Thursday, August 3, 2017

It's Time to Burn the Barbie Dream House

I've had one.

You've had one.

We all have built up a Barbie Dream House in our minds about what our lives should look like.

They are all a little different and yet somehow they are all the same. They are the the little picture perfect life that we want our lives to resemble.

We spend our time, money, and energy trying to achieve our Barbie Dream Houses. We believe that if we could just achieve it - we would have peace.

But it's a lie.

As Believers in Jesus Christ, our peace must come from Him alone.

If we gain peace because we have achieved a perceived circumstance in our lives, it is actually a false peace. And the Barbie Dream House has become an idol.

We cannot find our identity in our Barbie Dream Houses. We find our identity in Christ.
God will never allow us to be at peace apart from Him. He is the peace-giver...not some set of perfect circumstances.

Picking up our cross and following Him requires that we lay down our fleshly dreams and pick up His. We have better and lasting possessions in Heaven.

As Believers, we live for the reward we will receive in heaven, not the temporal one here on earth.

Burning down the expectations of your Barbie Dream House will be the greatest freedom you have ever known!

Let all of your kingdoms fall and surrender it all! Pick up your cross and follow Him...

He's got a better plan for you anyway!

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