like the world is caving in to those who are not firmly planted in the identity of who God is and who no longer desire “liberty and justice for all.”

I had a vision of a television screen the other night before falling to sleep.  On the screen was a deep orange color that looked like lava.  I asked the Lord, if that was a volcano – did I need to pray against the destruction of a volcano?

The Lord responded to me, “No these are the fires of Mordor, this is how close we are to destroying the “Ring of Power” that rules over your nation.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkein, darkness ruled over the people of the land with One Ring.  The One Ring was created by a Dark Lord Sauron and had power to spread darkness over the whole land and giving Sauron complete domination.  It was the quest of a few volunteers to give up their lives in order to destroy the ring by throwing it into the fires of Mt Doom in the land of Mordor.

Unfortunately, we see a similar story being played out right here in America.  A select few people have the power to “spin” America in any way that they see fit.  They are used to pulling strings and ruling over our economy, politics, media, racism, entertainment and even religion.  They are the puppet masters who pull the strings in order to see their will imposed on our nation.

Whether or not we have realized it – the true Church of God has been crying out for deliverance from these puppet masters. We have been crying out for the foundation of Christ to be reestablished in our nation as it once was.  We are crying out for the “sweet land of liberty”  - 

the land where our fathers died and land of the pilgrims pride

 – we are crying out again for FREEDOM!

The impending Valley of Death is the Lord coming to answer the prayer of His True Church.

This Valley - where everything that can be shaken will be shaken -  is meant to be severe mercy!

These are the things we are about to witness in the Valley of Death:


No longer will a few people be able to control the elections.  No longer will they be able to blackmail candidates and impose their chosen candidate upon us.  God is using Donald Trump as a wrecking ball to the establishment and to those who have the Ring of Power in politics.  He cannot be controlled even by the political correctness of the Church.  God has no problem offending the religious rules and regulations that the church has in their minds about what a righteous leader should look like. 

God is going to use Donald Trump to break the church free from their self-righteousness.

  God is using him as a wrecking ball and will continue to allow the bull to break up the china shop.  He will remain the instrument of God until the Lord is finished destroying the Political Ring of Power.  (I wish the church would be more grateful for this.)

This election will be the first election in a long time that we truly have FREE and FAIR elections, and it will largely be because Donald Trump will not bow.


The economy will begin sinking into the mud.  Those with the Ring of Power are looking to take America out!  It will look as though we are headed for another depression, but that will not be the case. 

Intercessors will rise up and pray for the economy and God will answer those prayers and raise it up out of the sinking mud.  It will be such a drastic turn of events that even the media will have to give a second thought that something supernatural intervened.  

The rescue of the economy will be a humbling to the entrepreneur that their ways and formulas aren’t where their peace comes from, it only comes from the mercy and grace of God that they succeed. 

There will be losses because of the dip of the economy – but they will be small losses compared to what a depression would bring. 

Intercessors will unite in a new way realizing that they have power over the Puppet Masters of this world and a new and stronger faith will inspire many to begin to address the giants in the land.

The Ring of Power over our economy will have met the power of the intercessors – and it will lose.  Those who thought they could manipulate the economy to control America will be frustrated.  Their power will be greatly diminished and their ring destroyed.  

God's people will have renewed faith that God is truly the Provider.


The main sin behind Racism is mastery.  When one group of people claims to be the master of another.  We have largely overcome the “mastery” sin from our days of slavery.  There are pockets throughout our nation that still simmer with this sin – but for the most part we are a nation who IS realizing the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.  The problem therein lies with a few who have learned to stoke the fading coals of racism for their own fame, power and financial gain.

There will be a judgment on the Ring of Power that continues to stoke this fire.  Riots and looting followed by curfews and heavy police action will continue and seem never ending.

The voice of Martin Luther King Jr will rise again this time it will be multiplied as God anoints several black and white leaders to increase and displace the Ring of Power.  There will be a balance and acceptance of the races once again in our nation, though a deep price will be paid to see this balance come.

Pride in Nationalism:

America’s standing in the world as a world power will be shaken financially and militarily.  

Those who think the United States should be the rescuer and policeman

 of the world will be shaken to the core in order to set them free from looking to a nation instead of Jesus.  America’s Ring of Power will be destroyed during the coming storms in order to make way for the true King of Kings to be on the throne of the sheep nations.

It will also set America free from always having to be the mediator.  Our attention and focus can be freed up to homeland security and domestic issues that are causing a weakness in the infrastructure of our nation.

The Church:

There are also wolves in the Church who have usurped great power over God’s people.  Religion and Witchcraft permeate the Church.  The Valley of Death will reveal the true from the false.  The eyes of God’s people will be opened to their true condition and recognize the places in their lives where they are not truly built on the Rock.

The strength that God’s people gain through this valley will be significant.  With their eyes open to their true condition along with understanding how to wield the power of God, the Giants of the Land like abortion, religious freedom and gay marriage will be easily overcome. 

The Third Great Awakening that we have been hearing about will begin to find traction.  And there will be no stopping the train of unification that happens as the Church lays down their petty offenses with one another and finds a unity in Christ instead of doctrine.

The Valley of Death will serve as a Damascus Road experience for much of the Church.  A realization of everything that is false will empower the Church with truth.  The power of discernment will increase and 

God’s people will lay down human kindness for the kindness of God(click here).

  A Holy boldness will rise up in the True Church and they will not be afraid of being called bullies in order to bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

The Ring of Power over the Church is essentially the fear of not being liked.  The media, the entertainment world, and the government have learned to use this Ring over God’s people.

It is in the Valley of Death that Believers will put to death their fear of being disliked.

The Ring of Power will be destroyed as the manipulation of being called “mean”will no longer work over God’s people(click here).

The Valley:

I am not looking forward to this Valley of Death – but I also don’t fear it.  This Dark Night of the Soul is exactly what our nation needs.  The discipline it brings is because the Lord loves us not because He is angry at us.  God is actually taking us through the valley to be set free from the power of the One Ring.

It IS a valley.  It is not the abyss.  We will come out of it and God will restore us.  Christ is not returning yet – His Bride is not ready.  The Bride will have the opportunity to be cleansed in the Valley of Death.  When dawn’s early light begins to shine again after the Dark Night of the Soul – America will be on its way to being the shining city on a hill once again.  We will not be the savior of the world but we will shine a light to the One who is the Savior.  This was God’s original intention for America from the beginning… to point to the good news of The Spirit of the Lord in which there is true Liberty.

My one prayer in the midst of all of this suffering is that we will be trained by it. 

The Body of Christ must understand that our FEELINGS don't matter!(click here) 

Let us not walk through such a severe discipline without being changed by it.  Whatever may happen in the Valley of Death – let our faith in flesh be the thing to die as we put Jesus on the throne in every way in our lives! 

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. 

Hebrews 12:11

A Word from the Lord for Those Discouraged About the Election

I know that we are in a tumultuous election season.  I know that many would like for it to be over with already.  But if we are not careful we will miss our opportunity rejoice in the trial that produces perseverance and maturity.  

We must take the next several weeks and use it to our advantage.  We must NOT put our head in the sand and hope for an end to the bickering.  We must not take the bait and get offended and angry at the quarreling, backbiting, and viciousness that is so prevalent this election season. 

If we get offended the enemy neutralizes us.  Offense leads to a desire to retaliate or a desire to quit.  But if we will keep our heads in the middle of the madness and chaos, we can actually steer the storm for the good of the Kingdom of God.

The Lord dropped this word in my Spirit for the Body of Christ:

My People - You are more powerful than this!  You have authority that you are not using!  Don't submit to discouragement -- Praise Me! 

The enemy hates it when you sing praises and worship Me because it ties his hands and hinders his plan. Stop letting the tiny demon of discouragement win.  If you know that I Am the I Am this election would not worry you in the least.

Whenever you see something or hear something that discourages you  - simply praise Me.  Sing a song.  Dance a dance.  Shout a declaration of My goodness and BELIEVE Me when I say that I AM the King of kings.

Stop letting discouragement win!  I AM Your hope.  Put your armor back on and we'll dance right through this storm!

You are more powerful than discouragement!!!  I AM the I AM!

He has given us a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.  (Isaiah 61)

The Common Denominator of America's Idolatry

America has been in decline since the 60s.  We’ve never been the perfect nation.  But something happened in the early 60s that caused our nation to turn a hard corner into a downward spiral of significant idolatry.

You can see it in our history.  We became complacent and allowed a few people to take prayer out of the schools.  It was followed by a sexual revolution – and then abortion.  The increase of sin in our nation since then is markedly different.  The idolatry of sex, greed, power, control, food, drugs, racism and so on permeates our society.  Whenever anyone challenges someone’s idolatry there is a vitriolic response rooted in selfishness.  “This idol makes me happy!  So leave me alone!  Who are you to judge?”

Idols are the things we worship.

Every single person alive on the planet worships something.  We were created to be worshipers.  Even if we don’t worship God – we worship something.  We can worship ourselves.  We can worship sex.  We worship our family.  We worship control.  Whatever it is that we draw our strength from – whatever it is that makes us feel better about ourselves.

If we are not getting our strength and identity and comfort from our Creator – then we are getting it from something that is created. 

You see – there is actually a common denominator in all of our idol worship.  It all comes down to one reason that we turn from God and toward idols. 

We worship idols because we are looking for something other than God to comfort our emotions.

Ever since the very first sin in the Garden of Eden – we have had a need to be saved from our emotional pain.

The truth is that our Heavenly Father IS the answer to our pain.  He is a good Father.  He helps us with our pain and shows us how to live in the midst of a broken world.  He sent His son Jesus to show us how to walk through this world without bowing to our emotions.

How would you like it if your children constantly looked elsewhere for their comfort?  How would it feel to you if every time your child got a boo boo they went to the refrigerator for food to make them feel better?  How would you like it if your teenager went to pornography or drugs every time they were hurting instead of coming to you?  How would you feel if your children looked to self-help gurus in the midst of their fear instead of asking you for help?

This is how it feels to the Heavenly Father when we constantly look for other things to comfort our emotions.  It is His truth and unconditional love that sets us free… not idolatry.  Idols only numb your pain for a moment – and then they make you pay for it.

Exodus 20:3-5

You shall have no other gods before me.

You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God

No matter how much you are engulfed in fear or how much your emotions hurt… make up your mind to only bow to the Lord.

When you are in pain run to the Lord.  Don’t run to sex.  Don’t run to food.  Don’t run to control.  This is idolatry.  And it is the way that Babylon behaves – not the children of God.

When your emotions rise up and you need them comforted – go to the Lord to comfort them.  Call upon the Holy Spirit who is the Comforter.  Turn on worship music.  Open your bible.  And pray…

This is how we turn from our idol worship and serve the Lord.

We must no longer sin because of our emotions – we must obey in spite of them!

The Lord showed me that in the valley that this nation is about to experience – it is His goal to kill our idol of comfort.  The coming tribulation to this nation is meant to be severe mercy. 

God loves every person in the world, but He will not bend His Truth to make people more comfortable in their sin. - Michael Youssef

If this nation is going to turn around, we must turn from our wicked ways.  We must turn from our idol of comfort and begin to pick up our crosses and follow the Lord – no matter how much we hurt.  

We must learn to obey His truth in spite of our fear and pain.

Jesus endured much pain on this earth.  He did not endure it so that you could FEEL good.  He came as an example of how to endure pain in this life.  He could have called upon twelve legions of angels to help him and COMFORT his pain (Mt 26:53) – but He obeyed His Father instead.

We must become like Him in His suffering. (Phil 3:10)

It is suffering that is about to come upon our nation.  We are going to experience quite a bit of pain in

this Valley of Death

– but God means it for our good.

He’s killing our idols.  He’s killing our comfort.  He’s destroying Babylon within us.  He’s turning our nation back to Him through a time of discipline.

It’s time to lay down our idols and preach the word of God – no matter how much pain it brings.

James 1:2-4 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.


God forgive me for turning to idols to comfort my emotions.  I am sorry that I have bowed to created things in order to make myself feel better.  You are the answer to my pain and I am willing to suffer for your Name.  Help me to only seek You in the midst of suffering.  I don’t want to be double minded any longer.  I ask for the grace of God to help me turn away from the idols in my life.  I ask You to burn the ways of Babylon out of my heart.  In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN.

The Tipping Point of the Government Mountain

This is my monthly article for Cindy Jacobs ministry,

One of the family stories I love hearing is from 1935 during the Great Depression. My grandfather was just out of high school when he found some surveyors examining the farmland owned by his father. When he approached and asked what they were doing, they informed him that the farm was being repossessed by the bank because the loan payments were not being made.

This news was a tipping point that caused my 19 year old grandfather to shift into high gear to help save the farm. He approached the bank for a loan to purchase some equipment and worked for his dad as a farm hand. He began to help his dad work himself out of the financial hole they were in.

As my grandfather’s five brothers graduated high school, they each spent two years working as farm hands. This caused the family farm to prosper greatly, enabling them to save it and to actually extend their territory during the Great Depression.

It was a huge mountain to climb, but they pulled together as a family, each person doing their part and laying down their lives. In the end, God rewarded them for it.

Remembering this story always encourages me to persevere when I walk through stormy seasons or feel like I am drowning. It inspires me to witness firsthand the fruit from the faithfulness of my grandfather and his brothers’ perseverance during the Great Depression.

Because my ancestors persevered through the trial and tribulation, I have hope. I know that if I simply remain faithful with what needs to be done, refusing to be afraid of the storm or the height of the mountain, then on the other side, I will prosper and extend my territory.

Perseverance is a spiritual principal that is part of my generational foundation. I have seen what my forefathers sowed, and now I am reaping their harvest.

I am reminded of these words from the apostle Paul...

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Prophecy: The Coming Madness and Chaos in America Is For Our Good

I had a dream a last week. I dreamt I was a little girl in pig tails and I was standing in front of Father God’s throne. He was massive and was sitting on his massive throne. He picked me up and put me beside Him on His throne so I could see. We looked out over the whole United States. He said to me, “I need for you to remember that everything that’s about to happen is for your good.”

I then saw a great dark fog come over the whole nation. I knew it was violence and chaos. I had a “knowing” that He had held back the violence for a time because He was lining everything up so He could turn the chaos for the good of His kingdom. End of Dream

Upon waking I heard the US Olympic Anthem written by Katy Perry called “Rise” in my spirit. I knew the song was prophetic and the words were meant for the United States of America

Here are some of the lyrics:

♫ I won't just survive

Oh, you will see me thrive

Can't write my story

I'm beyond the archetype

I won't just conform

No matter how you shake my core

'Cause my roots they run deep, oh

Oh, ye of so little faith

Don't doubt it, don't doubt it

Victory is in my veins

I know it, I know it

And I will not negotiate

I'll fight it, I'll fight it

I will transform

When, when the fire's at my feet again

And the vultures all start circling

They're whispering, "You're out of time”

But still I rise

Just when the enemies of the US would say “You’re out of time.”

The Lord says…

“NO! Victory is in the veins of America. The United States shall transform and she will rise!”

The Lord was speaking to me recently about Babylon and how He is about to use all of the madness and the chaos to burn the spirit of Babylon out of this nation. Everything that is not from Him is about to be shaken. Everything that is built on the foundation of the world’s systems is about to clash with the foundation of God’s throne which is built on righteousness and justice! In the midst of the chaos people will die. Madness will ensue. But if our faith is in the Lord we have nothing to fear… not even death.

The Lord loves this nation. We are the only nation that has ever been founded because people desired to worship Him freely. The root of the United States is planted in the freedom of worship because a people loved the Lord so much they risked everything to find a land in which they would be FREE to serve Him.

We are on the precipice of losing America to the Babylonian system. But God has heard the cries of His people. He has heard our cry for freedom from the corruption of Washington DC, the corruption in Hollywood. He has heard our cry for the unborn and He has heard our cry for justice and truth concerning inequality among race and gender.

He has heard out cries and God is about to hit the RESET button in America!

I have heard prophecies about both judgment coming to America and the glory coming to America. This is something that we have difficulty dividing correctly – God intends to bring both! God loves the United States, there are those who are innocent and have not shared in the sins of Babylon. There are people who do not partake of pride, idolatry, cruelty, and greed that live in this nation.

God is going to judge the Babylonian System inside of the United States and it will set us free. He is going to set us free from the Pharaohs who think they own this nation.  Every single Pharaoh from the top to the bottom will be unseated. From the White House to the Church, every single person who dwells in pride will be humbled.

We each need to ask God to judge our hearts – We need Him to judge us for any pride, idolatry, cruelty or greed! We must bow low because the sword of the Lord is coming and if you are standing up in rebellion in any way – the sword the Lord is going to take you down.

Humility in Christ is the only thing that will help us to survive the coming chaos. Complete dependence on the Lord is the opposite of Babylon. If we are standing on the Rock of Jesus when these storms hit – everything will be ALL right!

Haggai 2:6-9 is about to come true in the United States and we will once again become His!

“This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the LORD Almighty. ‘The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the LORD Almighty. 9 ‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the LORD Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the LORD Almighty.”

Steps to Wholeness:

Lord I humble myself before You. I pray that You would judge me if I have any pride, idolatry, cruelty or greed in my heart. Reveal it to me so that I might repent. Please help me to remember that the days of chaos that are coming are for my good. Thank You for turning our nation back to You! In Jesus Name, AMEN

The Root of Racism Is the Sin of Mastery

Jesus told us in the last days that nation will rise against nation. (Mt.24:7, Mk 13:8, Lk 21:10)  In the original Greek the actual terminology is “ethnos” will rise against “ethnos”… or race will rise against race.

We are seeing this play out before us in our news.  Unfair and biased police brutality by a few leading to vengeance against white cops by a few.  Most of our country is shocked by the images of violence that we have seen as of late.

But history is full of such images.  One race rising up against race.  Brother rising up against brother.

It began when Cain picked up a rock and threw it at his brother Abel’s head.  It began when Cain considered himself better than Abel and instead of mastering his own sin, he decided to be the Master over his brother.

Cain was full of pride.  He was jealous that the Lord did not receive his offering but DID receive his brother Abel’s offering.  He fell into depression and was pouting when the Lord corrected him with these words: "Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast?  If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it." (Gen. 4:6-7)

Cain did not humble himself.  Instead he lured his brother out into the field and he threw a rock at his head and killed him.  He believed the lie that he was better than his brother and took advantage of him.

Sounds just like racism doesn’t it.  One human being thinking they are better than another.

When human beings become prideful like Cain was and believe that they have more worth than their fellow human beings, they put themselves on a throne and and crown themselves as the Master.  This directly contradicts the nature of Christ:

Have the same mindset as Christ Jesus. Who, being in very nature God,  did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage;  rather,

he made himself nothing

by taking the very nature of a servant…he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death—even death on a cross!  (Phil 2:6-8)

I was praying one day and asking the Lord about where the root of slavery began in our nation. I wanted to plead the blood of Jesus over that root and war over it to see racism began to be healed…but the Holy Spirit surprised me by showing me that the root of slavery was called “Mastery.”

Mastery – when one person takes the place of Master or King over another. 

Every single war that has ever been fought has begun because one person or group thought they were better than another person or group.

Racism, misogyny, slavery, extreme feminism – all of these began because of the sin of Mastery.

As believers we must begin the process to healing the divide in our nation by humbling ourselves and acknowledging that we are not better than our fellow man.

Whites are not better than blacks.

Blacks are not better than whites.

Men are not better than women.

Women are not better than men.

Democrats are not better than Republicans.

Republicans are not better than Democrats.

The Haves are not better than the Have-Nots

The Have-Nots are not better than the Haves.

Police are not better than the citizens they protect.

The public citizens are not better than police.

Let the Holy Spirit bring to mind someone who you think is the most undesirable person in your community.  You are not better than this person.  You are equal in the sight of God.  The same blood was shed for you on the cross.

Anyone you think you are better than… you have put yourself on a pedestal above them.

Even someone who has sinned the worst sin you can think of:  Pedophiles, rapists, murderers, drunkards, prostitutes, drug addicts and so on and so forth… you are not better than they are.

Your “little” sins require the same blood to pay for it.

Paul talks about stepping down off of his “Mastery” throne becoming a servant to gain Christ in Philippians 3:5-9:

If anyone else thinks he has reasons to put confidence in the flesh, I have more: circumcised on the eighth day, of the people of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of Hebrews; in regard to the law, a Pharisee; as for zeal, persecuting the church; as for legalistic righteousness, faultless.

…But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ--the righteousness that comes from God and is by faith.

Elitism is a form of pride.  It is this pride that lies to us and says it is OK to call ourselves better than our brother.  If we continue down this path of pride without forgiveness and humility we will find ourselves in another civil war.

The answer to our deep divide in the nation is not to prove which person(s) have committed the most sins against each other…  This leads to an ongoing pendulum of Victim and Bully.

The answer is to acknowledge that we have all committed the sin of Mastery at some point in our lives.  The answer is to humble ourselves before the Lord and acknowledge our complete dependence upon God.  Apart from Him we are but dust.

I urge you today to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any sin of Mastery that you may have in your heart.  Do you think that you are better than your brother?  Do you think your race is better than another’s race?  Do you think that your sins aren’t as bad as another person’s sins?

Remember that we do not have a righteousness of our own by observing the “law” but our righteousness comes from God and is by faith.


Lord we humble ourselves before You and ask You to begin to heal the divide in our nation.  Begin with me by revealing any sin I may have in my heart.  I want to master my sin not my brothers!

(I have written a book that goes more in depth about the sin of Mastery.  It is called The Battle for Peace: Who Is Your Master?  You can read a sample on Amazon by clicking this link.)

The Lack of Justice in Our Nation Is a Reflection of the Church

I became a worship pastor in my late 20s.  Joining church leadership was the last thing on my mind growing up – I wanted to be a music teacher. 

But for His own reasons God opened the door for me to be among pastors and elders and I had no idea about the learning curve that I was about to experience.  Over the last 20 years I have been blessed and alarmed to be able to see the good, the bad and the ugly in God’s Church.

Jealousy, arrogance, sexual sin, misogyny, politics, money, power and manipulation were plainly in operation in the Church.  God set my heart on fire to see His Bride purged of these false idols and to return to the One True God.

I am heartbroken over the lack of justice in our nation, and I firmly believe that what is happening in our nation is directly tied to what is happening in the Church.  The lack of justice in our nation starting at the top with Secretary Clinton all the way down to the police brutality on the streets… could all of this lawlessness have actually started in the church?

I am here to tell you it’s true!  The lack of justice our nation is experiencing ALL started in the Church.

As I have witnessed church leadership over the years, the lawlessness in the church has only increased, because people are not being held accountable for their sin.

Pastors are letting God’s people get away with sexual sins with just a slap on the wrist… if that!   I believe a lot of it stems from the fact that pastors themselves are being tempted sexually… therefore it causes them to offer extreme grace to those who are actually walking in sin.

The lack of the fear of the Lord causes us to want to offer more grace than the Lord would give to a person.  We don’t want to offend the sheep so we offer greasy grace.

There is a lack of accountability specifically to people who have money.  The people who are the “financial supporters” of the church are handled with kid gloves and are given special treatment.

Pastors are receiving gossip and slander about sheep in the flock as truth without actually going to the people and walking out Matthew 18.

In pastoral marriage counselling, favor is given to the husbands.  When a marriage is in trouble, women are blamed for not sexually pleasing their husbands, and told that if they would simply submit MORE – the marriage would be fixed.  To give favor to a husband and demand the wife do all of the changing is misogyny.

Jealousy and greed for power are rampant in the church.  Instead of bringing correction, church leadership compromises and grants positions in the Church without first inquiring of God.  (Hosea 8:4)

There is no justice in the Church these days because church leadership goes easy on sin.  The lie that “it is not Christlike to confront someone’s sin” is a terrible travesty!  (I am not talking about confronting those who are not in the Church of their sin.  I am speaking of the sin in the Body of Christ.)

Leadership in the church has become like the prophet Eli who did not correct his sons. 

“For his sons reviled God, and he did not correct them in any way” (1 Kg./l Sam. 3:13)

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of God’s throne (Psalm 9:14) but they are no longer the foundation of the Church.

(Of course, I realize I am making sweeping generalizations there are exceptions but a majority of the Church no longer addresses sin.)

Eli refused to question his sons about why they did the wicked things they did.  In their greed, they stole meat from the Lord’s offering.  They had sex with women in the temple.  The Bible says that Eli’s sons were “scoundrels and had no regard for the Lord.”  1 Samuel 2:12

Isn’t that where the Church is today?  We are filled with scoundrels who do not fear the Lord and live however they want because the spiritual fathers and mothers have not rebuked them for their sin.  We don’t want to offend the sheep.  We don’t want to address sexual sin and possibly hurt the feelings of our spiritual sons and daughters.

Lawlessness ruled in Israel when Eli and his sons were in charge of the temple.  There was no justice because there was no accountability.  There is no justice in most of the Church today either.  Just like Eli refused to confront sin, the Church refuses to confront sin and then follow through with discipline.

Our lovey dovey grace-filled idea of God doesn’t agree with His word.  Specifically Paul tells us to treat sinners who do not repent like pagans or tax collectors. (Matt. 18:17)  Paul himself directed the Corinthian Church to turn people over to Satan who would not repent of their sin.  (1 Cor. 5:5)  We would never think of that in today’s church.

Jesus even rebuked the Church of his day with harsh words in Matthew 23:27-28

"Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men's bones and all uncleanness. "So you, too, outwardly appear righteous to men, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.”

If we are going to be true sons and daughters of the King we must return to justice and the rebuking of sin in the Church.

We must repent and return to the fear of the Lord. 

The Church needs Fathers and Mothers!  Sexual sin deserves discipline.  Money cannot be used as a manipulator and those who try to use it should be punished.  Pride and greed must be confronted.  Matthew 18 must be followed ALL the way through!

“For the LORD disciplines those he loves, and he punishes each one he accepts as his child."  Hebrews 12:6

The Church has no standing to call for justice in our nation – when they, themselves are not operating on the foundation of justice and righteousness.  God says if His people repent, pray and turn from our wicked ways – He will hear from heaven and He will heal our land. (2 Chron. 7:14)

If there is no justice in the Church, how can we demand justice in our secular culture?  They are simply a reflection of the Church.  But if we will return to the fear of the Lord and begin to uphold justice and righteousness we will see a shift happen in our nation.

When the lack of justice in the Church is addressed by its leaders, God will address the lack of justice in our nation.

“When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.”

Proverbs 21:15

The Key to Discipling Nations


Generals International


Renewing our Minds for Reformation

As reformers carrying a desire to see God move in a powerful way across our nation, we all sometimes need encouragement and fresh perspective.

It is my prayer for all of us to renew our minds and increase our faith that God can redeem, restore and renew America to be a shining city on a hill.

One area of our minds to focus on renewing comes from Matthew 28:19-20. Jesus commanded us make disciples of all nations and teach them to observe all His commands, but often, we slip into a mode of simply making converts instead. Making disciples moves beyond just getting people into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; it is teaching them about God’s ways and wisdom.

Surveying the Land

The Arts and Entertainment mountain is doing a very good job of discipling our nation. (If you are new to the concept of mountains of influence, start here.) People in television, sports, music, and social media are teaching our nation the secular commandments to obey.

Very few people outside of the Church are listening to the Church mountain; therefore, if we are going to effectively disciple our nation, we must begin to think differently about the relevance of bringing the teachings of Jesus into every part of our society, such as business, education, government and the like.

I firmly believe that if we will open our hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit, He will show us how to return the true mandate of discipling nations by introducing His kingdom into every facet of our nation.

Personally, I am most fascinated with the way Oprah has discipled our nation.  


Life Beyond Thunderdome: When Heroes Become Tyrants

  This song has been playing in my head recently.  I think it reflects my thoughts about our current political and cultural climate. 

♫ Out of the ruins, out from the wreckage

Can't make the same mistake this time

We are the children, the last generation

We are the ones they left behind

And I wonder when we are ever gonna change it

Living under the fear till nothing else remains

We don't need another hero

We don't need to know the way home

All we want is life beyond the thunderdome ♫

Tina Turner sang this theme song in 1985.  It was for a movie called “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.”  In it, Tina Turner played the ruthless ruler of a post-apocalyptic civilization.  The creator of the movie, George Miller, said in an interview that they wanted to give the sense that she was a genuine hero before she built her town.  But because she became a  “holdfast”and would not let go of her world in order to allow the next, natural change to happen she had to become a tyrant to keep it all in order. 

“Today’s tyrant is yesterday’s hero.” – George Miller

This thought of a  “holdfast” is intriguing to me because we are surrounded by people who are holding fast to their positions of power or authority that give them false identity and ultimately keeps us enslaved in a “Thunderdome.”

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were both  “holdfasts.”  They started out as heroes but ended up tyrants who were enthralled by their power. 

As I am a lover of the geek world, I submit to you that Darth Vader is a great example of a “holdfast.”

 In the story, he originally was the hero, but his pain made him grasp for power to fill the void and his identity was given over to “the dark side.”   In the Word, King Saul was a “holdfast.”

  The first King of Israel, who was chosen by God, loved being the hero so much that he attempted to hang onto his power by killing his successor, David.

In the Church, a  “holdfast” is an elder or pastor who has been in a particular position FOR-EVER, never letting go of their seat on the board because of the power they hold.  Their time on the board has long surpassed the time that God intended for them to have because they loved the power that it gave them.  If these leaders keep their power through fleshly efforts, they will end up being authoritarian and will use fear and control to keep their position.

In the family structure, parents hold on too long to their children.  When our children are young, we ARE their heroes.  But there is a certain age at which we must cut them loose to be the keepers of their own lives.  If we hold fast to our children too long – we will end up becoming their tyrant and possibly driving them away because they feel controlled. 

Some are holding fast to the political authority.  This is why we have people in congress for 40 years at a time.  They are cogs in the wheel who have outlived their allotted time in office yet refuse to move from their seat to allow the next generation their appointed time at the helm.  In the meantime, they have become ineffective at their job because if they are not called by God to the seat in which they are sitting they have to manipulate to keep their authority.

That’s why John the Baptist was such an enigma.  He didn’t care about his power.  He didn’t care what people thought of him.  He was willing to step down from ministry and “become less” because of the natural order of the Kingdom.  John was a representation of how the flow of leadership in the Kingdom of God is supposed to go. When Jesus showed up, John stepped down. The Pharisees and Sadducees are the representations of the  “holdfast” tyrants of Jesus’s time.

In fact, these religious  “holdfasts” of Jesus’s day, ended up crucifying Him because they were holding so tightly to their power.

Friends – we must renew our thinking about position and power in the Kingdom of God.  We don’t need another hero who hangs onto his power so long that he becomes a tyrant. 

The key to lasting freedom in our churches, in our families and in our nation is to let God’s natural order take its place.  God’s natural rhythm is evidenced in the word of God when Jesus comes to take over for John the Baptist.  When God’s next choice for leadership comes, we must let that leader become greater while we become less.  Holding onto power out of season will affect your eternal reward.  If you serve the living God, this world is not your kingdom, it is His.

Joshua instructed the Israelites in Joshua 23:5-8:

“But be very careful to keep the commandment and the law that Moses the servant of the Lord gave you: to love the Lord your God, to walk in obedience to him, to keep his commands, to

hold fast

to him and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul.”

As Believers the only thing we are to

hold fast

to is God.  To hold fast to anything else will cause trouble and hardship to ourselves and others.

John the Baptist did not need power.  He did not need man’s approval.  He did not need anyone to like him.  He prepared the Bride for the Bridegroom but did not accept the admiration of the Bride.  He did not consider himself a hero.  He was simply carrying out the duty given to him… to prepare the way of the Lord.

If you are convicted of  holding fast to something that you are not supposed to, repent now and put it into God’s hands.  Lay down whatever it is in this world that you are holding onto and wrap your arms around God and hold fast to Him.

It is my prayer that our nation can rise up and find life beyond the Thunderdome in which we are now living.  The tyrants of government and pop culture are getting old.  A revolution may be in order – but let us remember that we will repeat the mistakes of the past if we hold onto power too long.  Let us not escape Thunderdome in order to create another one.  May the generations to come have the wisdom of John the Baptist.  “He must become greater, we must become less.”

The Dethroning of the Pharaohs in America

I had a dream several months ago about 8 men and women who were lying in a twin bed.  They were bickering and fighting because they could not control the election.  They were all used to having a say in who would be the President of the United States.  I only knew two of the men; George Soros and Roger Ailes.  There were four other men and two women who were in the very small bed.  Interpretation:  They were in bed together – so they were in alliance with each other.)

One of them called for a henchman and told him to go and blackmail a candidate so they could get control of it again.  I took a green three ring binder and began to hit the henchman over the head and I yelled, “We want free and fair elections!”  End of the dream.

So this is how I have been praying over the elections. 

God I ask You for FREE and FAIR elections.

The men and women in the twin bed in my dream had elevated themselves as the “King makers.”  They had decided that they were the ones in charge of the election and that the people could not obviously think for themselves.  They wanted a President who was a puppet they could control.  It probably all comes down to money and power.  And they are willing to make US citizens slaves to their regime.

That is what a Pharaoh is -  a ruler who uses people as slaves to build his own kingdom.

We have a lot of self-proclaimed Pharaohs in the US.  They rule over different areas in our nation.  Everything from the political establishments to the local city councils.  These kings use people as slaves to build their own kingdoms.  They have decided that they are the owners of an area of society and they use propaganda and manipulate until people follow after them blindly.

There are Pharaohs of the economy, Pharaohs of the pharmaceutical industry.  There are Pharaohs of the farming industry, Pharaohs of professional sports. There are self-proclaimed Pharaohs of nations, states and cities. 

Most disturbingly there are men and women who have set themselves up as Pharaohs of God’s Church.  These men and women dare to act like they are the ones who need to be obeyed.  They dare to believe they own God’s Church.

These Pharaohs in America are about to come down.

The Lord is about to Pass-Over America….

Those who have the Lamb’s blood on their doorposts will be saved.  Those who do not will be destroyed.  Those who serve the Lord with all of their hearts and are building His Kingdom will be protected.  But those who are building a kingdom for themselves are about to be dethroned. Whatever the Lord has built will stand and whatever has been built for another’s kingdom will be destroyed.  God will not give His glory to another!

The I AM is about to dethrone the Pharaohs and set His people free!

They have been given time to repent.  But the time has come – the threshold has been passed.  God will not be mocked.  He is about to show these Pharaohs who really holds the world in His hands!

Look at what God said to Pharaoh through the prophet Ezekiel:

"I am against you, Pharaoh king of Egypt,

you great monster lying among your streams.

You say, "The Nile is mine;

I made it for myself."

But I will put hooks in your jaws

and make the fish of your streams stick to your scales.

I will pull you out from among your streams,

with all the fish sticking to your scales.

I will leave you in the desert,

you and all the fish of your streams.

You will fall on the open field

and not be gathered or picked up.

I will give you as food

to the beasts of the earth and the birds of the air.

Then all who live in Egypt will know that I am the LORD.

Ezekiel 29:3-6

Everything that is about to happen in America is to set people free from those who have set themselves up as Pharaohs.  The “plagues” that are about to come up on us are meant to bring judgment on the people who have elevated themselves to the status of god.

George Soros will soon understand that he does not “own the Nile” and will not be allowed to take down entire nations through economic manipulation. The Hollywood elite will soon understand that they do not own the “airwaves” in America.  Even the little churches of 50 and 100 who are ruled by Pharaohs will understand that God WILL have His church.  One way or another.

It is time to be brave.

It is time to be bold.

America is about to go through a

“Valley of Death” (click here)

but it is meant to be a valley of severe mercy!

There has never been a more important time to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God! 

How Patriarchy Is Killing the American Church

Let me begin this discourse by saying I am not a feminist.  I think the word feminist has been hijacked by women who hate men.  Even though there are some women with right motives using the word “feminist”, I honestly think there is no way to redeem that word in our culture.  Furthermore, I think feminism in America was birthed on the wrong foundation.  It as birthed with a seed that was saturated in selfishness and anger.  Those kinds of seeds only produce more selfishness and anger.

However… I AM a suffragist.

A suffragist believes that women should be equal to men and have the right to vote.  We are equal to men in every way.  Not over men, but also not under them.  Not angry at men, but not subservient either. Women should not be second class citizens who have no power.

(Read about the difference between Feminists and Suffragists by clicking here.)

Women deserve the right to vote in every facet of society.  They deserve the right to vote in the government, in the marketplace, in the home and in the church.  Women deserve the right to influence policy in all of these areas.  Women’s suffrage is the persistence that women deserve equality with men.

Our nation was founded in a Patriarchal society where men had all of the power and the women had none.  This largely was due to the church at that time.


a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it.

The false belief system of Patriarchy teaches that women in general should be subject to men. The Bible teaches no such thing.  This belief system begins with the lie that Eve was created to be a helper to Adam and serve Adam’s needs.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. The woman’s purpose was to help Adam rule and reign over the earth… not to support Adam so he could do all of the ruling and reigning.  She was created to HELP Adam co-reign.  Eve was Adam’s equal.

“Women are not to be the de facto slaves of men. Women are created with dignity equal to that of men. Women have direct and unmediated access to God. Daughters should not be taught that their only and ultimate purpose in life is to be the “helpmeet” of a man. While being a godly wife is a worthy ideal, the only statement that is universally true for every woman is that she should love and serve God as her highest priority.”

  Michael Farris, HSLDA Chairman and Chancellor of Patrick Henry College

Women have made great strides in equality in government and in the marketplace.  There are still some unbalanced scales of justice that need to be balanced in these areas – but there is progress and I can believe that we will see equality in these areas in my lifetime. 

However when it comes to Christendom, women are not equal in the home or the church.  We lag far behind in the effort to see true power being restored to women.  I will leave addressing the lack of equality in the home to another time.  But I do want to address the inequality for women in the church and how it is destroying the American church.

I have been involved in some sort of church leadership in small town America since 1999 when I was 26 years old.  I would have to say I have pretty much experienced every kind of rejection from men AND women that you can imagine. 

When sharing my “calling” with men, I have been slapped with legalistic Bible phrases and told that women simply weren’t born with the right mind to lead because they were more susceptible to deception.  Mind you,

I was given my calling by God...not men. (click here to read more)

I had an older woman pull me aside once and say honey, you need to stop this leadership thing and go back to your husband and fulfill whatever calling he has.  When I asked her what she thought Deborah did?  She replied that Deborah probably washed her husband’s clothes and fixed him supper.

One time I when I was trying to describe my heart about a woman’s place in church leadership to an elder, that we wanted to be partners with him in leadership, like that of a wife… he retorted that “a woman has been trouble before and she’ll be trouble again.”

In the Garden of Eden, Eve was not given to Adam to help him fulfill his calling.  She was given the same calling as Adam.  Adam had his gifts – Eve had hers.  Together they were one flesh and they were told to rule over the earth.  They co-reigned.

I refuse to comply with Christian patriarchy anymore.  I have a voice.  I have a purpose from God.  I intend to climb to the fullness of who God called “woman” to be.  I invite men to climb this mountain with me – It is my proposition that we reign over the earth together as men and women, as Adam and Eve did, the way God intended.

I am not a b*tch.  I am not a Jezebel. 

I am however – Deborah, Esther, Miriam, Lydia and Phoebe all rolled into one.  I am powerful because of who God created me to be.  I usurp authority from no one.  I simply demand the right to use the influence I was given in the Garden of Eden.  I am half of “man.”  I am half of “Adam.”  

Without the voice of Eve, Adam is only half right.

Women see things from a perspective that men cannot.  Men see things from a perspective that women cannot.  The problem is men who believe in patriarchy have programmed women to think we are being godly and obedient if we allow men to be the “masters.”   This was never God’s intention.

By not allowing women to have influence as elders and pastors, the American church has one hand tied behind its back.  The preposterous thing about this is that men are the ones doing the tying.

It’s about to “get real” in our nation.  We are about to experience spiritual warfare like never before, and if men don’t untie the hand that is behind their back and let women fight alongside of them -  you will soon see entire churches fold. 

Churches will crumble because a woman held the key to victory and she wasn't allowed to have a seat at the table.

When Jesus was resurrected, Mary Magdalene was given the revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She was the first person to understand that Jesus was alive and He was about to change EVERYTHING!  The Lord gave her directions to GO AND TELL his disciples this new revelation.

They refused to listen.

So the revelation came to them a few days later when Jesus appeared to them personally.  

Men – I plead with you - don’t be like the disciples who dismissed the most important revelation in history simply because it came from a woman. 

We did not labor in suffrage just to bring the vote to women but to allow women to express their opinions and become effective in government. Men and women are like right and left hands; it doesn't make sense not to use both.

Jeanette Rankin (First elected congresswoman 1916)

Would God Vote For Donald Trump?

Well – it feels like the primaries are taking FOREVER to get to my state.  Our primary is in May.  We really don’t get a say in who our candidates will be because it will already be decided by the rest of America.  Honestly I don’t want to vote for Trump.  I have my own ideas of who I’d like to see in the Oval Office.

I like Trump’s boldness. I like his courage and the way he speaks his mind without worrying what people think. BUT…

He’s offensive.  He’s abrasive.  He’s impulsive.  He’s an adulterer.  He’s lustful. He’s a liar.  He’s prideful.  He’s a bully.  He’s narcissistic. He’s vulgar. He’s a swindler.  He’s childish. He’s full of wrath. He’s greedy.

It doesn’t seem to me that this would be the kind of man God would vote for.

Except, if I really examine the Word of God this is what I find…

God voted for Noah who drank too much.

He voted for Abraham who was a liar.

He voted for Jacob who was a swindler and a liar.

He voted for Moses even though he was a murderer and was almost killed for ignoring the Abrahamic Covenant of circumcision.

He voted for Rahab the prostitute to be in the lineage of Jesus.

He voted for Samson though he was filled with lust.

He voted for Gideon who was a wimp.

He voted for David to stay in office twice. Once after adultery & murder, once after overweening pride.

He voted for Solomon though his mother was an adulteress.

He voted for Jehu who was extremely violent.

He voted for Nebuchadnezzar to come back to the throne after seven years of pride.

He voted for a pagan King Cyrus to permit the wall around Jerusalem to be rebuilt.

He voted for Peter who flip flopped on the issues when the going got tough.

He voted for Mary Magdalene who had 7 demons to be the first person who carried the gospel message.

He voted for Paul who was a murderer.

I don’t want to vote for a person like Donald Trump. 

But looking at God’s track record, He has voted for people like him in the past…

Grace Wins Everytime... Even for America!

I can’t get it out of my head!!  It’s Matthew West’s new song “Grace Wins.”  ♫ There’s a war between guilt and grace and they’re fighting for a sacred space But I’m living proof Grace wins every time! ♫

My friend Ginger introduced me to “Grace Wins.”  Her personal story is one that is riddled with pain and a few poor choices.  It has been a long valley with three divorces, many jobs, and children who have experienced great trauma.

I am so proud of my friend Ginger.  She continually got up and kept going.  She forgave those who hurt her.  She did not hold only bitterness.  She did not quit. 

By the Grace of God she has made it through her valley.  She has reached the other side and boy does she have a story to tell!  Finally finding the husband she’s always prayed for.  She is a pastor’s wife.  She has a job that she is thriving at.  She’s making good money with health insurance.  And to top it off – her kids are all flourishing.  The enabling power of God's grace helped her to OVERCOME!

Her 15 year valley could have caused her such shame and guilt that she could still be holed up in an isolated apartment somewhere.  But in the war between guilt and grace --- she chose GRACE! 

She chose to let GRACE cover her mistakes.  She chose to let GRACE cover her pain.  She chose GRACE over her guilt.  My friend Ginger says she is the “Woman at the Well” - and she is living proof that between guilt and grace… the GRACE of God wins EVERYTIME!!

There's a war between guilt and grace
And they're fighting for a sacred space
But I'm living proof
Grace wins every time
No more lying down in death's defeat
Now I'm rising up in victory
Singing, hallelujah
Grace wins every time.

For the prodigal son…Grace wins
For the woman at the well…Grace wins
For the blind man and the beggar…Grace wins
For always and forever…Grace wins
For the lost out on the streets…Grace wins
For the worst part of you and me…Grace wins
For the thief on the cross…Grace wins
For a world that is lost… Grace wins

It’s like ALL of the Believers in my life are singing this song, loving this song and posting on Facebook.

I was taking a walk the other day and praying.  This song was playing loudly in my head. I said, “Lord, why is this song playing so loud?  Are you trying to speak to me about it?”

And the Lord downloaded a prophetic word for America concerning the coming season.

For the Lord would say:

My people, GRACE wins!  It wins in your personal lives, when I pulled you out of the mud of your sins and washed you off and called you Mine!  It was My grace that enabled you to overcome your sin and your past.

But can My GRACE not enable a country to overcome as well?  Is My grace so short that I cannot bring your country back from the brink of destruction.

You, America, are the prodigal.  You are the woman at the well.  You are the blind man and the beggar.  You are the thief on the cross.  You are lost America and for YOU My GRACE WINS!

Let your bitterness go.  Let your fear go.  Let your worry go.  I am about to show you how deep My Grace goes.  Choose Grace America – not guilt!

I am writing a story in America that will bring glory to Me for eternity!

I will not give my glory to another…My Grace Wins… even in America.