The Sealing Up Prayer - Victorious Prayer Tool Box

Every time we do Spiritual Warfare at Tisha Sledd Ministries we seal it up by praying this prayer.
We have found it to be invaluable in keeping us safe from the backlash that comes from messing with the devil and his kingdom.

When we pass it out to people at seminars we tell them it is a piece of spiritual gold.  We have paid a high price to understand this "sealing up" strategy.  Every time we were attacked after praying through spiritual warfare, we sought the Holy Spirit about how to protect ourselves from the backlash next time.  This is the list of what the Holy Spirit taught us to do.

Our recommendation is to pray ALL of it EVERY SINGLE TIME you do Spiritual Warfare - even if it is a little thing.  You will save yourself a lot of pain and spiritual attacks by praying this prayer. (We keep a copy on our phones so we have it with us at all times.)

We are happy to share our piece of gold with you.
  1. We establish everything we just prayed through by the blood of Jesus Christ.  We seal it up like a Ziploc bag.  Nothing can be taken from what we just did.  Lord send your Angels to protect the land we just took from the enemy. (1 Peter 3:22)
  2. We pray that all demonic debris would be swept up to the feet of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 8:31 - if Jesus can tell them where to go so can we.)
  3. We pray that LIFE would inhabit every place that was just uprooted. (1 John 5:16, Matthew 15:13)
  4. We come against demonic rulers, authorities, powers, and evil spirits along with their along with all their works, roots, fruits, tentacles and links. (Eph 6:12)
  5. We pray for a hedge of protection by the blood of Jesus around every person involved in the warfare.  We pray a hedge around our minds, homes, families, finances, possessions, health, jobs and ministries. (Job 1:10, Ps 91)
  6. We release warring angels to go out against the backlash. (2 Kings 6:16, Daniel 10:13)
  7. We pray for a spirit of judgment and fire to come against the ‘Devourer,’ the ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Famine’ in Jesus Name! (Is. 4:4)
  8. We declare that we are hidden in you and that our exploits will not be recorded in hell. (Psalm 143:9)
  9. We pray for prosperity and increase in every way over our lives. (3 John 1:2)

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