Monday, August 21, 2017

Prophecy: Asking God for the Nation of Hollywood

“If you’re going to be a prophet to a culture, you’ve got to at least be in the room!”  - Bishop Harry Jackson

I heard an enlightening TV interview of Bishop Harry Jackson this past week regarding President Trump. Bishop Jackson is on the President’s religious advisory council. Anderson Cooper questioned him for why he was still there (inferring President Trump’s support for white supremacists).  Just like Daniel in Daniel 2:14 - Bishop Jackson responded with great wisdom and tact.  He said to Mr. Cooper, “If you’re going to be a prophet to a culture, you’ve got to at least be in the room!”

 It was such a brilliant response from Bishop Jackson because what Mr. Cooper really wanted him to do was to abandon Donald Trump. (Watch the clip by clicking HERE.)

But hating Donald Trump (or Barack Obama) gets us nowhere. Helping leaders of a nation by being present in the room and advising him with godly counsel or is the wise step to take.  Hate and offense do nothing to help shape this nation.

As Believers, we should be the first to understand that it is love and patience and kindness that help us speak to the culture. It is by being deeply patient and not being offended that we react to the culture like Christ did. The Church cannot help to influence our country if we are so offended that we abandon our Commander-in-Chief (no matter what side of the aisle they are from).

The same is true of Hollywood. The church is so offended at some of the evil and filth coming out of Hollywood that we have abandoned the Arts and Entertainment part of our culture. There are very few prophets in Hollywood. (Kudos to the Hollywood Prophets who remain strong!) The church has abandoned Hollywood and has left it to the wolves.

Presently, there are no redeemers, there are no restorers, and no deliverers on the Hollywood mountain.  If anyone does try to speak to the culture with kindness and hope, the religious spirit in the Church rises up to condemn and tear down because we can’t see past our offense at their sin.

When Mel Gibson fell in his sin, after giving the Church the movie The Passion of the Christ, the Church abandoned him.  We were offended by his drunkenness and anti-semitic statements.  What we should have done is reached out to him and helped restore him – not walk away in disgust.  Mel Gibson broke open the way for God’s Kingdom in Hollywood – we should be begging God to restore this prophet to the Arts and Entertainment mountain!

We have been so afraid of messy sin that we walked the other way. This is not what Jesus did at all!  He ran towards the hurting and the sinful. It was the proud that he resisted the self-righteous Pharisees that he rebuked. The Church has treated Hollywood as though they are lepers when what they actually are …is hurting and broken sinners.

There are so many people in Hollywood, actors, directors, camera people, stuntman, crew workers, who are precious to the Lord. They are called to an important part of our culture.  But the Church is afraid of the messiness of their sin, that they refuse to send “missionaries” to them.

We must admit that our culture is just as much affected by what happens in Hollywood as it is with what happens in Washington DC. I believe that Jesus is preparing the missionaries to take this mountain to begin to prophesy to the culture. Just like Bishop Jackson said you can't influence the culture without being in the room.  We cannot influence Hollywood if we don't have people on the mountain.

It is time to stop hating Hollywood! We must begin to pray for this part of our culture to turn to the Lord with all of their hearts.  They are not beyond redemption. They are not beyond the hand of the Lord. His blood was spilled for them as well.

God is the Great Storyteller, and he wants to use Hollywood in these last days to bring in a great harvest!

This is a prophetic word that God gave me regarding Hollywood recently.  Open your hearts to what God wants to do.  Let the Holy Spirit convict you if you are guilty of condemnation.  Hollywood was God’s idea!

In Psalm 2:8 the Lord instructs us to ask for the nations for our inheritance.  I am asking God for the "nation" of Hollywood for my inheritance!  Are you willing to boldly believe that Hollywood could become Holy?

For the Lord would say, “Hollywood, how often I have longed to gather you in my arms! As a Good Father, I long to hold you and comfort you in your pain. I long to set you free from the prison matrixes that the enemy has kept you captive in.”
“I loved telling stories to the people when I walked the earth. I loved capturing their hearts and minds as I told them stories to help them in their journey. Hollywood, you are in My heart,” says the Lord. “I planned you from the beginning. You will tell My story. You will glorify Me in these last days. You will ultimately be a scepter in My hand, and I will use you to beat back your enemy and the enemy of My kingdom. I Am fashioning you as a scepter in My hand.”
“But now, you need My comfort. You have been beaten and accused, oppressed and taken advantage of by those who have lusted for power and greed. Many, many young people in Hollywood have been at the mercy of those who control the puppet strings. But I have not forgotten you!” says the Lord. “I will bring you justice. I will dethrone the Pharaohs of Hollywood. I call out to the broken in Hollywood. I call out to the weary. I call out to those who have been traumatized by the Hollywood Pharaohs. Come unto Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart. I desire mercy, not judgment. Let me heal your hearts,” declares the Lord. “Let me heal your souls and deliver you from the torment of your pain.”
“You have been experiencing the pain of being neglected by your earthly ‘fathers.’ But I have not left you orphaned. I Am here!” says the Almighty. “My arms are open to you Hollywood. I'm going to give you justice. Hollywood is MINE!" says the Lord. "For I Am the Great Storyteller. The greatest part of the story is just ahead. I intend to use Hollywood to bring in a great harvest. But first, let me heal your hearts! Let My comfort bring up the valleys in your souls and then I will bring down the mountains! Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow I will do amazing things among you!” says the Lord.

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