Sunday, March 18, 2018

How to Encourage Yourself in the Lord on Your Worst Day

Life is full of hills and valleys. I remember my grandmother in her late 70s dealing with a prolonged attack by the devil who sought to steal her peace by shutting down her secret place with the Lord. She couldn’t hear him very well for months on end and she had loved the Lord and served Him her entire life. 

The enemy will do his best to cause us to question God’s love for us.

It’s the strategy he used in the garden with Eve... “God doesn’t really have your best interests at heart. He’s actually just keeping you in the dark and controlling you.”

David had one of these deep valleys right before his destiny came to fruition.  (1 Samuel 30) David and his men came back to their homes after a long season of warfare. They found that their town had been ransacked. Their wives and children and all of their belongings had been stolen by the Amalekites. On top of all of that, David’s own men were so distraught that they whispered behind his back that it was time to stone him.

That’s a pretty low valley.

But David, the man after God’s own heart, did not fall apart and become a victim of his circumstances. David “encouraged himself in the Lord.”

David reminded himself of God’s goodness. He reminded himself of all that God had done for him. David worshipped the Lord in the midst of his valley. And even though he didn’t understand, he chose to trust God and he asked for the ephod. In our day this would be the same as opening the Word of God and asking for direction... or inquiring of the Lord and receiving direction from the Holy Spirit.

God gave David direction for recovering everything he had just lost. David didn’t realize it... but on the other side of the Kingdom at the very moment that he was choosing to encourage himself in the Lord, his very destiny was about to be fulfilled. David had been waiting for God to hand the Kingship over to him. At the same time David chose to not become a victim, Saul was being removed from office and David became King just a few days later.

The enemy fights us the hardest the closer we get to our breakthrough.

We must all learn how to encourage ourselves in the Lord like David did. We must learn to force ourselves to praise the Lord even if we don’t “feel” like it. We must remember His goodness even when our lives are seemingly falling apart.

We must always inquire of Him for direction. Even if we think we cannot hear God, He will find a way to get us the answer to our questions.

My grandmother praised God even though He seemed silent. She didn’t change anything about her daily devotions or prayer time. I will never forget the look on her face when she told me the storm had passed. She was so full of joy. She felt closer to the Lord than she ever had. She made it through the valley and won the victory!

You can make it through your valley as well. DECIDE that you are not a victim. DECIDE to praise Him and read His word. DECIDE to remember all of the good things He has day be for you.

DECIDE to encourage yourself in the Lord. Your destiny may be coming to pass on the other side of the Kingdom!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

This Is How You Become MORE Than a Conqueror - It's all about the PLUNDER!

We can use the battles of the Old Testament as a template for how to wage spiritual warfare. We no longer battle against flesh and blood - we do not battle "people" like the Kings in the Old Testament - but we DO battle the same powers and principalities that their enemies represented. 

We no longer fight with swords and spears. We fight on our knees using the word of God (our sword), His name (our authority), and His blood (our power/strength).

The more we learn about spiritual warfare, the easier it becomes. Personally, I used to constantly battle a demon of depression. But I can now easily knock that spirit to the ground by using my weapons of warfare. The "feeling" of depression flees quickly from me once I respond to its attack by telling it to go, or quoting scripture, or by singing a worship song.

Once I came to truly understand and believe that I had authority over it - it didn't try as often to overwhelm me and take me out.

But though I understood my authority in Spiritual Warfare - there was one thing I was still not understanding...It's one thing that I think a lot of people overlook.

Once you have victory in Spiritual Warfare - YOU NEED TO ASK FOR THE PLUNDER.

This is how we are MORE than a conqueror!!

For a long time, I was just a conqueror --- until I understood that I also needed to ask for the plunder. It wasn't until I asked for the plunder that I was fully implementing all of my authority.

Now - when I finish fighting something in the spirit realm and I know it’s finished.  I picture myself before the Supreme Judge and I ask Him for the spiritual plunder from the fight.  He usually asks me to make a list of plunder that I want from the defeated spirit.  So I ask for things that were stolen by the spirit to be returned plus 7 times what was stolen.  I let the Spirit lead me and I write it in my journal. Sometimes I ask for lost finances or for favor to be given.  If I’m praying for a nation – I will ask for the generations to reap the blessings that have been held up.  

When I ask…  I ask BIG! 

It’s kind of like the King who struck the arrows on the ground. (2 Kings 13)  How much do I want to win?  I strike the ground a lot when asking for plunder.  God says that we do not have because we do not ask --- so I ask BIG!

When David plundered the Amalekites in 1 Samuel 30, he took back the things that originally belonged to him but he also took all of the enemy’s livestock and goods as well.  Then he shared it with those who were faithful to him.

If we use the Old Testament as our blueprint for fighting powers and principalities, the Kings always brought the plunder back to their Kingdom. They used their plunder to build their kingdoms BUT more so, they used it to build God's temple.

So in keeping with this blueprint, when we ask for the plunder after defeating our foe in the spiritual realm, we need to keep in mind the people of God and ask for plunder to meet their needs. After that be sure to ask for personal plunder as well.

Become MORE than a conqueror by becoming a plunderer!

You do not have, because you do not ask. James 4:2

Sunday, March 11, 2018


I was doing some research the other day on the separating of the Spirit and the Soul when I ran across this quote.  It was so powerful that I had to write it down.

The devil's great purpose, and for which he fights, is to keep the world in ignorance of himself, his ways, and his colleagues, and the Church is taking sides with him when siding with ignorance about him. - Jessie Penn-Lewis

God, Himself, wrote something similar in Hosea 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge…

How many battles have we lost because we don’t have the knowledge to fight the devil and his colleagues?
The answer is FAR TOO MANY!

Let us make an effort to know how to fight in Spiritual Warfare.  Let's NOT remain ignorant of the devil and his ways that we might not take his side anymore! 

Here are a few pieces of wisdom when fighting the good fight.

1. Everything that the devil has complicated and magnified has a very simple answer.  Whatever giant you are fighting - there is a simple stone that can take it down.  The giant is usually undone by forgiveness, renouncing lies, or closing doors to sin and then STANDING!

Ask God to show you behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz show.  What is powering the giant?  Then proceed accordingly.

2. The forgiveness of your sins and the sins of others has much more power than you can imagine.  Evil is fueled by sin.  Jesus gave you the power to remit (forgive) sins. (John 20:23)  When you see that sin is the problem in any given warfare - simply go to God and ask forgiveness on behalf of that person.  (No. you cannot repent FOR them but you can ask God to take a layer of heavy sin off of them so that it might be easier for them to turn to God)

This is certainly true of generational sins.

 3. The devil is attempting to pollute both time and space.  The enemy can curse the land you live on.  He can also curse a certain time of day - or a certain season of the year.  Don't forget to address both Time and Space when you fight him.

 4. Resting can be warfare.  When we take a day and rest - we are essentially saying that we trust God enough to protect and provide for us.  This infuriates the devil! :)

 5. Remember that even the toughest giants are not hard for the Lord.   He is the Way-Maker.  Ask for the blueprint to conquer the giant.  Be persistent and be patient - don't get offended.  When you ask - the blueprint is on it's way.  Sometimes the enemy just fights like hell to keep it from you.  (Ask Daniel!)

Keep growing in your wisdom and understanding of the devil!  We must increase our knowledge in order to defeat him!
God open our eyes to the ways of our enemy.  We ask for knowledge that we might not be destroyed!

Sunday, February 25, 2018


When I first ventured beyond the veil into the realm of the Holy Spirit, I surely had some fear to subdue. I liked the nice shallow water of the soul realm. Everything was nice and calm in the shallow end of God’s Kingdom. I was safe, and nothing about my faith was weird.

But I desired the Lord so much that I followed Him to the edge of the shallow end and faced a waterfall. I was unwilling to jump off for some time. But my relationship with the Lord was going nowhere and I couldn’t seem to get any closer to Him. I shared my dilemma with one of my pastors. I told him that I wanted more of the Lord but couldn’t seem to get any closer. He answered me with words of wisdom that opened the door to the craziest adventure of my life. My pastor said, “Do you need more of the Holy Spirit, or does the Holy Spirit need more of you?”

Initially, I did not know the answer to this question. But I soon found out that it was all a setup by Jehovah Sneaky! He had heard my heart’s cry for more of Him but gently revealed to me that if I wanted more of Him, I had to be willing to pay a price.

God said to me, “Tisha, are you willing to be a fool for Me?”

I answered yes without much thought to the cost that I had just agreed to. I agreed to take the leap off of the waterfall into the deep, exciting, wonderful, and weird world of the Holy Spirit. I didn’t know it at first, but it would be a leap would that cost me everything.

As I stepped beyond the veil into the Holy of Holies, I began to SEE with the eyes of my heart the unseen realm of spiritual warfare. I began to SEE and EXPERIENCE a realm other than the physical one. It was exhilarating. It was full of wonder. It exposed my fears and forced me to deal with my wounds. I had my feet in two worlds. The physical one and the spiritual one – and while I was enjoying getting closer to the Holy Spirit… the people around me were not happy about it.

I became “scary” to some of my closest friends. I became “crazy” to my unsaved family. I became “wicked” to the church I attended. In a very short time, I had become the “fool” that I had agreed to become in order to be closer to the Lord. I had been rejected by more people than I can count.

But… it was SO worth it!

You see, I was in very good company in the deep end of the Kingdom. Jesus Himself was considered a fool. He was Beelzebub to religious leaders. (Luke 11) He was “out of his mind” to His family. (Mark 3) His own disciple rebuked Him for talking about His crucifixion. (Matthew 16)

Jesus did CRAZY things like touching the lepers. He turned water into wine. He walked on water and told winds and waves to be still. He ate with tax collectors and prostitutes. He rebuked unseen demons. He forgave sins and let the guilty go free. He talked to His unseen Father and heard Him talk back. He prophesied future events. And then to top it all off… he called a dead man to come out of the grave after he had been dead for four days.

This is the Man I follow.

This is the Kingdom which I belong to. The crazy one. The one that makes no sense to the physical, logical world.

Some of you have been asking for more of the Lord, but you have a fear of the Holy Spirit. You have a fear that He will make you speak in other tongues and do weird things like putting mud in a man’s eyes to heal his sight. You fear being mocked. You fear being called a “fool” by the world.

But this is the Man that you chose to follow.

He blesses the shallow end, but He lives in the deep end. He doesn’t always give you all the details. It’s not always safe. Honestly, it’s not always fun. But it’s where He is… He’s beyond the veil.

Jesus ignored the religious. He walked away from His controlling family. He patiently endured His disciples… and He finished His calling. He showed us HOW to live in two worlds at once.

He is inviting you beyond the veil to be a fool for Him. He wants you to hate the shallow end. He wants you to dive head first into His craziness.

Because -- it is in the midst of what this world calls “crazy” that His Kingdom is found.

Are you ready for more? Let’s take the leap!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Unleashing the Army of God Against the Spirit of Hate

Hate is defined as "an intense or passionate dislike for someone or something."
1 John 3:15 Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.
Murder is the fruition of hate. Therefore, hate cannot heal anything... it can only cause death.
If we have an intense or passionate dislike for someone - we are guilty of hating that person. As Believers, we need to repent.
It is when we stop being personally guilty of hate that we can rise up with our spiritual swords against the spiritual forces of wickedness that are seeking to divide and devour our nation!
The spirit of hate is an evil spirit that is being released over this nation. This supernatural spirit influences people to passionately dislike other people. It's purpose is to cause division in our families, churches, and nations.
"Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Eph 6:1
As Believers, we are not powerless. We have authority against the spiritual forces of hate. But we relinquish our authority if we ourselves are guilty of "an intense or passionate dislike for someone or something."
When we have repented of our own hatred, we can then use the authority that Jesus gave us to "overcome ALL of the power of the enemy." (Luke 10:19)
We must first of all put on a spirit of love. The person that you intensely dislike... is loved by your Heavenly Father. Therefore we must also love them.
If you are sure that there is no hate in your heart, then let us take the Sword of the Spirit and command the spirit of hate over our nation to be silenced in Jesus name.
STAND on the Rock of Jesus Christ and let's take this spirit DOWN!!!
Father forgive our nation to cooperating with the Spirit of Hate. We are sorry for the division that has been released across this nation. We use the swords you have given us and decree that this spiritual wickedness of hate would be cut off and that the rain of love and unity would be released across this nation. We plead the blood of Jesus over our nation and claim it for Him as His inheritance. Open blind eyes. Unstop deaf ears. Silence the voices that spread hate. Exalt the voices that lead us to love one another. We use the authority that the cross of Jesus bought for us
God hear the prayer of your people! Let The love that is FULL of grace and truth win in our nation! 

Let YOUR love win!
In the Name that is above ALL names! AMEN

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Why Renouncing These Five Things Will Give You More Peace

Most of us could use more peace in our lives, right?

There is a practical prayer we use in our ministry that I wanted to share with you.  When we have people pray it their peace increases, and they are able to come to a higher place of trusting God.

It’s the renunciation of the five “I wills.”

Have you ever read these in the Word of God?  They are the five “I wills” that Lucifer proclaimed when he was trying to rob God of His seat in heaven.

They are found in Isaiah 14:13-14

You said in your heart,

    I will ascend to the heavens;

I will raise my throne

    above the stars of God;

I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,

    on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon.

I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;

    I will make myself like the Most High.”

Satan’s pride had reached a height at which he thought that he knew better than his Creator.  He thought he could do a better job of running heaven.  He looked at his own beauty and thought he had become God.  Then he said in his heart these five “I wills.”

When Adam and Eve took Lucifer’s fruit, they joined with him in agreement of these five “I wills.”  Eve wanted to know as much as God did.  She wanted to be like God and Lucifer convinced her that all she had to do was eat the forbidden fruit and she too could have as much knowledge as God did.  She then drew her husband into the deception as well.  In taking the fruit, they sided with God’s enemy and joined themselves to the same “I wills.”

Whenever we question our “position” God has given us, and we decide that God isn’t generous enough and we want MORE than our allotted place in life, we are guilty of the same sin as Lucifer who said, “I will ascend to the heavens.”  He wasn’t happy with the beauty and the position and the leadership of worship that his Maker had given him – in his heart he still wanted more. 

Whenever we have distrusted God and thought it was a better idea for us to sit on the throne of our lives rather than letting God sit on our throne, we are guilty of the same sin as Lucifer who said, “I will raise my throne above the stars of God.”  He wanted control.

Whenever we have questioned God’s ways and assumed that we could do a better job writing His story, we are guilty of the same thing that Lucifer said, “I will sit enthroned on the mountain assembly.”  Essentially, I will tell a better story to the people, and they will love me for it.  He wanted to be idolized by the people.

Whenever we have wished for fame or to be lifted up in front of people we are guilty of the same thing that Lucifer said,  I will ascend above the tops of the clouds.”  He wanted to be seen above God. He wanted to be exalted in front of all creation.

Whenever we have decided that we know best and do not think we need to seek the Lord’s will first, we are guilty of the same thing Lucifer said, “I will make myself like the Most High.”  He wanted to be the ruler of the world.

In all honesty, I think it is safe to say that we are guilty of at least one of these “I wills” and if you’re like me, you have been guilty of all five at some point in your life.

It is a very simple prayer of repentance and renunciation that will set us free from thinking that we know better than God…

We merely need to humble our selves and renounce all five “I wills.”  (Don’t hesitate to repeat the prayer whenever pride rears its head and you begin to think you are better than God.)

Prayer to renounce the five “I wills.”

God forgive me for not humbling myself before You and thinking that I am better than you in any way.  I know that You are a better story writer.  I know that You have given me an awesome inheritance with Christ and I don’t need more.  I know that I do not need fame to have significance, I only need Your approval.  I know that You see all things and I can trust You to be a good ruler over the whole earth.      

1.     I renounce that I will ascend to the heavens. 

2.     I renounce that I will raise my throne above the stars of God. 

3.     I renounce that I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly. 

4.     I renounce that I will ascend above the tops of the clouds. 

5.     I renounce that I will make myself like the Most High. 

Forgive me for sitting myself on Your throne, I invite you to sit there now and surrender my life into Your hands!  In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Look at Pornography from the Spiritual Warfare Side

I want to give you a peek into what happens in the spiritual realm when men AND women get addicted to pornography.  It is by opening the eyes of our hearts that we can use our spiritual senses to assess the demonic warfare and use the correct spiritual weapon to battle the enemy of our souls.

Even if you don’t personally struggle with pornography, this in-depth look at how the enemy “hooks” people will give you understanding… and probably a little compassion for their struggle.  I will also give you some spiritual warfare tools to get free yourself – or to help set others free.

The clearest way to show you the scheme of the enemy is to look at what happened to Solomon.  Solomon lost his entire kingdom because he was addicted to sex.

Lukewarm Solomon
When I was teaching my boys about the Kings of Israel, I taught them that Saul had no heart for God.  David had a whole heart for God.  And Solomon had half a heart for God.

All three of these men were flawed.  The difference between them was their fruit when they were confronted with sin.

Saul didn’t care. He had a cold heart.

David was crushed.  He had a hot heart.

And Solomon wanted to have it both ways. He had a lukewarm heart.

Solomon wanted God but he also wanted his wives.  These foreign women enticed him and he began to worship other gods…

“King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women besides Pharaoh’s daughter—Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians and Hittites. 2 They were from nations about which the Lord had told the Israelites, “You must not intermarry with them, because they will surely turn your hearts after their gods.” Nevertheless, Solomon held fast to them in love. 3 He had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray. 4 As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God, as the heart of David his father had been. 5 He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians…” I Kings 11:1-5a

Look at the first god(dess) that Solomon worships… her name is Ashtoreth.  She is the goddess of sexuality and fertility.  She is actually worshipped through sex acts.  She has other names as well – Queen of Heaven, Jezebel, Asherah, Isis – the enemy has many names but it is the same spirit.  Solomon worshiped an idol of sex and lust.  This turned his heart away from God.

It says that Solomon held fast to them in love.  This is because the devil knew exactly how to draw him away.  It is not a coincidence that the first idol the Bible mentions Solomon worshiping is Ashtoreth.

Because when we worship idols, we join ourselves to them.
Idols, Demons, and Sin Energy

All idols are actually demons.

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 10:20  …the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons.”

It’s like we take an electrical cord from our minds and our souls and plug directly into the evil spirit.  Then there is an exchange of sin energy.  We get “energy” from worshiping the idol. (Solomon got an emotional high from worshiping the goddess of sex.)  And we give “energy” to the spiritual demon by submitting to it through worship.

Whatever we worship has power over us.

What Solomon did when he worshipped the goddess of sex was to hand over a piece of his mind and his soul and he was grafted in to Ashteroth.  Even though he knew he should repent and heard the call of Father God to come back… he literally could not do it.  He had a covenant with it and was now married to Ashteroth.

Now that Solomon was intertwined with a demon, there was no way that demon was going to let go.  And in all honesty, Solomon obviously liked how he felt when he worshiped that demon.

If you love pornography more than you love God, the same thing that happened to Solomon will happen to you.  If you are half hearted about walking away from your demon worship, you can never be fully delivered.

Also – if you want to be set free for selfish reasons it probably won’t stick.  If you want to get rid of pornography because of what other people might think of you or if you want to get rid of it because you might lose your job or your family then the deliverance won’t stick.

However… for men and women who DO love God more than their pornography there is good news.  If you are willing to give up the agreement you have made with pornography and sex, and if you are willing to run after the heart of God no matter the cost – the blood of Jesus has made a way for your deliverance.
Weapons of our Warfare
The key to getting free and staying free is untangling yourself from this demon by using the spiritual weapons that tear down strongholds. You cannot get free from a demon by “trying hard enough.”  Getting free means that you cut off the STRONG-hold that the demon has over you by using spiritual weapons. 

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 2 Corinthians 10:4

We must use our powers of binding and loosing.  When getting from pornography and sex addiction there are two different tools we must use.  First, we must issue a certificate of divorce from the covenant with the demons.

There are a trio of three demonic powers that “travel” together.  This trio is Baal (who is the god of rebellion), The Queen of Heaven [another name for Ashtoreth] (the goddess of sex and manipulation), and Leviathan (the god of pride and truth twisting).  If you have made a covenant with one of these – you’ve made a covenant with all three.  Therefore, we must pray for a certificate of divorce from all three at the same time.  This is a form of “loosing” them from your spirit, soul, and body.

The second weapon we must use is against Lucifer himself.  He is the one who offered the forbidden fruit and by taking the forbidden fruit you also have made a covenant with him.  So a second “untangling” or “loosing” is necessary.

You can find both of those prayers below.

I can tell you that I know of men who have wholeheartedly returned to the Lord after suffering the damage of pornography in their souls who have been completely freed after praying these untangling prayers.  They can still hear the invitation of the spirit to join her… but they can easily bat down the invitation with their armor.  Before they prayed the prayer of untangling, nothing was strong enough to resist her except for extreme isolation filled with harsh rules and regulations.

But God’s true freedom should not feel like bondage.

Freedom is free.  True freedom can walk past temptation without a second look.  I pray for each of you who are struggling with pornography and addiction.  I decree and declare over every one of you that if you truly want Jesus over pornography – it can be yours today!  Satan – let them go in Jesus name!
Come before the Lord knowing you are His son or daughter and that the devil has already been defeated by the blood of Jesus.  Binding and loosing the devil is your RIGHT! Pray this prayer with faith!
Untangling/Loosing Baal-Queen of Heaven-Leviathan Prayer

1.  Lord I ask for forgiveness for myself and person in my generational line for cooperating with Baal, Queen of Heaven, Leviathan and the spirit of seduction.  

2.  Lord I ask for a divorce from them.

3.  I reject them from the throne of my life along with her promises and lies.

4.  I take back everything they have stolen from me.

5.  I wash them in the blood of Jesus and place the blood of Jesus between me and Baal, Queen of Heaven, and Leviathan and every future generation.

6.  I decree an everlasting restraining order against Baal, Queen of Heaven, and Leviathan in Jesus Name.

7.  I pray that You would remove all faulty wiring from my mind and replace it with the wiring of holiness according to the Kingdom of Heaven.

8.  I speak to my spirit, soul, and body and decree that you are released from any effects of the Baal, Queen of Heaven, and Leviathan and I receive the blessing of a wholeness over my spirit, soul, and body.

9.  Father I give you my shame and I ask You to restore our relationship.

Untangling/Loosing Lucifer

1.  I ask forgiveness for receiving the forbidden fruit from Lucifer.

2.  I sever soul ties and influence from Lucifer.

3.  I reject every gift offered from him.

4.  I take back everything he swindled from me.

5.  I wash them in the blood of Jesus and place the blood of Jesus between me and Lucifer and every future generation.

6.  I declare he is no longer allowed to follow me.

7.  I ask You to remove all faulty wiring from my mind and replace it with the wiring of holiness according to the Kingdom of Heaven.

8.         I speak to my body and say, you are released from any effects of Lucifer and I receive the blessing of wholeness over my body, mind and spirit.

Remember, this prayer is not a magic pill.  The person needing deliverance must continually take steps toward the Lord.  This prayer is meant to be a powerful aid in the process of deliverance.  Don't stop pursuing the Lord!


Be sure to Seal UP any warfare... in saying this sealing up prayer - you protect yourself from backlash.  When we uproot demons - we need to replace what was uprooted with God's Kingdom!  Use wisdom in warfare!  Protect yourself...

Sealing Up Prayer
1.       We thank You with all of our hearts Lord! We establish everything we just prayed through the blood of Jesus Christ we seal it up like a Ziploc bag. Nothing can be taken from what we just did. Lord send your angels to protect the land we just took from the enemy.

2.       We pray that all demonic debris would be swept up to the feet of Jesus Christ.

3.       We pray that life would inhabit every place that was just uprooted.

4.       We come against demonic rulers, authorities, powers and evil spirits along with their works, fruits, roots, tentacles and links.

5.       We pray for hedge of protection by the blood of Jesus around every person. We pray a hedge around our minds, homes, families , finances, possessions, health, jobs and ministries.

6.       We release legions warring angels to go out against the backlash and the Queen of Heaven, Baal, Lucifer, and Leviathan.

7.       We pray for a spirit of judgment and fire to come against the devourer, the destroyer, famine and spoilers in Jesus name!

8.       We declare that we are hidden in you and that our exploits will not be recorded in hell.

9.       We pray for the plunder from our efforts and We pray for the healing to begin. We bind to ourselves prosperity and increase in every way over our lives.

Click HERE for a downloadable and printable .PDF of this prayer.

(c) 2018 Tisha Sledd

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT SYNDROME - Coping with a traumatic childhood

My entire life I have wrestled with a pendulum of emotion of going back and forth between the feelings of being loved and then unloved.

My traumatic childhood plays into this pendulum.  I was born loved. My mother died when I was four. My very young mind translated this as being unloved.  My father married my wonderful step mother. I was loved.  Four years later my father divorced her and sent me to live with his brother. I was abandoned and unloved.

This “He loves me/He loves me not syndrome” was a pattern that developed in my spirit.  It was programmed into my blueprint.  “Sometimes I’m loved but it will always swing back to being unloved.”

This became my blueprint for a relationship with the Lord.  Sometimes I could feel His deep and unending love for me and then a few days later I couldn’t find His presence anywhere!  In my fear of being abandoned by Him, I learned to go to extreme lengths to get God to love me.  Excessive Bible reading, excessive prayer and worship sessions were all I knew to do please God so He would not leave me.  Of course, I simply wore myself out looking for something that I already had… I was already perfectly and constantly loved.

It did not matter how hard I tried to get off the pendulum.  It did not matter how much I prayed.  It did not matter how much I read the word, the feeling of being abandoned by God would always come back.

I wish I could tell you that there was one pat prayer that took away my “He loves me/He loves me not syndrome.”  It was not one big prayer that delivered me from this syndrome… it was a thousand little ones.

As I came to understand what the enemy did to my spirit, how he planted a false blueprint inside of me, I began to ask God to pull it up little by little.  I was honest with God about how I felt in the “He loves me not” portion of the pendulum.  He let me pour out my complaint (sometimes through angry words and hot tears).  He was more patient with me than I have any right to expect.  But He saw that I had been programmed with a wrong blueprint and He stayed through the ugliness to redeem what was good.

It was a long road… a VERY long road to scrape up that evil blueprint off of my spirit.

There is only the tiniest residue still on my spirit from those early days.  The evil blueprint has been replaced with the correct blueprint that God’s love for me is perfect and I can’t do anything to make Him love me more.  And I can’t do anything to lose His presence – for He will never leave me or forsake me.

Maybe some of you feel abandoned by God.  Maybe some of you suffer with the same “He loves me/He loves me not syndrome.”  I hope that this testimony encourages you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  There can be an end to the pendulum.  I wish I could wave a wand and deliver you from it… but it takes perseverance and faith to get the false blueprint out of your spirit.

I’m actually grateful for the long walk to freedom.  I know God’s character so much better.  I know His still small voice and my faith has increased a 1000% since being on this journey.

Friends… God loves each of us right where we’re at and He is ready and willing to heal us from our false blueprints.

Take a step toward Him today and ask for the truth about anything false that the enemy might have programmed in your spirit.  Ask Him to imprint His Kingdom blueprint on your spirit instead and then persevere!

I ask God to quicken your spirit to understand the true depth of His love for you!