Pathway to Purpose - Ralph


A 'first-timer' gentleman name Ralph started Pathway to Purpose a month ago. He is about 60 and he was very shy and wouldn't look anyone in the eyes. Our Teammate Kate Studt prayed over him the first night he came and told Ralph that God called him A GOOD MAN! That really touched Ralph and he began to cry. Every week now you can see a little more life in
Ralph...His wife says he has been reading the Word everyday.

AND THEN LAST NIGHT God had a word for us through Ralph!!!! He said, "I hear the Lord saying that 'The River of God is HERE!'" You can imagine the surprise on everyone when he so forcefully proclaimed God's word among us. His sister died last Friday and he said someone must have been praying for him because he could REALLY feel God on Saturday.

In four short weeks, God can redeem, restore and use you to be His mouthpiece!
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Pathway to Purpose Testimony - a Healing!


A few weeks ago I was not feeling well for our meeting - but 'God's show' must go on! I almost had laryngitis but could push through to still be heard - I sounded terrible! We were praying for different needs when one of the wives raises her hand and says "Someone needs to pray for my husband, he has shoulder pain and
he struggles believing that God can heal because he's never seen it happen!" So we begin to pray for his shoulder, I was struggling to push my voice to pray aloud and all of a sudden I realized that my voice was completely normal. No more raspiness - no more pushing through - it was just NORMAL!

I started to laugh and I said to the gentlemen, "God just healed my voice in front of you so that you could no longer say that you have never seen anyone healed!" He also began to laugh and opened his heart to being healed.

I just spoke to him a few minutes ago and he said his shoulder doesn't bother him at all now. Go God!

Pathway to Purpose Testimony - Tisha Sledd at a bar?


So I felt led through the Holy Spirit to scout a Christian band for FaithFest that was actually playing at a bar here in New Castle. My friend Andrea Whisman and I felt great peace from the Lord to go to the bar for the performance. While there one of our members of Pathway to Purpose saw me there and exclaimed: “Tisha Sledd at a bar???” (I think she said that twice – and really loud!) Needless to say
her sister was also there hurting DEEPLY! She was so glad to see me because I had recently officiated their mother’s funeral. As the band began to play I invited her out to my van to pray with her. Her situation was so desperate and her depression and torment so real – the only way that I could see us getting anywhere is to ask her if she wanted to invite Jesus into her heart. AND she did! She gave her life to the Lord and took her pain and grief – put it in a suitcase and laid it before the cross!! Outside Hoosier Daddy’s!!

This is what the Body of Christ must get over if we are going to see the poor in spirit be restored. We must get over our self-righteousness. We must get over staying on the ‘right’ side of the tracks. God needs for us to go after the lost instead of expecting them to come to our church buildings. This woman gave her life to the Lord because I had previously built a relationship with their family. People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care. If He asks, are you willing to go to a bar for Christ?

PATHWAY TO PURPOSE | from assistance to significance

PATHWAY TO PURPOSE (Women of Hope/Men of Strength):

In 2007, God stirred our hearts with a ministry to a forgotten part of New Castle. I haven't spoken much about this ministry as we felt it important to keep it under the radar. But I had a dream the other night in which God wanted me to be more open about it. So here goes...

WE BEGAN Women of Hope as an outreach to the mothers of Eastwood school in 2007. It was evangelistic to begin with - just bringing HOPE to many
women who were desperate for it. We did everything from Chocolate University to Mary Kay Makeovers:) Every year we did a Queen for a Day event where the Eastwood Cafeteria looked like we held a prom! Each woman would get a rose and was escorted by a handsomely dressed gentleman who treated her with respect and dignity and waited on them at their table. We handed them HOPE from the only place where it can truly come from - Jesus.

THERE CAME A POINT several years into the ministry that we felt established in these women's lives and that it was time to help them begin to climb their "Mountain of Purpose." Many of these women were simply going around the same mountain year after year. Making the same decisions again and again which kept them in a perpetual prison. We needed for them to begin to develop climbing muscles to achieve their God-given purpose. Thus began the discipleship/mentoring shift of the ministry. It was time to stop giving hand outs and start giving hand ups! 
We have had much help over the past 8 years. From those who have prayed with us to those who have labored with us - we are truly grateful for you - May God richly reward you for giving these women a 'hand up'!

LAST YEAR we added 'Men of Strength' to our group which my husband Tom Sledd oversees. Now the women who come also bring their husbands and boyfriends. We believe that by creating a stronger family unit - that we create a stronger community. We want every person in New Castle to be fulfilling their purpose whether that is being a doctor, a business owner, a sales clerk or a foster grandparent.
WE ARE NOW CALLED Pathway to Purpose. And we don't just serve Eastwood anymore - we are not here for people in a poor socioeconomic status - we are here for the poor in spirit.
If you or someone you know is tired of going around and around the same mountain - we invite you to join us at Pathway to Purpose. It is a 7 week intense Christ-centered mentoring session beginning January 29 at Foursquare Gospel Church. It is a place where you can come and lay down your burdens and your shame - rich or poor, young or old, sinner or saint ...just come as you are!
GOD HAS A PLAN for you and we want to help you up your mountain!!